Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Okie Heaven?

I was going to post yesterday but something my Mom used to tell me made me rethink it.  She always said if you don't have something nice to say....well then just don't say anything!  And so I didn't.  What a difference a day can make...

  Oh and just when you think old cowboys are all rough and tough....  they will turn around and bring you wildflowers. Pretty aren't they? 

    When we moved up here I opened a checking account over in Little Big Town.  No big deal really although they did want my drivers license and something to prove my address.  Ok , got it... no problem.  I recently received a letter from them which said that they didn't have the information on record and to please bring it in so they could have a copy.  Excuse me?  You had the information.  What happened to it?   Where did it go?  So now they expect me to rush right over and supply them the "required" information.  Needless to say I am in no hurry to do anything except move my paltry little account to another bank.  If they can't hold onto my information how the heck am I supposed to let them hold my freaking money?  GRRRRR

    John and Mars had helped the neighbors with some field work and helped load up a cow for market last month.  Today he comes to the door bearing what appears to be about 50 pounds of beef.  Man you just have to love country folks!  T-Bones, chuck roasts, arm roasts ,hamburger, sirloins and beef ribs.   Oh, and John tossed in a fryer rabbit as well.After watching "Food, Inc." I feel much better knowing where all this actually came from.  If you haven't seen it- you really should.  I've also got a couple of dozen fresh eggs in the fridge.  I've been wanting to make a pound cake with a recipe I got from MMPaints  Man,  I think we died and ended up in Okie heaven!!!

I made spaghetti and meatballs last night for dinner.  I cooked the sauce all day and I have to say it turned out to be some of the best I've ever made.  Sorry I don't have a recipe though.... it just sort of evolved into a good thing.  Served with fresh spinach and garlic toast it was wonderful. 

Mars has built us a smoker.  We are both really into outdoor cooking and have been missing the old smoker we left back in Texas.  I've got some pictures and will get them posted soon.  Pretty ingenious actually!  I can't wait to show ya'll!


  1. All day is how long it takes to make good spaghetti sauce!

  2. Yep...ditch the bank! I had to do an inspection on a bank last week. Scared the crap out of me. The offices looked like they were occupied by a bunch of people with "hoarder" issues. There was paper and just "stuff" all over the desks, chairs and floors....piles of it.

    Good for you about getting some "real" meat. :)

    I have a pound of "real" ground beef and I'm thinking of making some spagetti sauce with it.

  3. I've seen Food Inc. I thought it was very interesting. I recommend it to everyone that I know.

  4. The beef is for both family's so don't eat it all..........LOL

  5. Thanks for stopping by everyone!
    Anon.. yep good sauce takes all day.
    Tango... bank ditched!
    SFG- your right everyone should watch that movie.
    PL No worries...I was just happy to "see" beef! :)

  6. Ya know, PL what a total ass you are! I wish folks knew exactly what sort of person you are. As for that beef... we got 2 steaks and 3 lbs of hamburger out of it. And the garden? Not enough to make a decent sized salad. And after all the work that Mars did for you? I know you feel no shame over it. A sociopath never does.