Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Am A Winner (and you could be too!)

Isn't this great!  I entered one of Pete's great giveaway's over at Patriots Against The NWO.  Guess who was the winner!  I just  love free stuff.  Especially free stuff that helps me with prepping.  Double bonus. I think when I am finished reading it I just might pass this one on to another lucky reader!  Stay Tuned... 
As luck would have it Pete is having another give-away right now!  So head on over there right now and sign up to enter. You might be the next Lucky Winner!
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Just HAD To Go There

In the last post one of the comments left was from SkippyMom. She made this very wise observation:

"My point-don't feed the trolls.  You give him a stand to make an issue out of something that he knows nothing about in regards to you."

Boy was she right! Life is way to short to have to defend yourself over things that matter so little in the general scope of things. The last time I checked this was still my blog.  I am who I am and I don't feel the need to make apologies to anyone for that. 

This never has and never will be a "political" blog. I occasionally go off on a rant but again, its my blog and I can do that if I want to.  What I don't have to do is to deal with personal attacks or even having to "explain"  my reasons for the content of this blog.  If that  ticks you off then I guess you can just get glad in the same pants you got mad in!  There are plenty of other places out there where I'm sure you can do this but it's NOT going to happen here in MY little part of the blogosphere.  You don't go to someone's "home" and act like that, and it is not going to happen here.  My blog, my rules.
Because of asshats people like "The Troll" I felt I had to make a decision regarding comment moderation.  I could have just set comments not to accept anything from those who post as Anonymous.  The problem with that is that I have lots of folks who leave comments here that don't feel comfortable signing up with Google. I can understand that.  The only other option I have is to moderate all comments.  So that is what I have decided to do. 
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Very Own Troll

Well it has finally happened. I must have finally made the big time.  I have my very first troll. Yep, you read that right, I have a troll!   Of course it took me over two years to do it. I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment as to my ability not to "rock the boat" too much or that I rocked it just enough to finally warrant my very own.  I do find it a bit disappointing that trolls don't have names.    It would be much more satisfying to have one with a "real" name, like Bill or Bob or Sue. Yet they tend to go by "Anonymous".  Somehow that takes alot of the fun out of actually having one of my very own.
Back in November I re-posted a letter that has made its way across the internet.  It was called "I Am the Democratic Liberal-Progressive’s Worst Nightmare".  I'm still not sorry to have posted it. I'm pretty sure the title might have had something to do with the anger my new troll seems to have, and possibly why he/she crawled out from under its special rock.
An anonymous comment, left I am sure to try and make me see the errors of my ways.  Unfortunately, as trolls often lack the ability to actually read what was written, they  had superimposed his/her own beliefs  into it.  Mind you I only re-posted a letter, I didn't write the dang thing!
I am sure it was a surprise when he/she (no name remember- so I can't even give credit to either sex) actually saw their comment "in print" as it were. I will admit that I struggled with myself a bit over posting it,  but in the end I figured what the heck. This is America and even a troll has a right to an opinion. I found it sad that someone could be so passionate about something and yet not be passionate enough to read the post OR leave even a made up  name.  
Now leaving one anonymous comment does not a troll make.  I realized I actually had my very own when I was left another comment by the very same person in this post. !  I  chose not to reply to the comment there but will do so here instead.  The italics are my response.
Anonymous said...
LOL! You are a real piece of work! Well thank you very much. I DO try. One of the first blogs I ever read of yours; Yet after being so offended you came back again   you attacked all liberals/democats for loving socialism!  If you would care to show me exactly where I did the attacking I would be obliged! Meanwhile your applying for an FHA loan and social security!  I worked for over 30 years paying into this system and before it is snatched from us you are dammed sure right. I intend to get at least some of what I paid in back and I don't care if it hairlips you OR the devil ! LOL You are something else all right. Enjoy MY tax dollars while you rail against socialism. lol  Actually if you think living below the poverty line is enjoyable, I ask that you think about that one again. Meanwhile I gotta' go to work!  Thank you for your input. As I have said before if you are offended by the things that I write here you are more than welcome to take yourself somewhere else. I have an even better idea.  How about you try starting your own blog?  If you can't figure out how to do that then do me a favor (after all you are MY troll, right?)   Get a real name! Those who hide behind curtains of secrecy  must surely have something to hide.        Hey ... I'm Just Sayin'...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Don't Know...

