Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Day at the Lake

  We got a wild hair yesterday and decided to take a little drive. We have heard about a little lake around here just out of town and thought we would check it out. Mars had seen it on a google map.  Of course the easy thing to do would have been to ask Bud or Mushroom how to get out there.  So of course we didn't do that.  

Instead we headed out down Main Street until it was almost a country road. We never did see a sign for it.  So I stopped at a gas station/restaurant called (I kid you not ) The Pig out Palace! Hey, you can't make stuff like this up! We might have to try it one day just to say we did!  Anyway, I asked the girl in the gas station how to get out to the lake.  She looked at me kind of funny and told me she didn't really know if there WAS a lake, but maybe I should try the other end of town. I'm pretty sure she is from around here too.   I didn't know they let people who are that medicated handle money! 

   Anyway, I stopped in at the other station across the road and BINGO I got excellent directions from a friendly guy. I know I've said it before but folks in small towns sure seem  alot nicer than those from big cities.   Fifteen minutes later we were at the park!  It's a nice little place and its FREE!    I'm not used to free admission into lake parks so that is a big plus.  We didn't take BB (the dog) with us this time. She loves the water so much that sometimes it's hard to make her stay out of it, so I wanted to make sure it was "dog-friendly" before hauling her out and having to argue with her about being on a leash. Now we have a place to take her anytime and let her run and swim!  We had a nice day and I'm sure we will have a few more over the next few months!
Oh and the picture  is of some really friendly ducks that apparently hang out there. Next time I'll be sure to take some goodies for them.  Hmmm, on second thought that might not be a good idea.  I would sure hate for them to end up being a fast food meal for BB.
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  1. Nice lake. Always good to get somewhere just to recharge your batteries, so to speak. Nature has a way of doing that for me. My blog yesterday was about doing the same thing, went to a nearby state park for a few hours.