Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

Did you know that there will not be another Blue Moon on New Year's Eve for another 29 years?  That's 2028 folks.

Or that this is the 13th full moon of 2009?

Or that this is a Blue Moon at the end of the decade?

Check it out 

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Dare You To Try This

Check out where you end up when you type in Illuminati backwards and add a .com.  Come on I dare ya!
I would give you the link but you won't believe me unless you do it yourself.  I will make it a little easier for you . ITANIMULLI  is Illuminati spelled backwards. Don't forget to add the .com and for once PLEASE leave me comments!

The Funniest Guy Ever

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to go fishing with this guy!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Over...

Well Christmas is over and I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season.  Did you remember to make some memories? Start a new tradition or maybe bring back an old one?  Hug a little tighter and a little longer?  Remember to tell the loved ones in your life how much they truly mean to you?

One can only guess where our country will be in December 2010. The country has spiraled  into massive debt that we will never be able to repay. We have legislation which passed on Thursday that will change life as we know it.  And there is much much more to come.  Never doubt for one minute that we are witnessing history in the making. That the government is out of control is not even an opinion anymore.  It's a fact.  The congress critters could less what WE THE PEOPLE want. Are we willing to stand and take back our God given rights?  Are there enough of us willing to fight to the death for the inalienable rights  with which we were were endowed?   I can only hope there are.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


OK OK I know I said I was gonna give it a rest. Sometimes I just can't help it darn it!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas '09

Christmas is almost here. I can't believe the year has sped by like it has.  Are you all ready? 
Things are tight all over this year and not looking like it will be getting better anytime soon either. Here's my example.  Our city has a really cool agency called The Christmas Bureau.  They take the names of family's that need help with Christmas. 
They then list them and find families, company's and such to "Adopt a Family" for the holidays. Sponsors donate the Christmas meal, toys for the kids, whatever they can afford to do.  They came up short last year by about 5 families. This year they are having a really hard time finding enough sponsors. Here it is two days away from Christmas and there are still 600 families with no sponsors. It's getting bad out there folks and we all know it.

The thing is- people are hurting all over the country.  People out of work.  The underemployed.  People losing their homes.  People going hungry, getting their utilities shut off for nonpayment.  How many of us are only a week or a month or six weeks away from being homeless if we were to lose our jobs?  
And folks, from the looks of things, its not going to get better any time in the near future.  So many things coming at us from all directions that it is sometimes hard to just stay focused.  

Here's what I have been thinking though. I think I am going to take a timeout from all the negative energy out there for at least a few days. I am tired of worrying about all the things that are happening at an amazing pace in this world. I won't go into all of that just now... I'm not trying to rant here.  Most of us here on these blogs know the score.  We read.  We investigate.  We question. And sometimes, for me, its just too much knowledge for a person to process.
With everything cascading around us wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to just take a step back.  Just breathe.  Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Make memories.  Remember these days.  Someday you may be telling your grandchildren about the Christmas of '09 and how things were "In the old days".

" But I am sure I have always thought of Christmas-time, when it has come round-apart from the veneration due to its sacred name and origin, if anything belonging to it can be apart from that-as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow-passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys. And therefore, uncle, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that it has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!"

Excerpt from A Christmas Carol

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chicken Fried Chicken Made Easy

I'm not one to share recipe's all that often.  This one  has turned out to be a real winner around here.  We don't eat alot of fried food. Somehow we have slowly weaned ourselves from most. 
These days  fried potato's or fried chicken just don't happen as often as they used to.  Don't get me wrong...I love fried foods.  I AM from the state known for Chicken Fried Steak!  We just don't indulge as much as we used to.  
So when I ran across a recipe as good as this one.... I  thought it was only fair to share!  After trying it out a few times (I'm slow) I realized that most all the ingredients are Prepper Friendly.  As in, probably in your pantry.  