I'm not sure what happened the first time around that I tried to post the article below.  I think things are straightened out now.  One can hope....

Time To Start Your Garden

I haven't been doing a lot of "prepper" stuff on this blog lately. With all the things going on in America and around the world these days I should be screaming from the rafters PREPARE NOW!!!!  Things are getting scary and for some reason, now that things are starting to fall apart, I feel almost frozen in place.  Which happens occasionally.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  I believe we are living in what will be looked back upon as historic times.  Take notes boys and girls, this will be one to tell your grandchildren about.  Let's just hope we can tell them while still living in a Free America and not just about "the good old days" when we lived in a place we used to call America, the Beautiful.

Ok, now that I have identified the reason for my "dismal mood" and realize that my general outlook has been sucking... (sucking? I'm pretty sure that's not really the word I was looking for but it certainly fits)  It is now time to pull up my proverbial "big girl panties" and get on with it.  After all, spring is right around the corner and there are things we can be doing to get ready for what is sure to be an "interesting" summer.

One of the things we CAN do about getting ourselves more prepared for the inevitable higher prices we are going to see in the grocery stores this year is to plant a garden. Even if you have never tried growing one it's really  not that hard to do.  There is no time to waste.  This is the year you MUST start growing your own foods.

So lets talk about some gardening!  After spending most of the winter looking out the window and wishing for warmer weather, nothing makes a person feel better than to start planning your garden.
 You will first have to figure out just what you have to work with. No excuses either!  Even if you live in an apartment you can grow something.  Container gardening can produce lots of vegetables in small amount of space. You just need a few containers, some good dirt, and some seeds.  Heck, this year, instead of planting those seasonal flowers in your flower bed, how about using that space to grow edible plants!  You would be amazed at how many vegetables are not only good to eat but are pretty to look at!

You can use most any kind of containers as long as they have a way to let the water drain off the soil.  Even old 5 gallon buckets will work.  Just drill some holes in the bottom and you will be ready to go.  Your choice of containers is only as limited as your imagination.   You can easily grow tomato's, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, etc in containers.

I am a big advocate for shopping local and your local nursery is no exception.  You can pick up most everything you need there as well as your seeds.  You can also purchase some vegetable starter plants at your local nursery.  They are a great resource for information about planting in your area.   If you don't have a nursery near you then even your "big box" stores will usually carry starter plants and seeds.  I personally would rather not shop there but if there isn't another option for now then by all means go for it.  Planting something is much better than not planting at all!

If you still have time to do it, then another option for purchasing your seeds is to  shop online for them.  Places like Baker Creek Seeds, Seeds of Change and the Seed Savers Exchange  all carry heirloom and open pollinated seeds.  There are many other places that carry heirloom seeds as well. Just be sure that they are truly not Genetically Modified seeds.  And be sure to ask if they are affiliated in ANY way with Monsanto.  Those seeds are a big no no in my personal opinion.

With that being said I personally think that most plants are just as easy to start from seed, but if you are more comfortable starting out with seedlings then go with that!  Remember, this is your garden and it is supposed to be fun and lots of us find it pretty relaxing too! So don't let the little things stress you out.  Find a  spot somewhere that gets maximum  sunlight. Some morning or afternoon shade is ok but you will want to have at least 6 hours or so of direct sunlight. 

  Do you have a garden spot already? Then it's time to get your dirt turned over and tilled up. Now would be a good time to take a soil sample to your local County Extension Agency. Some of them still offer this service for free or at a really nominal rate. They can tell you what, if anything, your soil might be needing.  They are also a great source for information about what AND when to plant in your specific area.  And now is a great time to do that.

