Tuesday, November 2, 2010

End Of Liberty

Well today is election day.  I'm sure there will be some interesting changes.  The problem is that it is just like a game of musical chairs.  Same play's, different players. The only thing that will change are the names.   Oh wait, there will be one other change.... Those annoying political ads will finally stop. 

There is a new documentary out from the National Inflation Association about how the United States is headed for hyperinflation.  I watched it this morning and have to say it is quite an  eye-opener. It give a real life perspective of the decline of the dollar and where we, as a country, seem to be heading.  It is jut over an hour long, so grab a cup of coffee and take a little time to check it out.

                                               End of Liberty

It is too late to prevent the dollar from collapsing, but it is NOT to late to get ready for it.  I am not sure how to say it much plainer.  If you are already prepping then it is time to step up your efforts.  If you haven't started yet, you better make a move and start prepping NOW.  Time is getting short and I know I am not nearly as ready as I want to be.  Stock up your pantry and your medicine cabinets.  It just makes sense.
  And hey, the way I look at it is.... If I'm wrong I have a well supplied pantry which STILL saves me $$ in the long run.  If I'm right, then I will have most of the things that will be necessary for everyday living.

                                                  ~~ Hey ... I'm Just Sayin... ~~


  1. Scifi, thank you for continuing to encourage preparation. Really enjoy your blog...


  2. It's been leaked that the fed is gonna buy half a trillion of debt. Fire up the printing presses. Here comes $10 milk and $4 bread...

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I am a prepper, I have been all my adult life. I prep for bad weather in the winter, I prep for busy times, I prep for the sake of just being as prepared as one can be for whatever.

  4. Heh. I posted the same thing just now, not realizing you'd posted it just a couple of hours ago.

  5. I received this great chicken blog award today and thought of you. http://musingsbyroxie.blogspot.com/2010/11/awards-and-election.html

  6. This is why I grow bunnies bake my own bread and have a garden. S510 scares the crap out of me.
    Can you say "Weimar" boys and girls? I knew you could....