Sunday, October 10, 2010

Making Lists

I am going to share a secret with you.  Something that most people don't know about me. Something you probably couldn't tell by just looking at me.  Are you ready?  Here goes....

I am a list maker. There I've said it!  I've never had the greatest memory so I compensate by making lists.  I have always made lists of things I don't want to forget.  These days my memory seems to be even shorter than it once was.  I can tell because there seem to be a whole lot more lists around than there used to be.  I would like  to chalk it up to getting older but folks keep telling tell me I'm not old enough yet to use that excuse.  (Dang it!)

 I have lists everywhere. Lists in notebooks, on scrap pieces of paper, lists in files on the computer, lists on backs of envelopes and even sometimes on old receipts.  If there is a blank piece of paper somewhere it is fair game to start a list on.  Lists of things I want to do, of things I need to do soon, of things I would like to do someday. Lists of ideas I am working on and of things I need to finish. The dang things seem to be everywhere. I keep telling myself that one day I am going to get them all together in one place and try to organize them somehow. (yeah right)  As a matter of fact I probably even have something on a list somewhere about doing that! 

Here's my dilema.  It doesn't seem like I ever get a list finished.  Oh, don't  get me wrong, I DO get things done and I love being able to mark things off  one of the lists. My favorite lists are those that have lots of things marked off of them.  Unfortunately, it seems like I have more lists of things TO do than I do with things marked off as being done!  There just always seems to be a reason to start another one!

 What I'm wondering is.... Are there others out there who have this compulsion?  Is this something alot of people do?  Are there other list makers out there with lists of lists of things still needing to be done?    Hmmm......    I wonder if they have meetings for list addictions?    Would they hand out paper and pens?  Or would they make sure that during these  meetings you couldn't HAVE the pen and paper?    I wonder how hard it would be to have to stand up in front of a bunch of people and say 

        "Hello my name is ________ and I'm a list maker" 

Ok, well there you have it.  Something you didn't know about me. Only next time you see me you will probably point and whisper.... "Do you see that girl over there?   You would never  have guessed it by looking at her but she's a list maker."

Well I feel better now that I have that off my chest.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a great weekend.  Now if you will excuse me...  I need to go and start my grocery list for the week!
                            ~~ Hey... I'm Just Sayin'... ~~


  1. LOL I make so many lists, my brother used to tease me asking, " Do you keep a list of all your lists?And their locations?"

  2. Hello! My name is HP...I'm a list maker.
    I even used Rawles idea for a "list of lists"! My husband, (Mr Business) once told me not to sweat not getting everything done on the list, you're not supposed to! (whew!) He says just keep working at your list and the next day, put everything that didn't get done on the next list. Oh, and don't forget to put something fun on each list too!

  3. My Mother, bless her soul, was a list maker and more so than you described. Me, not me. I don't like lists. They remind of the things I should be doing. OK, back on the couch. . . :-)

  4. List can be helpful sometimes.

  5. YOF is the list maker in this house. I like it though because when I find myself with a little time on my hands and want to do something useful, I can always count on him having a to do list on his desk. I might choose to do any item on the list, not necessarily the first one ...because it is HIS list and some of the items definitely require MANLY brawn. He keeps 'wish lists' too which are always useful around birthdays and holidays.

    : )

  6. I'm a listmaker too...I even have one posted on the side bar of blog to remind me that instead of being on the computer...I need to be working on my list. lol. I have a notebook now for all my lists....Things to do this weekend, things to buy people for Christmas, and a household maintenance list. I have list of groceries needed magnetized to the fridge, and a list started in my cell phone for when I can get home and not forget to put something on my list. lol

  7. I too, am a list maker. There, I've said it......Whew, I feel SO much better!!! I didn't start this list making thing until I bought the house. Back in those days, lists were necessary and invaluable. Then I ran out of disposable money, the lists kinda went to wish lists. And now, with all of these major projects in the works again, well, the lists of to-do has reared its head once more. It is fun to check off one thats is complete. At work, we went to a siminar about making lists of things to do during the day. The slogan was "Check it off, feel good!"

  8. I have tried to find a 12 step step program for list makers, but to no avail.

    We are on our own.

  9. And we need a Lista-non group for those of us that just LIVE with a list maker. But actually, I like it!