Here is the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map. Click here to find out what zone you are in.  Most vegetables can be planted between April 15th and June 1st, depending on the zone you are in. The Vegetable Garden is a super website  that lists the planting schedules and extension agencies for your area.  The information there is invaluable to both the new gardener and those with more hands on experience as well.

Planting a garden of any kind can be lots of fun. Make a summer kids garden while you are at it.  Teach your children gardening this year and create a lifetime of memories.  And face it, there isn't anything much better that fresh, right out of the garden vegetables on your dinner table.  You will be amazed at what you can do.   With food prices out of control in the stores, you can save a ton of money this summer.  So get out there and get started.  The only thing stopping you is you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


  After all the gloomy and dreary days spent mostly looking out the window and wishing for nicer weather, it is so good to feel the sunshine and the warm breezes on my face. I know that there will probably be another cold snap or two.  As a matter of fact at the end of next week we are forecast to be back down into the 40's for a few days. But for all intents and purposes springtime is here. 

With spring comes new growth.  And with this spring I hope to "grow" a dream into a reality. I can't remember when this dream first started to take shape but I feel like the time for it to become a reality is now.  Of course dreams are much more easy to attain than reality. I know we are sure going to try and make it so.

We both dream of a quiet place out in the country.  It doesn't have to be very big.  Even an acre would work.   Some place to be able to raise some chickens and some rabbits. A nice garden spot is a must. Heck, maybe even one day to add a couple of milk goats.  Now I ask you... Is that too much to hope for?  

Now comes the reality.  I will have a small back pay check coming in the next month or two.  With some careful planning and a bit of luck we are hoping to find that little piece of earth to call our own.  I am hoping to find a place who will owner finance.  With my credit that will probably be the only way we can do it.  I'm thinking about applying for a Rural FHA loan just to see what they will say but I'm sure not going to hold my breath on that!  
I saw an ad on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago and we just had to go look at it....
We are selling a property that is about 1 acre. Has a house foundation, a septic system, water well and the start of a pole barn that is about 18ft x 30ft. on the property. We will sell out right as is for $7500 or on a contract for deed. The terms of a contract for deed can be discussed privately over the phone.
  It is only a few miles to  Lake and there is public hunting loaded with wildlife all around it. The property is well suited to park a mobile home or a rv on and hook up to the utilities or to build upon the foundation already there.
We checked the place out and I have to tell you that we really would like to have it.  It has everything we are looking for. There is alot to be said for a place that already has the utilities on the property. There are some things that would have to be done to get them working but even that would be ok as Mars knows how to do what needs doing. The only real drawback is that we can find is that there is a neighbor one acre over. Now they are the only neighbors for quite a ways so....

Anyway,I spoke with the man who owns the place. He is dead set on his price and won't budge. He wants $1,000 down and then small monthly payments. We could have it paid off in less than 3 years. Wouldn't that be awesome?  The deal is (oh yes, there always is "the deal" isn't there!) he won't hold the property for us.  Cash talks and bull ..... well you know the rest!

With that being said, I am going to turn this one over to "The Big Guy".  If we are meant to have the land then it will still be there when the check comes in.  If it isn't- then we will just look until the right place comes our way.  This is a fairly new way of thinking on my part but I am comfortable with it. In looking back on the way things have gone for us since leaving Texas, how could I not be?
                    ~~~ Hey ... I'm Just Sayin' ...~~~

PS After writing this I emailed the owner of the property and asked if he would email  me if the property sold. Here is what he emailed back to me.
We certainly will let you know if the property sells. Thank you for your interest and if it’s God’s will for you to own it, I’m sure it will be. Be blessed and be a blessing. Larry

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pay It Forward

 I can't help it. I am in a wonderful mood. I think that most of the time my moods are directly related to the weather.  Sunshine on my shoulders...ackk I cant' stand that song... but it (sunshine) does make me happy!  

