Friday, May 7, 2010

DIY Smoker on the Cheap

Mar's finally couldn't stand not having some sort of smoker.  As I have often said in the past we do most all of our spring and summer cooking outdoors.  It's just to hot to cook indoors, especially in an RV.  When we moved we didn't bring the old smoker with us.  It served us well for several years but the fire box was beginning to rust out.  We did bring some of the parts though!  We brought the grates and the door (which has a working temperature gauge) because you just never know when you might have a need for something like that right? 

So what can you do with a smoker door, some concrete tiles from the old patio, and an old metal trashcan with a rusted out bottom, a bit of old sheet metal and a some ducting pipe? 

 Pretty ingenious isn't it?  And it works well too!


  1. Good looking cooker!! FK

  2. That's a dayum fine piece o' southern engineerin'! I love it!

  3. Bad idea to be using a galvanzied trash can.

    1. Not if it's all you have on hand! It was never meant to be a permanent thing. The idea is still solid.

  4. Well I like this idea so much I started making one myself! Now I'm wondering why a galvanized trash can isn't a "safe" idea. Onced it's been burned out completely I don't know what the problem would be. Just wondering. Can't wait to use mine this weekend! -Jeannie