Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three Strikes

I know its been a couple of days since I posted anything here.  I guess I must be hitting a wall with my writing.  That and I've not been feeling all that great the last few days.  Nothing I can put my finger on really....just kinda

I had to go into the new and improved Little Big Town yesterday.  There are two of them  that are almost exactly the same distance from here.  In opposite directions.  One to the east and one (of course) to the west.  I wish now I had taken the second choice way before now.  This one is far better than the LBT I have been going to.  They actually have a Tractor Supply and what looks like several thrift stores. Along with a WallyWorld that has a much better grocery section.  I haven't been able to check it out much yet but from now on that's the town I will be shopping in.  I even found a "real" grocery store!  Don't laugh!!  A "real" grocery is a real find around here!! All there is in the one to the west is a WallyWorld and a Save-A-Lot. (which is a misnomer if ever there was one)

I was out this evening feeding and watering the rabbits and a horrible thing happened.  When I opened up the cage with the Mama and the little bunnies in it... The little ones spooked and started doing the "tornado" dance round and round the cage.  Before I could slam shut the cage door one flipped out and landed on the ground. I tried to catch him but he got away.  I looked and looked and John came out and looked for him as well.  I feel horrible about it and am guilt ridden that that little bunny is out there all by himself tonight. It doesn't help that he was going to be dinner somewhere down the line either. Double guilt served up tonight.

I made some Snickerdoodles to try and make myself feel less guilty.  That didn't work out either since I ended up eating about a dozen of them.  Guilt x 3 I'm  OUT!


  1. Too bad about the bunny, maybe it will show up tomorrow.

  2. I felt the same way when one of my baby chicks got out and spent the night alone. I could not sleep worrying and all. But in the morning there he was standing by the coop trying to find a way in.
    Hoping the same for you!

  3. I have heard that happens to even the most experienced "bunny ranglers" ! You do the best you can, you shouldn't feel too guilty. Oh, and I've seen pictures of you hun, a few extra snickerdoodles won't hurt you any! lol besides, comfort foods are supposed to comfort you.
    hope you have abetter day tommorrow!

  4. Snickerdoodles can solve most of lifes ills....that and some rocky road ice cream and life is basically perfect! As for the wayward bunny...he may try to return, so be quiet and as you go out to the hutch the next few mornings...and mornings or at dusk is when you are most likely to find him seeking the comfort of his former hutchmates. Leave a bit of food near the hutch and watch for the wee bunny early in the morning. You may get lucky!

  5. (((Sci)))
    Do not beat yourself up over this. It could have happened to anybody, it's not your fault.

    As for the snickerdoodles well, you almost covered all the food groups in the ingredients, so that makes them healthy, right? ;)


  6. I have raised rabbits for years and this has happened a lot. I set a small trap with lettuce and usually catch it during the night and put it back with mom the next morning. They won't go far as they are scared. I have a box of books ready for you if you will email your addy to happe2b50 at yahoo dot com. Have a blessed weekend!

  7. When we had all of our rabbits, the babies would do that all the time. I think they know that they can get out that way. Don't feel bad for the baby rabbit. Rabbits in the wild are a lot younger when they are made to go on their own. You will see it running around. There is always the option of a gun. Dinner? lol

  8. I'm sorry you lost a bunny. I'm pretty sure rabbits are territorial, and I think, it will probably hang close to "home." Maybe you'll still be able to catch him/her.

  9. Hoping that your run-away bunny made it back home and that you are feeling better today.