Another thing that makes me happy is that I have news! It seems that I won't have to be going to the judicial hearing I have been impatiently waiting for. The letter finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and it says that I have  been approved for my Social Security Disability.  It has taken an eternity awhile but the wait for an answer is finally over.  The relief I feel is almost a tangible thing. I want to thank all of you who have sent up your prayers and good wishes over the past year. I also want to thank you for sticking with me during all this!

I know there are  a few new readers who probably don't know some of the struggles we have been through since starting this journey. Or how difficult it was to finally realize I couldn't work anymore.  The truth is you can probably count yourselves lucky not to have been witness to some of the drama. To be totally honest though, if not for the horrible things that happened last spring, I would not be here where I am now. 

    I wouldn't have come to stay with my friend Mushroom and her husband. Their kindness has been a blessing in more ways than I can even begin to count.  I have gained so much from knowing them both.  Not just in the things that I have learned to do while here, (although I would never have learned to knit) but lessons of the heart as well.
     They have opened their home and their hearts to us both and treated us like family.  What have we been been asked to do in return for all their kindness? Just one thing... to promise to help someone in need someday.
    You see, once many years ago, someone helped them when they desperately needed it. That person asked for nothing in return, except for the promise to someday pay that deed forward.

  Awhile back I saw the movie "Pay it Forward". It was a great movie.  Even then I thought that if everyone who has ever received help from another person were to pay it forward  it could change the entire world, a few people at a time.  I know first hand how much it has changed me.  

PS   The letter from Social Security says that I DO have 60 days to appeal their decision!  LOL  I swear that's what the letter says!  
                ~~~  Hey ... I'm Just Sayin' ... ~~~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is Spring Springing??

We are being blessed with a hint of spring. After all the snow and the cloudy days it is truly a welcome sight to see the sun.  "They" are saying that this uber wonderful weather will be with us for awhile. What an interesting winter it has been!  I made it through a "northern" winter, just a little worse for wear. 
    We have been starting some seeds in the greenhouse this past month.  We have some seedlings coming up!   There is lettuce started and it is looking really nice.  Mars planted a couple of different varieties and a few are ready to be transplanted.  

The broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are all doing well and have been transplanted up to the next size containers.  They will be ready to put out before to much longer. I started some tomato's a couple of weeks ago and they didn't seem to want to sprout.  I went out yesterday to water them, thinking I had probably tried starting them a bit too soon.  Tomato's need warm soil to sprout.  I was SO surprised today when I took a peek at them.  Five little sprouts were poking up!  Which means there are probably some more getting ready to do the same thing.  Today Mars started about 12 more tomato's and twice that many green peppers.  I can't wait to see how many come up. 
    Some folks know that I have problems growing herbs. I have tried and tried but really haven't had alot of luck.   For some reason they just don't like me.  I can't seem to get them to sprout, much less grow into "real" plants.  Of course there are a couple of things that I haven't had many problems growing, like basil and sage.  Those are "easy" to grow, even for the beginning gardener. 

    Now I don't want to jinx things by bragging BUT I have to share this with you. A few weeks ago I once again tried my hand at planting herbs.  With the way my luck has always gone I really wasn't expecting too much.  I planted some Rosemary, Dill, Marjoram, Parsley, Thyme and some Lavender.  I am surprised and really really happy to tell you that every single bit of it(except the parsley) is coming up!  I don't know how it will all end up but WOW!!
    I think that maybe the parsley seed just isn't viable anymore. We have both tried sprouting it 3-4 times but haven't had any luck.  I have some different seed that I want to try this next time.  I also need to plant some oregano , basil and sage soon. I feel it's important to have seasonings in your "box of tricks".  Food fatigue is real and having herbs and spices to change up your meals is a great way to avoid it.

    Now the reason I am even bringing up what has been planted and how it has done is to try and make a point. This has to do with prepping. I hear so many folks who say that if SHTF then they will just grow their own food. That sounds really good doesn't it?  They buy some fancy "Survival Garden in a Can" and think they can just plant it when things get tough.  I have news for those guys.... it ain't that easy!
     As with many other things, you need to actually DO it. You can't expect to stick some seeds in the ground and magically have food ready for your table in a few weeks. Gardening is  a story of trials and errors There are all sorts of tricks and little secrets that make it easier to grow things.  So if you haven't ever grown your foods before and expect to feed you and your family when things get tough, you might want to start working on it NOW. 

