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Amish White Bread  (This has become my daily bread recipe)

Rustic Italian Bread

This is a wonderful bread recipe. For now it is my "Go To" recipe for all breads. A little changing of the liquids and fats can turn this into most any kind of bread you might want.

10.5 cups of bread flour
4 cups warm water
2 tblsp yeast
1/2 cup olive oil
2 tblsp Kosher salt

I use a mixer to make this but it can be made by hand with enough muscle. Use some of the water to proof the yeast. Add about a tsp of sugar to feed the yeast. Mix water, oil and salt and stir to dissolve the salt. When the yeast is ready, add to water and oil. Pour water into flour and mix thoroughly. If using a mixer, let it knead till the bowl is clean and all flour incorporated. If the bottom doesn't thoroughly mix in, dump out on a flat surface and knead thoroughly. Spray inside of a turkey roaster and put bread inside to rise. Make sure you put on the lid. When the lid rises, the bread is ready to shape. Dump out onto a heavily floured flat surface and bring in the sides a bit to shape into a long loaf without pushing out the air. Roll onto a greased half sheet pan and allow to rise again. When it looks doubled in bulk, bake at 375 till nicely browned and the loaf sounds hollow. usually about 40-45 minutes. My oven thermostat is off, so I am guessing at this. Your oven may take longer or not. Cool on a pair of cake racks and enjoy.

 P.S. This is a wonderful recipe that can be changed up to make several types of bread.  As Mushroom told me, to change it up just remember that you change the liquid and the "fat".   For instance, a great sandwich bread substitute milk for the water and butter or shortening for the oil.