Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Big Town Revisited

There truly is something to be said for Little Towns.  I have been living in big cities for so long that I had really forgotten what it was like to actually have someone take the time to just stop and chat for a few minutes without looking at their watch or having to hurry you through the check out line with barely a nod in your direction.  Living like that truly seems to take a toll on people.  And they have NO IDEA what they are missing.  It's just business as usual... another day another dollar and all that.

I had to go to town yesterday so I could send a fax.  I don't have a printer here so it entailed having to go to the library.  No big deal really.  So I talked to the librarian about using the computer.  I suppose she didn't quite catch what I was needing to do.  Anyway, she asked me for my I.D. and took the information. I told her I had just recently moved here.  I still have my Texas license and so she asked me if I had something with my mailing address here on it.  It just so happened that I had that exact information in my hand and so I gave it to her.  I was thinking ... wow... all this just to use the computer?  But I didn't say anything.  She gave my my temporary password for the computer and I went ahead and took care of my business.  When I went back to the counter to pay for the services she handed me my very own Library Card!  Wooo Hoooo!!  I hadn't even thought about getting one and so I was very pleasantly surprised.  Too bad I hadn't stopped there before I stopped at the thrift store and spent my $2.00 on books!

I decided that since I was already going to have to be town I might as well take a look around.You know..see what this Little Big Town has to offer.   Imagine my delight at finding three thrift shops without even having to actually look for them.  And there are more of them too!!  I hit a honey hole!  I love thrift stores being the cheap skate  err...being frugal and all.  To bad we are on such a tight budget right now.  But I did spend $2.00 on a few books which what I was looking for after all. 

While in town I stopped at the WallyWorld to pick up some eggs and butter.  While I was checking out I asked the cashier if they carried cigarette tubes.  Mars and I both smoke.  Bad habit I know, but one we have yet to put down. Being cheap err... frugal we have been rolling our own for a few years now.  Until the government stepped in and banned the mailing of tobacco in the mail we have always ordered tobacco and the cigarette tubes online.  The last time I ordered tobacco I ordered all I could afford to knowing that it was going to be the last time I would be able to order it online.  Well I misjudged how many boxes of tubes we needed for the order and so we ran out way before the tobacco ran out.  Leave it to me right?  lol  Anyway.... The cashier said they didn't carry them anymore.  I asked her if there was a tobacco shop in town.  Not only is there one.... its an Indian Smoke Shop.  No taxes!  Good news is they carry both the tubes and the tobacco.  Another problem solved!

Everyone I talked to yesterday was just so nice.  Everyone took the time to just act one on one with me.  Such a wonderful thing that is.  I know some of you probably think I'm nuts.  But for me it is like a breath of fresh air to actually have a conversation with folks who say things like  "Sure Hun,  I can help".  I think we might have escaped the big city just in time!  I was becoming as jaded as they are and it's not something I want to be.


  1. small towns can be a pain with everyone in your business but they can also be the best things in the world for the same reason. REAL people beat city people any time! Glad you had a good day.

  2. The thing with small towns is the gossip.
    Trust me on this, I have been the topic SEVERAL times.
    What I have learnd is to lay low for a week or so and they are on to the next victim.Works every time unless you do something heinous like sleep with so and so's daughter, guilty as charged.
    Back to the subject, I hate big cities and have to deal with chasing perts in one almost daily.
    Ya learn what times of day not to go there and what fucking way they changed a street to one way real quick.

    Good luck to ya sweetie, I didn't comment on the last post but hey, someone is looking out for ya and there is a damn good reason you are still kicking.
    God bless ya dear, I don't have a lot of sway with the Big Guy but I did mention ya.


  3. I love small town friends, they are the type you can call at 2 am and say "I need help" & they are there no questions asked. Good one's help clean up the blood, great one's know where the bodies are burried! LOL! JOKING!! Kind of...

  4. I live in a small town of around 3500. I love it and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I have also lived in big cities and you can keep them.

  5. You were surprised they made you show proof of local ID to use a local tax funded piece of equipment in a public place? REALLY?

    'All that' is very standard nearly everywhere and has been for years. Besides wouldn't you as one of those local tax payers at least want to ensure local people get to use the local resources you paid for?

  6. I like the small town that I live in. Except they ALWAYS know MY business. lol