Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beware- Rant

 Please note the date here.  Some things have changed but this was what we were confronted with when it went down.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Well to say it has been an interesting 24 hours would be quite an understatement.  Apparently John didn't like my post . Well the ONE sentence  anyway -about us not getting any of the squash from the seeds we gave him.   Hey, I didn't even mention all the turnips (again OUR seeds) they sold. They were kind enough to give us two of those!  He came down here yesterday raising hell and told us we had a week to "get the f*%k out".  Mars tried to talk to him but he would have none of it.  To say we were surprised would be an understatement.  Stunned is more like it. 
After all the work around here that Mars has done I just don't understand it.  Well Mars got P.O'd and wrote out all the hours he had worked, what he had built, what they had been using of ours, all the tools (his own) he had used to get things done around here.  Then took all the hours and added them up at $5.00 an hour (cheap yeah?) and deducted rent, electric, even the 5 dozen or so eggs we got from them over the last 3 months and still came up with over an additional $1,300.00 .  Well he took his up to their house, handed it to them and walked away.  I mean it was just to make a point .  We have not been living here sucking off them.... we have both been working out here.
Next thing you know here comes John AND Carrie down here to the trailer raising hell and toting a video camera and both carrying sidearms.and   WTF??  Guns?  I could NOT believe it.  Chalk it up to drinking I guess but it was totally uncalled for. Brought back our water hoses, extension cords, and the computer router( which he slammed on the concrete) tossed it all in the dirt and started screaming. They told us we had 24 hours to get out of here.  And if we didn't like it they would call the sheriff and make a complaint against us for tresspassing.  Trespassing?  We have been living here for over 3 months!  Mars and I were both like WTF is going on???  Stupid shit to be sure.  Then they went back to their house and shut off the electricity and the water to our trailer.   
Now I don't know if its just me or was that s#*t totally uncalled for?  All because I actually posted to the internet about some stupid produce? 
We left this morning to try and find a place to move the trailer too and before we left Mars went to their door to tell them we would be back... Check this out... Carrie's daughter was in the yard, saw us and ran like she was scared into the house.  Carrie comes to the door holding a freaking gun.  Come on... like we are killers or something? Just stupid. 
This afternoon we came back to start packing and Mars went to talk to John to see if he would be reasonable and give us at least a few days to move.  Hell it took more than a day to move in... how are we supposed to move out in one?  Well to give John some credit  he gave us till Monday.  Such a nice guy!
 I have to say after the time spent here and all the nasty things he has written online about this whole situation I won't be sorry to leave.  And I'm certainly not going to miss either of them.


  1. That is outrageous! Talk about overreacting!! Guns? Oh My Goodness!! Sounds like it will be a good idea for you all to get out of there..

  2. Just be patient and watch. They will get exactly what they have given out. It always happens. You give kindness to your fellow man and you get kindness back. You be a drinking fool giving out meanness and it comes back and bites you in the butt full force. It may take awhile but it will come back and bite them. You have lots of friend praying for and offering to help in any way we can. Hugs my friend

  3. When Mars brought him the tally of how much you two should be owed, he should have told this John guy about theft of services! Oh yeah, there is a such thing, and laws to protect against theft of services. Good luck to you.