Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

  It is hard to believe it is already Memorial Day weekend.  Where in the world does time go?  It has been an interesting 3 months here at our host's homestead.  When we first got here the weather was still on the cold side and now its worked its way to hot.  Not as hot as Central Texas but enough to qualify as hot.  Especially the last week or so.  It's finally creeping into the low 90's some days.
  I'm feeling a little "homesick" this weekend as it has always been one for great BBQ with good friends.  Now that I think about it, we haven't had a cookout since we got here!  Weird for grilling has always been a weekend ritual. 
  I'm sure that the menfolk are glad that all those trees and treestumps  that had to be removed were done back in March. Sure wouldn't be a good time right now to have to do that sort of work! Neither would building the vegetable stand.  It won't be long now before some of the vegetables will be ready to begin harvesting.  The garden has really come back well after the hailstorm we had a few weeks ago. Most of the melons and some of the squash had to be replanted but it was still early enough in the season that it was still possible thank goodness.  Mars and John planted around 300 tomato plants and 300 pepper plants after the storm.  They are all looking pretty good.  Most everything recovered and is looking good.  It looks like our host's harvest should be a good one after all. 

  Mars is building a new rabbit hutch for the "dinner rabbits".  It's coming along well and is being made from mostly wood recycled from around the homestead.  I have to give the man kudo's for his carpenter skills. Of course he's got years of experience and knows what he is doing but I still find it fascinating to watch.  One day, soon I hope he will be using his skills on our own place. 

  I'm still waiting to hear about my disability checks.  Apparently there were some blood tests that Social Security didn't receive when I transferred my case from Texas to Oklahoma.  I had already had them sent to the Texas office but no one seems to know what happened to them during the transfer.  It really threw things back a bit as they are the most important determining factor in my case.  They couldn't locate my files in the computer.  Apparently, because my diagnoses was made back in 06, they were put into "hard" storage rather than into their computer.  The good news is that the files have been found and are in the process of being received and reviewed by Oklahoma.  Bureaucratic BS abounds.  It shouldn't be too much longer now.  I certainly hope not anyway as things are getting really tight here.  


  1. Wow lots is happening it has been ho-hum. Living in someone's else home and doing & being totally different is what it is. I am thankful so I'll leave it at that. Hope you have BBQ soon as well as some $$$!

  2. I hear ya! Time does seem to be traveling right by me at the speed of light, and it's hard to believe that it's almost JUNE! Oh, my gosh!

    I'm glad to hear that they found your paperwork :). I'm dealing with some Bureaucracy in TX right now, too, and I hear you about the BS abounding ;).

  3. Glad to hear the garden is recovering! I hope your disability stuff works out asap.

  4. Keep looking on the bright side, things will improve.

    See Ya.

  5. I'm so glad that your garden is recovering. Mother Nature knows what she's doing. lol. Hang in there your disability will come through, I'm sure.