Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a Trip

We pulled out of the place we had spent the last four months as "requested" on Monday evening.  We didn't get everything we had wanted to accomplish done, but then given the time we were "allowed" it really doesn't surprise me.  Mars decided not to ask for anymore time to finish up things as he had a bad feeling that if we didn't leave that night there was bound to be trouble.  I am quite sure he was right.  As crazy as things have been it would not have surprised either of us.

And so we headed out to the state park just down the road to spend the night and get some well deserved rest.  After all the moving and packing and running back and forth to storage we were both hot, tired and sweaty.  We got the trailer set up and were looking forward to finally being able to turn on the AC for the first time of the summer.  The electricity at the place we had been staying was only wired for 20 amps and so running the AC was out of the question.  Mars flipped on the AC switch and an awful noise came from the  unit.  Apparently the hail storm from a few weeks before had broken the AC fan.  Bummer.  So he plugged in the window fan we have been using and wouldn't you know it,  the dang thing had decided to give up the ghost.  By this time it was around 9PM and neither of us felt like driving into town.  We spent a hot and muggy night with nothing but the open windows talking about what we were going to do next.  It's not like we had planned on having to move anywhere for awhile yet.  Sometimes life is like that I suppose.  It doesn't make it any easier but you have to play the cards that are dealt to you.

The next morning I headed into town to find a wi-fi spot so I could make some calls (we only have Skype for a phone)and send off a couple of emails to let folks know we were still ok.  While I was there I stopped at WallyWorld and spent a precious $15.00 for another box fan.  Hey its summer and some things are necessary evils.

Our online friend  Mushroom and her hubby Bud had invited us to come up and stay with them for awhile.  We headed out on the 100+ mile trip to the north and made it about 40 miles and then the big bedroom window blew right off the trailer.  Right behind it that brand new fan followed.  Nothing we could do about it so we got back on the road.  A few miles later we heard a noise.... the cat carrier blew out of the back of the truck bed.  Thank goodness the cat wasn't in it!

We finally made it up to their house right around dark.  Mars' air compressor was in the very back of the truck and to make a long story short while backing the trailer in the yard the compressor is now toast as well.  What a freaking week!

I am happy to say that so far nothing else awful has happened.  Mushroom and Bud are wonderful people and have made us feel right at home.  A much welcome feeling especially after the cold shoulder we have had for the last four months.

BB (our catahoula cur) has had a nice big back yard to hang out in as well.  Until yesterday that is.  Mars was mowing the yard and took the mower to the other side of the fence.  BB decided she wanted to go with him and so she jumped the fence.  Shes been allowed to run free for the last few months and so I can't really blame her for trying but she is now sentenced to the tie-down unless she's being supervised.  Silly dog!
Anyway, all is well right now.  Plans are still a bit fuzzy but we will work things out.  And so....the adventure, although changed, still continues....


  1. I am so happy you are at your friends place and happy. All the things that have gone wrong didn't take away your spirit and that's good!!! Now its time for great things to happen and I can't wait to read all about them.

  2. All the little things that went wrong for you on your move kinda reminds me of a time with an old trailer I was pulling on a holiday. Nothing went right. But I survived, and I'm laughing now. It sounds to me like things are already starting to look up for you a bit. Good luck to you guys.

  3. I see I need to read the few posts I've missed! Glad to hear your save and sound. Things will turn around. They always do...just not always the direction we'd planned..Keeping you all in my prayers

  4. Wow! Not check the blog roll for a few days and you miss a lot! I sure hope you tore up the garden you had growing! What a mess!

  5. Peggy, I hope your right. I'm ready for positive beginnings!
    FCH- Those kind of days are BEST looked BACK on with laughter eh?

    Kati- glad you stopped by. I honestly thought about tearing up the garden~ but in the end just took all the veggies that were on the vine. It's not the plants fault all this happened. Besides, its not like they will take the time to water out there anyway!

  6. Glad you are settled for a while at least! Some days are like the song "if it weren't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all...". Best for looking back on for sure! lol

  7. The best part of the trip is you both are safe and sound! You can always start over if you are standing. Never give up, and God Bless. Things will get better.

    See Ya.

  8. Whew! Let me say it again: Whew! Waxing philosophical about this level of trouble doesn't really help. Still, we're all out here, giving what encouragement we can...c

  9. SciFiChick, email me when you have a
    few spare minutes!

  10. Hang in there, Sci, better things are coming you way. Mom

  11. Good to year that you guys are okay. :)

  12. Ah, geez! This is the final test for you. I declare them over! It's time for you and Mars to get a break. If I could fix everything for you, I would.

    Let me offer this, though... When the recent hail storm damaged our RV, our back A/C unit did what yours is doing - made an awful noise and the immediately smelled like it was burning. David popped the (badly damaged) cover off and it was the bracket that goes across the middle (over the top)... completely bent and interfering with the functioning of the a/c fan. David straightened out the best he could, and voila! A/C works now.

    Keep us posted. Let us know how you're doing, ok?