    The same thing goes for just about everything. It is great to have all the "stuff" you will need when SHTF.  I highly recommend it. The thing is though that you need to know what to do with all that "stuff".  Just because you have seeds doesn't make you a gardener.  So what if you have the stuff you need to build a fire... Or if you have a dutch oven you plan on cooking your meals in. If you have never done it before, odds are it's going to take some practice to get it right.  When you are in a crisis situation the last thing you want to do is to be bumbling around trying to figure things out.
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Post Oil Man

This just made me laugh and laugh!  Yeah, I know... I'm easily amused!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Once Upon A Time

This post actually started as an entry in a contest that Pete, from Patriots Against The NWO is running here.  It kinda morphed into ....

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with all of her family.  Of course most people live with their family, but this little girl lived with ALL of hers from time to time. She would visit with her mothers parents and all of her wonderful aunts and uncles from time to time.  You see, her mother went away when she was small and so her father sent her to live with his parents.  He was a soldier and Uncle Sam said the little girl couldn't go with him.  
     So she came to live with her grandparents. Her grandparents loved her very much. In fact, more wonderful people were hard to find.  Her grandmother shared her love of music and her love of life with the little girl. Grandmother would play the piano and the little girl would place her hands on hers. She felt  magic in the sounds of the piano.  They would sing fun songs and songs she would sing in Sunday School. Her grandmother taught her to crochet and even how to paint.  Of course the little girls pictures were just the pictures that little girls draw, but to her grandmother they were works of art.  She showed her and to cook  and to can all sorts of wonderful things that came from the garden her grandfather tended.  
     Her grandfather taught her to whistle and  where to find the best worms for fishing.  How put a wiggly worm on the hook and how to reel in "The biggest fish I ever saw!" They would work in the big garden he grew. He showed her how to tell the differences in the good plants and the bad plants. They would eat fresh vegetables right off the plants. She learned the difference between beans and peas  and all sorts of other good things to eat.  Once he even planted strawberries  for her just because she loved them so much. .  He showed her how to tell when the strawberries were just right to pluck from the vine.  They filled their baskets with the red sweet fruits, nibbling at the juicy berries all the while. and would take them to her grandmother to wash and clean.  The little girl would pull up her favorite chair to the kitchen counter and help her grandmother make heavenly jams and jellies.
     Her father came home from the war and brought a new mom for the little girl.  Her new mom was lots of fun and knew how to do lots of things. She taught the little girl how to do cartwheels.  She even learned make her own bed, with clean sheets that smelled of sunshine and fresh breezes.  Hanging clothes on the line was fun and besides, her mom really needed someone to hand her the clothes pins right?    Her new mother would bake fresh bread  and cakes and cookies.  On Saturday mornings they would cook yummy things like French Toast or pancakes and bacon.  Once again the little girl dragged her chair up to the kitchen counter and helped make all these yummy things. 
    Her father let her help in his garden since she now knew what weeds looked like! They would eat warm ripe tomato's out in the garden and the juice would run down their chins. Sometimes she would  make sandwiches with fresh bread and homemade jelly and they would go to the woods and hunt. Other times they would go fishing. Often they had fresh meat or fish for dinner that night.  She learned how to clean a fish but never wanted to learn to how to clean game.  Her father called it "dressing out the game".  She never did figure that one out.  It was more like undressing to her!  
And then, before she knew it, the girl had grown  up and had a home and family of her own.  But she would never forget the things her family had  taught her. She knew that one day she would be able to do all these things and more.

