Thursday, June 24, 2010

And That's All I Have To Say About That

Words cannot begin to explain the emotions that have been in play these last few days.  I have written and written and backspaced  over and over.  I can come up with no explanations except ones that tend to make me angry.  We came to Oklahoma with intentions of helping out a fellow prepper.  Who, by the way, invited us here to do just that.  We did not ask for anything more than a place to park the RV.  Mars came here because he wanted to help and we needed a place to stay while my "stuff" is going through. We didn't ask for compensation although compensation was offered.  It was offered in the vein of come on up here because we need help.  The offerings were a place to park the trailer, utilities, internet and some groceries (which we didn't actually need and which are laughable when looking back) in exchange for work on their land.  We just needed a place to hang out until I could get this stuff with SSD worked out.  Mars has always worked.  To be kicked off of their property without even a thought as to what  we are supposed to do rightfully wrong.  We didn't just show up here out of the blue... it took months of planning and a dedication to seeing things work out.  Yet without even a notice of any kind we are supposed to move our home out and they haven't even given Mars an opportunity to look for another job.  Almost four months we have been here.  But there is no mercy in some peoples hearts.  It took us a couple of weeks to get settled in here and yet we are expected to leave in less than 7?  It would be one thing if we had just been doing nothing. But that has not been the case.
 What they failed to mention was that somehow we were supposed to both work for hours upon end with nothing more than lot rent in return.  And apparently that wasn't even enough.  Mars worked hundreds of hours for the "right" to park our trailer on their land.  And I am not even including what I have done out here.  That was not enough.  My husband  feels used. I can't blame him at all. I think he has as well.
 All the hard work is done now and they have no need for him.  The tree removal from the field that had to be done before the fields could be planted cost him two tow straps and several lengths of good rope. Not to mention the weeks it took to get that job done. Or the wear and tear on his tools.
  And once the field was ready he and I both were out there planting seed for the coming crops.  When the hail storm came PL was ready to give up.  Mars went out there and trimmed off all the broken plants knowing that they weren't beyond hope.  To build the rabbit cages and nesting boxes took awhile because he had to tear down the old house on  PL's property and  rip old boards and make something  work.  And out of that old house also came the materials to build the vegetable stand (silly idea and a waste of time) that "she" wanted.  Ever tried to rip boards to get to the ones you needed to build something?  Its not something just anyone can do. Hours of weed pulling and picking vegetables, installing electric and digging septic and any other thing that our "host" needed attended to.  And still it wasn't enough. 
But to come to our door and tell us we have to "leave now"  carrying guns? (oh and a video recorder - I hope they post that one to see who was acting a fool)  because I wrote something on MY blog? No reason for that at all.  Except it must have made them feel better to do so.  There are tales I could tell but it doesn't really matter now.  And I will chalk that up to the "blame game" that some folks are destined to play out.  Wasted time is what we have done.  Wasted hours and hours for no outcome that would be good for anyone but them.
And so not to as cause any more problems we got the hell out. Had to rent a storage shed for things that we could not carry with us. We didn't move out here in a week( it took months of preparation)  No plans, no money, and all the sudden no job to speak of and here we are.  Neither of us wanted them back on our doorstep with guns threatening us with trespassing. Guns?  What the hell do you wanna bring guns to someones door for no reason?  Like we were going to shoot them? 
 They asked that we be out by Monday.... we couldn't even finish our move.  We had old boxes and things that we needed to take care of to make the place presentable. But the  time given to us didn't allow a clean up job. We did leave the paving stones that "she" wanted to buy from us a month ago.  That was about 100 bucks that we also lost in the deal.  But hey, what were we supposed to do?  We had been given no time to look for another job... to do nothing more than GET OUT!

Had to spend money that we really didn't have to pay for storage and end up in a state park hoping for the kindness of strangers to help us out until either Mars can find a money job or my SSD comes in.  And being angry isn't helping... it seems like there is a cloud over our head.  All we have tried to do is to pass time until things can be made different.  I promise I will try to make this my last rant about the unfairness of all this... There has been enough negative energy expended thus far to last for quite some time.


  1. Well Sci I am sorry for the trouble you have been through. It's time to try and move on and get on with your big adventure. When this all started there was a element of the great unknown.The unknown is now out in the open and it was a ugly,upsetting time for you. Lets hope the next phase of your journey will a great time in your life!! Go forward with the thought of good things for you and yours. If you need me call or email and I will try and be of help. My thoughts and prayers are being directed to the west. Did you go ahead and make the move to Arkansas? I will be thinking good thoughts and Just remember what I say"every thing happens for a reason". FK

  2. OMG!! This is a horrible thing to have happened to you! It isn't wasted time, it was a learning experience. The nerve of those people after all you had done for them. I guess some people just want quiet slaves, which you and Mars are not!
    I'm so, so sorry this has happened to you. Please, keep up the blog and let us know how you are doing.

  3. Keep your chin up! Things happen for a reason. Maybe you will finally find your own place because this thing has happened to you. Live and Learn.

    Good Luck,

  4. Your are a better person than I, because if I would have done all that work and had done everything asked of me and then they showed up at my RV with guns, I would have showed they I know how to use my guns. I know you are mad and upset at this point but in the long run you will end up better for this whole event. Did you realy want to live with fools? It sounds like one way or another the people who's land you lived on would have done this no matter how good your and your husband worked. It sounds like they needed or wanted free labor and when the work was done they fliped. Take a step back and do a reset, it may not be an easy at first but with time you will get back on your feet and be done with this mess. I will pray for you and if you do set up a paypal account please post the info I'm sure some of the real preppers will help out.

  5. I happened across your blog a day or two ago from (I think) Mayberry's site. Sorry about your troubles. One of the risks of staying on another's property is what just happened to you.

    Encouraging words might seem a bit trite at the moment for you, but I want to offer them anyways. I suspect that this will only make you stronger, wiser, and even more resourceful/self-sufficient. A 'blessing in disguise' perhaps. Something that others can learn from too.

    It can be tough to discern anothers true character except through time. Although I did hear of a sailing family that, before taking on deck hands for an ocean crossing, would always get them liquored-up to see what 'spilled out'.

    You already recognize that anger won't help. A little venting in one's blog can be therapeutic though. You deserve at least that.

  6. Dang Sci.. I'm glad I never took these folks up on their offer for me to come up there, they'd have tossed me in a week I bet! If worse comes to worse, c'mon down to Corpus, I got room for y'all, and I could put a 60 amp plug in off my shop in no time. The sewer cleanout is right behind it, well within reach. I wouldn't charge y'all any more than electricity. Just go fishin' and bring me some fresh trout and blue crabs! Hell of a deal!

  7. Hey, chica. I send you love, light, happiness, and mostly, the peace to move on. I know that in my life, when something really crappy (like this) happens to me, something really great usually follows. Hang in there!

    Let this be a lesson that you guys work out all the details on future endeavors. Get it in writing... how many hours of your time and the type of work that will be required in exchange for your space and utilities. It's a shame you have to do that, but there are a few bad ones out there. Fortunately, most folks are good. Take care.

  8. Guys, I want to thank everyone for stopping in and for all your kind words and well wishes. Thank you one and all. You have no idea what it means to us both.