Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vegetables and Stuff

Summer time and Iced Tea.... One of the all time best combination's there ever was!  We drink lots of iced tea around here and go through about a gallon of tea a day.  Until it starts getting hot that is.  The ante goes up to at least two gallons a day!  I'm also happy to report that I am almost completely off of the sodas.  It was harder to give up than I thought it would be though.  I like carbonated beverages. ALOT...lol.

Things are rolling right along at the Poser'sHomestead.  The garden is starting to produce and they are going to be opening the vegetable stand on June 7th. Mars and John are putting some of the finishing touches on the stand.

The zucchini is coming on like gang busters and the yellow squash should be right behind it.

Cucumbers, potato's, carrots,and lettuce as well.

I picked a few pinto beans today....not enough to do much with but it looks like within a few days there will be tons of them too.  The butternut squash is starting to give up some fruit as well.

Some of the tomato's are producing but it will be awhile before the majority are ready due to the late planting because of the hail storm we had here.

Mars finished up the new rabbit hutch this weekend.

This one is for the up and coming "dinner" rabbits.  John has 3 does bred so there should be new babies in about a month!  He also taught me how to "sex" the rabbits this weekend.  I really want rabbits when we finally get our place so I'm trying to learn all I can about them.  Nothing like hands on training!

I  found an old cherry tree behind the RV.  I had noticed the blooms a few weeks ago but I had no idea what sort of tree it was. Imagine my surprise to see cherries on it yesterday!  Being from Texas I suppose I just never have been around them.  I sure am going to miss the peaches this year though.  And it looks like I won't be putting up any strawberry preserves this year either.  Oh well, there's always next year right?

Well I guess I ought to cut this short as I still need to make a batch of tortillas up before heading into another Little Big Town this afternoon.  I have a doctor's appointment over there so I might as well do a little "sight seeing" while we are there.  I have no idea what all is there but hey... I love checking out new places.

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend and that friends and family all enjoyed the time together.  These days we should all be thankful for good times  with our loved ones.  Things are ugly out in the world... lots of bad things happening.  Take time to make memories.  They "keep" forever you know!


  1. having just planted this past weekend, it's so amazing to me that you are even getting anything! I know it's the south, but it still is cool to me.
    Good luck with the doctor!

  2. I envy you, in Kansas, the one garden zone rating you have above us! My zuchinni is smaller but coming along. Might be a bit ahead on tomatoes given I started 'too early' lol!!!

    Beautiful pictures, scifi...

  3. sounds like you found the Garden of Eden

  4. I would love to be able to eat things out of my garden at this time of year. lol