Monday, June 14, 2010

Tomato's Amost Ready

    Our little "herb" garden is happily growing everything except herbs!  I don't know why I have such problems with them. I think it's that I just don't start them correctly and will be working to remedy that situation.  Last year the only things I was successful with was basil, sage, oregano and cilantro.  Same thing goes this year.  I am determined to master the art of growing herbs if it kills me (or more seeds).

     Some of you might remember that Mars made me a little herb garden a couple of months ago.  As usual, his veggies sort of took over the spots where my stuff didn't come up.  So we have had a few radishes, some little turnips, bell peppers and jalapeno's come up.  The tomato's are coming back just fine after their near destruction in the hail storm.  They look a little rough but have green tomato's and blooms all over them.  We should have some ripe tomato's in a few days!  I can hardly wait. There is absolutely nothing better in the whole world than vine ripe tomato's!  Our yellow squash didn't come up which is a bummer.  The seeds we gave our host all did well and they have harvested over 40 lbs already.  We haven't been offered  any but I am sure they are  good.  I thought we had some coming up in the "herb" garden but I got a big surprise!!!  The squash coming up is Spaghetti Squash!  And there are several  getting almost ready to pick.  Probably in about a week.
    Mars also planted some cantaloupe and they are flowering too.  MMMmmmm cold cantaloupe sounds yummy on a hot day!  If we have an abundance I will probably dehydrate some. I dried some last year for the first time. They come out like little chewy cantaloupe candies and are pretty tasty. 
    I made bread this morning and then made about three dozen tortilla's.  I have to admit I am finally getting pretty darn good at the tortilla thing!  After that I helped Mars cut down and strip bamboo stakes for the blackeyed peas in the host's garden.  They are growing nicely and seriously needed to be staked.  Mars said he picked about 4 pounds of them this morning. He also picked about 2 pounds of purple hull peas as well this morning for our host's.  That reminds me... I still have some black-eyed peas in the freezer from last year.  I think I will cook them tonight.  Just talking about them makes my tummy say yummy!


  1. I am soooo jealous of your tomatoes! Mine still look like little puny plants.

  2. I got squash and Zukes running out my *&%$# No ripe maters yet but it won't be to long. Lots of cukes beans onions peppers potatoes. You should come and visit. FK

  3. Thanks for the idea of dehydrating the melon. I would have never thought to do that. My maters are going like gangbusters an will need picked any day. Time to get jars and kettles ready

  4. Congrats on the gardening success! I have found that herbs don't like to be pampered. They prefer dry/hot conditions. It's very hard for me to choose not to water my herbs, but they will let me know when they need some water.


    Tess P.

  5. I've already gotten several 12 inch plus zuccini's! I haven't gotten them this size since I lived in the luck with my tomato's.
    Dean in az

  6. SFG it won't be long now! You will have many many tomato's... I see it in your future :)

    FK I bet that's uncomfortable....LOL Thanks for stopping by buddy!

    Katidids Did you know you can also dry watermelons the same way? Yummy! And a great way to keep all those extra melons. I'm not sure if we will have enough to can this year but a girl can hope right?

    Tess- Hey thanks for the herbal advice. Maybe I just need to ignore the dang things. Thanks for stopping by today!

    Dean, My Dehydrating Buddy! Sorry to hear about your tomato woes. Those are some big zucchini's you have going there. Are you going to be drying some zuc chips this year?