Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rabbits and Stuff

Miss Kitty made her first successful rabbit hunt yesterday.  She brought up a 3-4 week old jack rabbit to the yard.  Mars took it away from her but it was to late.... she had already played it to death.  The noise that cat made until he gave it back to her was pretty impressive.  Now if she could just up the size on the rabbits she brings home we could be in business!  Speaking of rabbits, Mars has been "remodeling" one of the hutches for John.  One of the girls is getting ready to kit soon and needed her own place.  So he is building new doors and nesting boxes on the hutch.   All the material is recycled from around here so the only cost on the project is his time.  It's looking good don't ya think?

Have you been cooking with your long term food storage much lately?  Once in awhile I like to just check it out and see what I can come up with.  Last night we had a great Pasta Salad.  The one "fresh" ingredient used were radishes from the little "herb" garden and a bit of onion bought in Little Big Town.
All other veggies were from my dehydrated stash.  Carrots, celery, tomato's, and green peppers. A 5 ounce can of chunked ham, some baby shell pasta and a bit of ranch dressing.  I will definitely be making this one again.  So what is one of your go-to meals from your long term food storage?

I recently became aware that thrift stores in different parts of the country vary greatly.  Mars and I are both avid readers. Him more so than me.  The man can zip through 300 pages in a day easily. And once a book is read he won't ever read it again.  Yes, he retains things well.  Anyway, I have always used thrift stores as one outlet to "feed the book beast".  Until now.  I was in Little Big Town and finally located a couple of thrift stores.  Imagine my surprise when I found first of all that there aren't many used books to be found and secondly that they price books differently here.  I have a few thoughts on that but most are pretty much better kept to myself.  Wouldn't want to offend the locals!  I found a few books and went to the counter to ask how much they wanted for them.  The man told me that the Big books were $2.00, the medium sized books (novels...etc) were $.50 and the little books were $.25.  WTH?  They price books by the thickness?  I suppose there are things in this world I may never understand and this is definitely one of them.


  1. Rabbits make wonderful PETS and should live inside protected from the elements and cats!

  2. For books, if you haven't tried it, let me turn you on to www.paperbackswap.com. It can be pricey, because you have to pay for postage to send books (to get credits), but it's nice because the books just come to you, and I've found a lot of out-of-print and hard to find titles there. I'm not a fan of computer reading, but if you (or Mars) are, you might also check out the Gutenberg project. It's good for "free" books. I know what you mean, though. I still haven't figured out how they price books up here at the thrift stores ;).

    The rabbit cage is awesome! Our "babies" are just about ready to harvest, and then, we'll probably put the doe and buck back together, which will be A-OK with them - judging by how they eyeball each other when one or the other is out of the hutch and exploring the yard ;).

  3. The hutch looks good, Mars is doing an awesome job.

    I'm thinking that your anonymous commenter up there missed the part where you said it was a Jack Rabbit, therefore making it a creature of the wild and not a common pet. Either that or they don't know the difference.

    On that note, anon, not all people raise rabbits as pets, some people raise them for food in the same way cattle, sheep, goats etc. are raised. They also use the fur for lining boots and gloves.

    Now before I get jumped on for being an animal hater, not a chance. I love animals. I absolutely hate to see them killed for sport.
    I do understand however that people need to eat and raising or hunting animals for food is ok with me.

    Oh Hell, sorry Sci, your blog, not mine. My bad for rambling yet again, forgive me? ;)


  4. Anon... Nature will do what nature does. If you want to try and save the jack rabbits of the world then I wish you luck.

    Wendy...Thanks for the book suggestions. I will be sure to check them out. LOL @ your pair "eyeballing" one another!!

    Nice rant Fel! Anytime my friend!

  5. Wabbit house looks great.

    I find that garage sales are a good source for books, as E bay. I to love to read. Have bought books in lots off e bay, and once read sold them back on e bay as ones or two's.

    See Ya

  6. you think they would at least put a name to their comments... I dislike people that want to leave nasty comments but afraid to use their name. Anyhow.... love the rabbit hutch. Most of our babies are old enough to sell and no new babies for at least 27 days. I have some books I would love to pass on if you will share your mailing addy I will send them media mail to you. You can pass them on to others if you want.

  7. Nice hutch!
    I read a lot too. What me and some friends do is once we find a book, whether it be at a yard sale or thrift store, we read it, sign our names and city on the back page. Then, we give it away. Then that person does the same. I have had books all the way from Florida! Keep it going. It's interesting to know where the book has been.

  8. Good for Miss Kitty, Sci. I think she was protesting more on principle than anything. She did, after all, snag the little furry beast herself! LOL

    We eat something or other from the stores most days because when we buy, we add it to stores and use the older stuff first. But we ate from the garden the last two nights. We had fresh potatoes and onions with our supper Sunday night and fresh green beans from the garden last night. Fresh is best!

  9. The cat was saying, "It's mine. Give it back. Go get your own." I think a cat got a chick I left untended for a moment. That is what cats do, eat chicks and baby bunnies.