Friday, October 29, 2010

Are You Ready?

It has been an absolutely beautiful day here in the south.  These are the sort of days that I wish would just go on and on. Except of course for those pesky chemtrails over our heads.
 We had our first frost this morning.  It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Yep, the holidays are upon us folks, are you ready?

Mars has been working on the new garden area the past few days.  He took up the black plastic and is hand turning the whole thing.  Then I guess he will put the plastic back down.  I'm not sure exactly what his plans are,  I just know he has one!  Sometimes it's better just to let 'em go and sit back and watch what happens!

I haven't been talking much these days about prepping. It has been on my mind a whole lot though.  Things are getting ready to get really ugly in the United States.  Not that things aren't already bad but I don't think we have even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.  I cannot stress enough just how important it is to be putting up food and other storeable  goods right now, while you still can.  The dollar is getting ready to take a nosedive that will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park.  My thinking on it is that if there is ANYTHING you have been needing to get or think you may need in the future you better get it now.  While you still can.  Food prices have almost doubled in just the last couple of years and they aren't going to go down.  You can't afford to NOT be adding to your food storage.   Things are getting ready to take a real turn for the worse and most of us are not even close to ready for that to happen.  If you haven't started yet I honestly don't know what you are waiting for. 
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  1. Your entry is scaring me. I live in US in TN. We have a big freezer and pantry though. It is a crazy world and a crazy universe. I quit listening to the news it was so depressing but I guess I should start listening again. I know we've have some additional security alerts going on. Take care.
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  2. Right you are! Our country is failing fast, they keep the truth from the people, believing that they can change things and make it last a bit longer. We've stepped up our preperations hoping we'll be able to make it when prices sky rocket. Life is going the change here.

  3. Amen to that sister!! I have a real bad feeling going into this election, and a worse one about the one in 2012.

  4. Yes Sci, I feel it too! We are in overdrive here with the prepping, mainly putting things where we can find them. I'm almost afraid for next week to get here. Thinking of you and tell Mush I said hello.

  5. Agree 100% about stepping up preps, we use ours so rotation is a constant. It's amazing that many people still don't put two and two together and don't seem worried about the skyrocketing grocery, utilities, gas etc..... Of course they complain and whine about having a harder time making it from payday to payday but they simply seem oblivious to the fact that it could all come crashing down about them tomorrow and where would they be then.

    We're ready as we possibly can be, we're debt free and I'm still worried about what lies ahead. My Dh's job is in jeopardy and even though I say we're debt free, we still have monthly utilities, feed for our animals( mainly the poultry and pigs), our property taxes and home owners insurance, some food supplies, etc.... Jobs are very scarce in our area, our Dd has been actively applying and has only received letters stating the position(s) was/ were filled. She's 19 yrs old with little outside job experience, so it makes it tought to compete against college graduates and others with years of experience*sigh*

    I do think it is reality that we will see some of the very issues that are still hot spots in Argentina right now. I visit a blog of a man in Argentina and he reported that he bought a book and it cost him.... get this.... $109 and actually the price had risen to $115 but the sign had not been changed so he got it for the older price. Now think about it if a book costs that much what do you think food will be, not to say anything of utilities, gas, etc.....

    About all we can do now is pray, make the very best of what we have( canning, cooking from scratch,raising out own animals, saving $$, reusing everything until it's worn out, etc.....) We're a very spoiled society and people are NOT going to like what is coming and as we saw from Katrina and LA riots, etc... you'd better be ready to protect what is yours, this isn't anything like the Great Depression, people now a days lack morals, character and work ethic *SIGH*

  6. SciFi,I think you are right on the money.But it seems like the more I do,the more I see I need to do!Good Luck!


  7. I hate "The Holidays (TM)" anymore. They've already got Thanksgiving crap out in the stores, and they'll have Christmas crap out two weeks from now. It's become nothing but a consumer orgy and the meaning is gone. Charlie Brown was right...

  8. yes, do stock up in basic fare, condiments, and spices. as budgets tighten more, food stamps , meal centers . and food pantries will face lack of funds to closure thereof.

    gold and silver versus spam and beans; which will keep you alive?

    me Wildflower like your blog!