Friday, June 25, 2010

Thanks Again

I feel blessed.  Through this blog and through the prepper network I have found compassionate and caring people.  All your kind words and your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. Some people think that "online" friends are not "real" friends.  I disagree with that with all my heart.  Although there are bad things that may happen, and people who really aren't who they portray themselves as, for the most part people are good hearted.  The internet has been a helpful tool in finding like minded and good folks.  I count myself lucky  to have found you all.

I'm not sure what direction our lives will take from here.  I do know the plan is still to try and obtain that piece of earth we can call our own.  How we manage along the way.... I guess that's all up to the greater powers.  But somehow we will.  A wonderful couple has invited us to stay with them for awhile a little farther north than we were in Oklahoma.  So for those of you who worry, just know that we are ok and hope to be back on track soon.  I refuse to give up on the dream.
Thank you each and every one for your kind words of support.  They have helped us through some pretty tough times in the last couple of weeks.


  1. well, we just care. I have unsubscribed from those people (always to be known here after as "those people") and will never reccommend them to anyone. False friends and no friends.

    I'm glad you have a place to go to. I believe there are many more good and right people around than there are the mean spirited ones.

  2. I am happy and sad. Happy you have a place to go and sad it wasn't here. Prayers still going up for you. I know there is a big plan for you in the midst of all this craziness. I haven't mailed the books yet but when you have a addy let me know

  3. HP Thanks for your kind words. You and I have been "hanging out" for awhile now and I am glad to know you.

    Peggy, LOL we talked about coming out there but it is just so far and would cost more than we could afford with the gas and all. I will email you with an addy for the books, I promise. Thanks for all your prayers and I will talk to you soon.