                                ~~~Hey... I'm Just Sayin' ... ~~~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Bread Machine

Do you remember when the Bread Machine came out on the market?  It was an instant success!  No decent kitchen should be without one!  It was one of the most popular new appliance to have in your kitchen.  Just think, fresh homemade bread without much  effort on the part of the user! Toss the ingredients in the baking pan thingy and push a button.  Fresh bread in no time at all.  It was a really popular gift to give mother-in-law. Especially if you were trying to rack up a few extra points!  Most folks that ended up with one though,   used it 3-4 times and then put away. Right next to that nifty panini sandwich maker the Hot Air Popcorn Popper and the waffle iron.   Eventually most of them found their way out to the garage and from there it ended up in the garage sale or at the local goodwill. Another one of those Mother's Day gifts that just didn't quite take hold.

Now if you know me at all then you know that I am all about simple and easy. If I can find a way to go about something in a way that means I don't have to work so hard...Count me in! 
     Anyway, a couple of years or so ago I found one of those bread machine at a local thrift store. Someone's retired holiday gift just waiting for someone like me to take it home.  It was brand new and even had the manual that came with it.  I think I paid like $4.00 for it.  I decided I was going to start making "homemade" bread. It just tasted sooo much better than store bought and it was easy to do. So from then until now I have used that bread machine regularly.  I've probably bought less than a dozen loaves of store bought bread since then. 
    Folks made fun of me, but I knew at least I wasn't having to buy bread anymore.  The problem was this though.... All my prepper friends who bake bread from scratch seem to love to give me shi...grief about me and my bread machine. I'm talking about them straight up laughing at me!!  Seriously! Many good jokes were made at my expense in the prepper chat room!   But I was ok  with my machine even with everyone poking fun at me.  After all, I still was baking my own bread.  Which is more than a whole lot of people can say, right?  

Mrs M was one of those who kept poking fun at me about my bread machine. She just kept telling me how much better homemade bread was. Then she got it in her head that one way or another she was going to get me to retire my beloved Bread Machine.  Of course she never actually told me that. She started giving me bread making lessons. We made all sorts of breads.  Rustic Italian Bread, onion rolls, hamburger buns, pizza dough, whole wheat bread, honey wheat bread.... The list just goes on. Then one day I was looking for something in the storage room and had to move my bread maker out of the way.  That was when I realized that I hadn't used  it ONCE in over 3 months. I had "graduated".  The bread is just so much better than what I am able to make in my bread machine. The stuff made in the machine tends to be more dense... a truly different texture and flavor to it. 
     So I have an announcement to make to all my "Bread Buddies" out there.   You can stop with the jokes now,  I am going to retire my once favorite kitchen appliance. I'm not quite ready to actually give it away or let it find a new home at Goodwill just yet.... but I am comfortable in my "doughiness" (is that even a word?) now.  And Mrs M.... Thanks for being so "sneaky", as well as patient, and teaching me how to make wonderful homemade breads all by myself! 
                   ~~~ Hey ... I'm Just Sayin'...~~~

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Yes, I DO realize this has nothing to do with today's post!
Ok guys, this is my first year to participate in the Blogroll Amnesty Day.  Like I was saying yesterday I've seen it in the past but as usual I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short.  Not this year though. I might be a little late but I came in under the wire!  I think it's a really cool idea.  The way it works is pretty simple when you read it. Just list 5  other blogs that don't have as many hits as you. Simple right?  Uhmmm....  Not so much when you actually sit down and try to do it! 

It's funny that in the past week or so that I've been trying to head folks over to other places anyway- and then I realize its B.A.D weekend.  Just my luck!!  No worries though.. I think I can do this!  LOL  

Before I start though, I want to say thanks so much to my friend Bustedknuckles for naming me as one of his List Of Five. He may have the verbiage of a sailor (did I mention I just love sailors?) and talk a great talk but he has a teddy bear heart. Just don't tell him I said that! He was one of the first bloggers to hit that "Follow" button over there <----- and one of the first to tell me never give up.  This might be a big mean ol' place sometimes but its good to know that folks like him have your back. OK That one doesn't count. :D

Alright  it has now been about a half an hour since I started trying to do this and I am having some trouble here.  How the heck can I just pick 5??  I personally think that every single person on my blog roll should be listed here.  So do me a favor and check them all out ok?  That being said... the rules say 5 with less traffic.  Now how the heck I am supposed to know that is anyone's guess!