Chicken Fried Chicken Tenders

2 chicken breasts (or whatever parts ya want)
Bout 10 crackers (crushed really fine)
tablespoon of flour
tablespoon of potato flakes
separate bowl of a couple of tablespoons of flour
1 beaten egg
Hot skillet with about 1/4 inch of oil.  (It doesn't take alot)

Take the crackers and crush to dust. LOL  I put them in a big ziplock and use my rolling pin to crush them up really really good.  Then add the flour, potato flakes, and season as you see fit to season. (Lots of options here... the last batch I added garlic powder,onion powder, Tony's seasoning, and just a little bit of chili powder)

Cut the chicken into the size portions ya want. Coat with flour,then into the egg, then the cracker mixture.  Drop into the hot skillet.  This doesn't take long to cook , 3 or 4 min then turn.  Grab a plate and chow!
Just don't overcook as chicken tends to turn out a bit dry if ya do. 

It works great with pork chops as well.  I haven't tried it for Chicken Fried Steak yet but I already know I will!

So if your craving some good old fashioned Chicken Fried (Insert meat here)  This recipe ROCKS.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Why is the US Government hellbent on a war with Iran?  There is absolutely NO reason for us to be over there messing with them.  And now we have voted to place sanctions on them?  I found this piece over at New World Order 101.  Thought it might be of interest to some of you.

Iran and Congress: Chipped like "Jason Bourn" are simply madness

In todays Asian times there is an good article by Eri Clifton " US Races against time over Iran.

What is interesting is how quickly America responses to any demand from Israel. They do not miss a beat. There does not seem to be any filters on information in regards to foreign policy. The PM of Israeli mearly has to talk about his paranoid delutions to get the American government to start pushing for war. Talk about mind control! The entire Congress must be chipped like "Jason Bourn to get everyone to agree so quickly

As Dr. Ron Paul says, It would be better for all concern that America trades with Iran instead of try to bomb them into oblivion at every change they get.

To quote from the movie The Bridge on the River Kwai " Madness, shear Madness" . That is what best describes the American foreign policy.

Excerpt from Asian Times: Link
By Eli Clifton

"WASHINGTON - In advance of United States President Barack Obama's end-of-the-year deadline for Iran to respond to negotiations aimed at bringing a halt to the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, the US House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday to sanction companies that sell refined petroleum to Iran.

The senate's version of the bill appears to be held up after the State Department issued a letter to the Foreign Relations Committee chairman, John Kerry, urging the senate to slow down the progress of the Iran sanctions bill to the floor for a vote until the new year.

We are entering a critical period of intense diplomacy to imposesignificant international pressure on Iran. This requires that we keep the focus on Iran. At this juncture, I am concerned that this legislation, in its current form, might weaken rather than strengthen international unity and support for our efforts,'' wrote Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg last Friday, in a letter first leaked by Foreign Policy Magazine."


After nearly 20 years of war in the Iraq region, America has created so many enemies, that their only friends are the Dictators they have put in power. God help them when America runs out of money, and they will.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Norway Lights of A Different Kind

OK I thought this was pretty cool.  They say it was a Russian  space launch gone wrong.  Now put on your tinfoil hat and just enjoy this one with me.
The same time (supposedly) that this really cool light in the sky in Norway was happening.... Obammy was receiving the Noble Peace Prize.  Pretty cool video.... I can here the Twilight Zone theme song in my head.  Oh, wait, lemme take off my tin foil hat! 
Got Popcorn?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas From the Family

It's just not the Christmas Season around here without this song!  Makes me homesick!!! :D

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Couldn't Help IT!

We are in the process of getting rid of two vehicles.  My old Chevy Astro van has seen much better days but it still runs strong with over 240k miles on it.  It's been a good ride and took us on several camping trips and a couple of vacations.  Then there's the Ford F150.  That's Mars "thing" and I've never asked.  Nuff Said!

  Not like either don't run (cause they do) We would just be better served with the money than the vehicles.  So I went looking for the titles.  And looking... and looking....Nowhere to be found!

Long story short I had to go and apply for lost titles.  Trust me, you don't want the details on this one! 

As for how this ties into what I was actually going to talk about? I went to get the paperwork to do all this.  Well on the way home I made a stop at the grocery for some eggs and milk.

