Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And the Beat Goes On

There sure are alot of things in the news these days that are disturbing me to no end.  With the elections around the corner fur is flying in every direction.  To bad that the only time it seems like all these issues are looked at (notice I said looked at and NOT addressed) are during the pre- election wave of "Look at me, I care" B.S.  

I'm sure everyone knows by now that Social Security recipient's  won't be getting a cost of living raise for the second year in a row.  Watch those b*#@rds in congress give themselves a raise though.  I would love to see just ONE of them try to live off the Social Security check that lots of folks make do with for just ONE year.  Now wouldn't that be an eye-opener!  

That is why some of us do the things we do to stretch a dollar.  That is the reason we try to grow some of our own foods.  We do everything we can to make ends meet.  Some folks can't do everything that others do but we all try our best to stretch that dollar to its breaking point.  Some of us are learning new skills, brushing off old ones and always looking for other ways to help us get by.

One of the reasons I follow so many blogs, especially the "prepper" oriented ones, are for tips, tricks, and new ideas on ways to make life a little easier.  I have learned tons of useful information from folks in the blogosphere.  I have also made many friends along the way. 

 Many of us will never meet in the "real" world but that doesn't make any of them less of a friend.  We all try to help out one another in lots of different ways.  I could go on and on about how the "online world" has touched me and made my life richer for it.  As a matter of fact, I just might do that very thing one day!  Heck, if I thought about it for any length of time there is probably a book in it somewhere. 

                           ~~ Hey... I'm Just Sayin'... ~~


  1. Aaaawwwwwww Sci!!!!!!! We all love you too!

  2. I like the on-line world better than the real world.

  3. Not sure I want the Nov. elections to get here. It appears that things look to get interesting after that, not that we need any more bad economic news. I agree many of us will never meet in the real world, and if I have to admit that makes me sad sometimes. I reference to hubby when cooking and doing something I've learned from you and Mush and like a little kid with a prized possession wish I could run down the road and show off my accomplishments. LOL You have been a wonderful friend and teacher. :)

  4. Aren't they at $174,000 a year for Congress and $225,000 for the Speaker of the House? Only job I can think of where not only can they vote to give themselves a raise, but also their performance.. (or even showing up to do their job) has zero relation to their pay.

    It is no wonder why they are so out of touch. It would be lovely if the next time they vote themselves a pay increase.. tacked on would be the provision that they now have to pay their own insurance coverage. I don't think there is a means to make them work.. it is an alien concept to them. (Although it would be hilarious if they didn't vote/ show up/ lame duck.. that they have to spend their holiday working as a laborer for habitat for humanity. Do your job.. or manual labor..)

    365 days in a year.. 2009 they were "scheduled" to work 137. Another fun fact.. a "pro forma session" is when 1 person from the House or Senate stays to "gavel in" and "gavel out" to count as being in session but no work of any sort is done. If that was done in any other business.. it would be bankrupt.. much like our country.

  5. Just saw that an earthquake was felt in your area! Is everything ok?