One of my favorite places to visit when I'm tired of all the politics and prepper doom has always been Fel's place.  A more wonderful and truly caring person I have never met. She blogs for the pure joy of it. So stop in and holler at her when you get a chance or just want a "time-out" for a little bit. Listen to some music and enjoy the "pink fluffiness" of her place!

Now there is another blogger that comes to mind here, not because she's all pink and fluffy <wink> but because shes NOT.  I will warn you in advance that Jewell has a "way with words".  And I'm not talking about waxing poetic either!!   Her take on life in general is .... well...  Oh heck, just go check her out. You will see what I'm talking about.  Oh and be sure you check out her Monday Mugshots.  I don't know where she comes up with these folk's and I'm seriously afraid to ask!

Have you ever run across a blog that once you started reading you just couldn't stop? When I found Kris, I wanted to just keep going until I had read every single one of her posts. She is such an inspiration to me. She covers all sorts of interesting stuff. From canning and frugal living tips to building her own fire pit. Heck, she even did a post and showed the whole world her kitchen cabinets.  LOL Now that is something I will never let you guys see!
Hmmm...This is starting to get harder and harder... who's next???

How about a great gal with a natural love for horses and a hands on no nonsense approach to prepping?  We nicknamed her Hoss Boss for a couple of reasons but the only one I'll mention here is that her blogging name is so long we had to call her something else!!!   Her approach to things is refreshing.  I love her honest and straightforward way of looking at things.

Let's see... one more.... I'm starting to think this is more like "work" than it was when I first started writing this!  

If you haven't been over to Small Farm Girl's place you are sooo missing out.  She makes living in the country an adventure. Who knew that such a small lady could produce such big laughs.   

Dang!  That's five already???   I didn't even get to mention Kyddryn and her unique outlook on life, or Lamb and her great recipes, or Wretha and Ginger who both are into the off grid way of life or .... well you get the idea. If I don't stop now I am only going to end up repeating my whole blog roll.  You can do that yourself!!  Everyone on that list is special to me.  They wouldn't be there if they weren't. Like my buddy Busted said...    

"The deal is, link to folks that have interesting things to say that no one knows are out there.
There are millions of us out there."

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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I saw this over at the Ornery Bastard's place and thought it was a really neat idea. I saw it last year but by the time I had heard about it... it was over.   As a matter of fact, I almost missed it again. Go figure!  Anyway, there is still time so I'll be working on getting my post up soon.
  Oh and please see my last post... I'm still looking to hear from you all about some of your "Go To" links!
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Question For You

I've got a question for everyone.  If you were to make a list of websites that you think are important for people to have, what would they be?  What are some of your "go to" sites?  For instance, one of the many sites I visit regularly is Survival Blog. What are some of yours?  Please take a minute or two and let me know some of yours.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Deleting Blogs - Can It Really Be Done?

