Thursday, October 14, 2010

Garden Update

This fall Mars has planted a little here and a little there.  Some in Bud's old boat, (which makes a great raised bed) some in a little spot by the greenhouse, and some in several containers around the yard.  Now he is preparing a real garden spot for next year.  All that black plastic in the picture will next spring be a nice big ol' garden spot.  There is alot of grass growing there now but the plastic will solarize all that . I tried to step it off so I could figure out about how big it is but   1)  I suck at measuring,   and   2) my math skills are uhm... horrible.  I THINK it is about  40' x 60'  but there is a good amount of guess work with that!  Anyway, with a bit of work in the coming months we should have a pretty good size garden plot.  I think ALL of us are really looking forward to that!

The "magic" beans are still producing.  We haven't got a whole lot from them but man oh man are they good!  I'm pretty sure we will plant a whole bunch more of them come springtime.  The cabbage  is doing good and so is the broccoli.  The beets are looking good and all those  volunteer leeks are growing like crazy! There are onions and lettuce growing in the greenhouse too.

 The radishes are getting bigger and boy are they good. I hope we get enough of them to try something I read about this year.  I heard that if you saute them in a little butter or oil they make a really tasty dish. I'm willing to give it a shot.  If it is as good as I've heard I can add another recipe to my collection!

 The tomato  are really looking good and all have blooms on them.  They are only getting about 4 hours of sun a day though so I'm sure we won't  be getting any fruit from them.  That's ok though, it was an experiment to begin with!   The pepper plant's on the other hand are starting to set fruit.   Mars is going to dig them up and move them into the greenhouse so they can winter over in there. 

 The spaghetti squash plant is dying off but there is one HUGE squash on it that ought to be pretty close to picking.   I can't wait to bake that bad boy and butter it  up really good.  I love that stuff.  

It won't be long around here before its Pecan picking time.  And that always brings on the craving for pecan pie.  There are two big pecan trees in Mushroom's yard that look to be just overflowing this year with nuts.  She said the last couple of years hadn't been all that good but this year looks to be a bumper crop.  Whooo Hoo!  She gives alot of pecans to her family around Christmas time!

Is that one BIG pecan tree or what?  I bet we just might make a pecan pie or two... what do you think?

 I need to cut back the basil plant and hang it up to dry.  Yumm... I love basil.  The cilantro and the sage are just now starting to take off. I don't know why they took so long to get started.   Mars is talking about transplanting them and putting them in a southern window over the winter.  That is something I would remind folks about who haven't done much gardening.  Even in the winter time with a warm and sunny window,  you can grow all sorts of things. Herbs do especially well growing in a window sill.

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  1. Sauted radishes, sounds delightful. What kind, red or white? Probably doesn't matter. Let us know how they turn out.

  2. Basil? You have basil? *Perks up* Make freezer pesto! Whirl fresh basil, garlic and olive oil in a blender --along with a few pine nuts--if you can afford 'em--darn things cost a freakin' fortune! Pour the pesto in into ice cube trays, let freeze and then re-package, a few at a time, into ziplock bags and leave in freezer. When you need pesto, just pull out a pesto cube or two, let thaw and then toss with your pasta!