Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hail From Hell

Thursday started off like any other day.  Unfortunately by late afternoon things took a decidedly bad turn.  A storm brewing on the horizon began to trek directly towards us here.  Strong wind and rain soon followed.  And then, the hail.  At first it wasn't really too bad (for hail anyway) just some pea size hail.  And then suddenly it morphed into a nightmare.  Golf ball size hail fell furiously for the next few minutes.  Mars and I were in the RV ,which took a pretty good pounding, just knowing that it was decimating the gardens.  And that it did.
John and Carrie lost alot of their garden. He thinks its wiped out.  I hope hes wrong.   I am trying to stay optimistic. Most all of the cold weather crops are gone.  The broccoli, cabbage, etc...  I feel horribly for them and can only hope that most of it will come back.  Everything took a beating.  We spent yesterday out there with scissors snipping off the broken branches and limbs.  I suppose we will know in the next week or so exactly how much will pull out of it.  I'm praying that the loss ratio will be less than what he expects.  I suppose it is in God's hands now.
I can't begin to say how deeply sorry I am that this has happened.  They have worked so hard and have had such high hopes for a productive crop this year.  And now... I don't know. 

One of the melon plants last week....

And today they all  pretty much look like this....(notice all the holes in the plasticulture)

The bell peppers before......

And after....

The tomato's......then

And now.....

I'm sure the beans and the all the varieties of peas will be ok. As to the rest?  I just don't know.
Oh and just for a little "added bonus" we were storing some of our things in a tent as this trailer is pretty small....

Notice the clothes on the line?  Yep.... they were in there too.
This picture was taken out our window... As you can see hail pretty much covered the ground.

I would ask that you all keep John and Carrie in your prayers as they try to recover from this devastating stroke of nature.


  1. Wow, I'm so sorry that this happened to you and your friends. We had hail a few weeks ago and David had just gotten his truck back from a new paint job. The hail didn't do much to his truck and I gritted my teeth as it hit my convertible top. Like I said, it didn't do much because it never got bigger than small marbles, but my imagination raced through the scenario that you are now living as I watched it come down. Again, I'm so sorry! Praying for you and yours. Look for your rainbow when you can wrap your head around this.

  2. Oh what a freaking shame! All that work on a farm can break your heart some times.
    On the optomistic front, OK has a nice long season and you could still get a lot out of the garden. We haven't even planted ours yet and only have until September.
    Hopefully, you can save some and start others over. Much good luck to you all!

  3. Definitely keeping them, and you in my thoughts and prayers.

    When I first saw PL's post on Facebook yesterday, my heart just about fell into my stomach. The feeling I got could be nothing compared to what they were feeling.

    I like you Sci, will remain optimistic that the devastation is not as bad as it seems right now.

    Hugs and prayers for you all

  4. Oh thats' just too bad! I'm so sorry about the losses! I saw pictures of fist size hail from that storm and also the pictures from (was it?) Choctow, OK where a tornado hit the Loves truckstop. At least you didn't loose buildings. Plants are a lot easier and cheaper to replace!

  5. Oh my goodness! I am sorry. Hang in there.


  6. Oh what a lose. Maybe they will come out of it. Plants are tuff. Keeping you guys in our prays.