     I've spent a good part of the day catching up on reading blogs that I follow. I keep thinking that I should kind of "pare down" the list but the problem is... where in the world would I start? Not an easy question for me. I happen to think that each of them are wonderful in their own right. I just can't seem to hit that "delete" button.  In fact, I just keep finding more!  Please tell me that I am not the only one who, when reading a blog, has to occasionally click one of the links to blogs they are following. Heck that's part of the fun.  See what things others are reading. Finding a new "diamond".  The thing is... sometimes when I do that I can't remember where I started!  Kind of like a treasure hunt. 
     Anyway... back to what I was trying to say. (see how easily I am pulled from thought to thought. LOL)  I feel that many of the blogger's  I follow are kind of like "family".  I have been following some of you guys for years.  How in the world could  I just delete you from my life?  It's truly like a family in a way. And my "family" just keeps growing and growing.  I suppose I could delete some who have  not  posted anything in awhile.  But then I think.... what if they come back?  What if something has happened to them and they just weren't able to check in and let us know?   It's happened before. 
     Someone won't post for a few months and it turns out that there has been some big "thing" that has been going on. Or they weren't able to access a computer for awhile.  I would feel just terrible to have deleted them out of my "blogger life".   The only thing that I have come up with is to delete those who haven't posted in over a year.  I know.... I should have a firmer rule of thumb.  But its the only one that I feel comfortable with. I figure that if after a year you haven't written anything then you have probably moved on to bigger and better things.  At least in my mind!  
    Now you would think (or I do anyway) that following all those blogs would be quite enough.  Heck, to be honest, sometimes I just don't have the time to keep up with it all. Inevitably, when that happens, I find that someone has had some disaster happen and I just feel terrible about not at least saying a prayer for them when it was needed.   That may sound silly to some of you but.... hey...that's just the way I am.  Hmmm.. what was I talking about?  Oh yes.... I remember now.
     I once again tried to cut down on some of "my" blogs and  once again it was quite impossible for me to hit the delete button.  Not only that, while trying to make those decisions, I found a couple more of them to follow.  STOP LAUGHING.  Can I help it if I like all these folks?   
    I give up.  Who am I trying to kid?  I could no more hit the delete button on most of you any more than I could just give up on someone in my own family.  
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What a storm!  One for the record books across the country.  We broke several records here too. The most snow in 24 hours. The most snow on this date and for the month of February. It also broke a record for having snowed in one day as much as it does in a year. I think there were a couple of others but those are the ones that readily come to mind.  The next few days are supposed to be clear and cold.  Like REALLY cold for me around here. We won't be getting above 13 degrees for a few days. AND they are calling for a low of  -7 Thursday morning.  Brrrrrrr

Around here we just hung out, spent the day reading, knitting, surfing the net and messing around in the house.  I did have a few laughs watching the dogs checking out the snow.  I wasn't the only one who had never been in a snow storm before. Neither had BB.   I DID get the distinct impression she was NOT impressed. Not with the snow up to her belly or my laughing at her. Of course Miss Kitty did her best to stay in any lap she could find today.  I'm one of those who don't mind a cat in their lap sometimes.  They make great lap warmers and the purring is relaxing and serves as a mini-vibrator too!  I took a few pictures of the snow and sure was happy to be wearing the new long-johns my friend Felinae sent me for my birthday! (Thanks again Fel)  I think that's about the coolest warmest gift I could have received! They sure were appreciated today!  LOL    We had left over beef stew for  dinner and I made a big batch of oatmeal cookies for munchies!  Just another day in paradise!

I got to do some catching up on my blog reading while waiting for the storm to pass. I haven't really been keeping up with them here lately and so there was all manner of things to get caught up on.    It looks like Angela, over at Adventures in Self Reliance is moving her blog and is doing a giveaway to celebrate over at her new place - Food Storage and Survival  Stop in and tell her Scifichick sent ya! (I'm still trying to win something what with all the giveaways going on!)  I got to see some beautiful baby pictures at Shade and Sweetwater  and My Song . Congratulations to Kyddryn and Cygnus on your brand new baby. Here's to a  full night's sleep in the near future!!   Jen over at the Double Nickle Farm has a post up.  I sure am glad to see her posting again. I've truly missed her adventures in prepping in the New Mexico desert.  And of course everyone is ready for winter to be done with.  The sooner the better as far as most of us are concerned!

  One thing I thought was odd about the day was that the mailman didn't run his appointed rounds.  Apparently they have given up on the old  "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"  Nope, things just aren't the way they used to be.  I'll bet there were more than one or two folks upset about that.  It's the first of the month and  I know that alot of people barely scrape by and are waiting on that check to come in.  Who knew that mailmen got snowdays!?!  

Anyway, in reading back over what I've written here it seems that I haven't done much except waste a little of your time.... Sorry about that,  I will try to do better on the next round!  :D
Stay warm and stay off the roads if you can.... There are crazy people out there.
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