Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Porch Sitting

I was sitting out on the front porch last night watching the folks in the neighbor- hood doing what folks do right around dusk in a small town. There were other folks sitting out on their porches as well, watching the kids riding their bikes in the street. The smell of someone frying chicken for dinner was wafting through the evening air.  The laughter from a child floating on the breeze down the street, a baby crying softly in the distance and the birds chirping as they readied themselves for nightfall. Firefly's flickering in the trees.
I haven't heard those sounds or enjoyed porch sitting like that in years.  It was quite comforting in a nostalgic sort of way.I can remember being that kid on the bike tearing down the street and skidding up into the yard, jumping off and letting the bike find its resting place all on its own!   Back to a simpler  style of living, without the hustle and bustle of the big city humming in the background. A little time out of the busy day to just relax and enjoy the small, yet finer things that life has to offer.  We should all be blessed with a few of these moments more often. To stop and take the time to just sit back and rock on the porch ... and listen to the laughter of children playing, in that  beautiful moment between dusk and dark.


  1. thats what I plan on doing this evening. Its raining here and supper is over, animals fed. After dishes going to sit on the porch and listen to the rain. So glad you are getting some "me" time

  2. porch sitting...something everyone needs more of!
    glad you are relaxing a bit.

  3. Hey..That is exactly what I want to do for my name...I knew it was available on GoDaddy but didn't want to start all over on my blog...thanks so I lost you on my following..will add you to my blog roll now...

  4. Well, it does change it on the title but not sure if it is "officially" changing it as in a registered blog...will do some more checking on it..thanks for your help...(you don't have to put up these comments if you don't want to..)

  5. I love sitting on the front deck at my folks' place. Watching the birds, rabbits, their goats... ZERO traffic, unless someone is coming by to visit. Coyotes yap at night. Not too many fireflies in south Texas, but the crickets, and frogs when it's wet make up for it. Some day I'll get out there permanently....

  6. Sounds wonderful Sci :)

    If I sit on my porch, I hear kids playing, horses whinnying, owls, cows and coyotes.

    I smell lilies, jasmine, foods cooking, cows, horses and winerys.

    I love it. :)

  7. Just a small town girl, Sounds like your in a better place! FK