Well, imagine my surprise when I strolled past the discount buggy!  I was just perusing the items.... 12 oz jars of Honey $1.77...Fancy coffees.... some $4.99 a can, some $3.69....Garlic Spread (little jars) $2.63....Fancy Honey Mustard Dressing $2.50...Asian Sesame Dressing $2 .97...Flax Olive Sunflower oil blend 4.5 oz bottles....(don't ask me!) $7.62... Red pepper flakes $2.77 a jar... Tampax 10 packs $1.50 (hey some things are a necessity)   
Now mind you these were mark down items.  Things i would normally pass right up.  I can do without any of it. 

But sometimes things just come into play that you never expect.  Here I was looking thru all this stuff for a bargain.  For a special deal ya know?  How can you pass the bargain bin and not at least look? I've had to curtail some preps lately but I can't resist looking at the bargain buggie!

Well while I am perusing the above mentioned items ...Girl from the store shows up with a sign to put on the 3 carts of "stuff"  She told me I might be more interested once she put up the sign.  OK, says I, show me the sign.


My eyes almost glazed over! 

$8.25  later  I had all of the above mentioned items in my basket.  Several in multiples.  Total of ten cans of coffee, three jars of garlic spread, three bottles Honey Mustard dressing ,one Asian Sesame Dressing, two Oil Blend thingies, two jars of red pepper flakes,five jars of honey, and some other misc stuff!  

Sometimes a person just ends up in the right place at the right time! Nothing like stumbling into a honey hole! LOL Pun Intended!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Say You?

We have come to a turn in the road.  Things in this country are  rapidly becoming out of control.  Most people just go on about their everyday life like nothing is changing.  Our freedoms are being (and have been) challenged every day.  Yet we do nothing.  Carry on each day just like the day before.  Get up, go to work, pay your bills, and your broke again.  Just like last week.  And the week before that and the week before that.  It's been that way for us for years.  Nothing really changes for the working class.  Except the decline of the dollar and the taking away of the freedoms we once all enjoyed.  Work your pissy job, pay uncle sugar, try and keep the lights on and food on the table.  What a wonderful setup.  Bad enough that the government is already reading over your shoulder but it just gets worse.

 Health Care?  Where does it say anywhere in the constitution that we are ENTITLED to healthcare?  Someone please just show me where it says it.

My RIGHT to free health care will certainly be put to good use by those who want more and more of my pittance.  IF I provide the proper information and shell out at least xxx percent of my poverty level wages, I might actually see a doctor. Or not.  Another government crap shoot.

Oh and please take a number... you will be called in the order of your level of coverage-just as soon as there is a doctor willing to see you (providing you have the proper paperwork of course) as long as your sliding scale doesnt tip to the south to much.  Then take a number and take the Hippocratic Oath.  Physician... heal thyself.

And then....there is  Copenhagen. The meetings start tomorrow. Apparently Gore is going to be a no show. ( A victory in my books but thats another story) Can you blame him? What with the uncovering of the cooked books on global warming dating back to at least the 70's, how could you possibly believe any of the so called science is legitimate?  Just go look it up... I am to miffed to find the links for you. If the treaty is signed we can just say goodbye to the America and the constitution that made it one of the greatest nations every established. 
Cap And Trade, sure, come in and take another 40 percent of what little I have coming to me.  Sure! Sounds like a good plan to me.  Why would I dare to be just the tiniest bit disillusioned?  I mean... Obammy is looking out for us right?  All is well in America?  
Set your alarm, go to bed, Get up early, go to work, wash, rinse and repeat. 

Some might think I have gone over the edge here and it might be so.  But I refuse to just sit back and let what time I think we have left as a free nation slip by me.  There are big changes coming.  And there are big choices some of us are going to have to make.  Are you ready?  


Friday, December 4, 2009

Checking In

Sorry for the lack of posts.  We are still alive!  My computer is still down.  Even if it weren't.... real life takes precedence!  Major changes here and I can't really talk about it just yet.  
The good news is that a good prepper friend is going to try and help me get back online this weekend.  Lets hope it takes!  Prep on my friends...The world is changing before our eyes.  Are you ready?