Friday, May 14, 2010

Acts of Kindness

You know, I still find it amazing that in this virtual world we are lucky enough to find friends, acquaintances, and like minded people.  In this way I have been blessed.  I have "met" people from all walks of life and for the most part have been blessed by that.  Not that the virtual one doesn't have its share of ugliness and pettiness.  I suppose that is to be expected as well.
There have been many people that I have never met (and probably never will) who have deeply touched my life and my thoughts.  Others who have reached out with a kind word and a  (((Hug)))) when I needed one most. Folks who's words of encouragement have given me back my optimism about life.  I have been lucky enough to meet some of these people in person as well.  I have never been disappointed in meeting any of them.
Some of you know that we are currently staying at the Pioneer Living Homestead.  Their hospitality has been a blessing for us.  You can't find folks more down to earth than J&C. They have found their "place in the dirt".  And that is our ultimate goal as well. To find our own piece of dirt and our version of the American Dream.
That dream, for us, is a large one but not all that complicated really.  Just a piece of land where we can raise a few chickens and rabbits, grow a garden to sustain ourselves and grow new roots.  Neither Mars nor myself have grandiose ideas.  We are just fine living in our little RV especially if it were sitting on our own little piece of land.  Which brings me back to where I started this post.
A friend from the American Preppers Network chat room did an amazing thing for us last week.  Now first let me say that we have never actually met in person although I hope to someday soon.  We have been looking online for property for months and months now and found some land that we wanted to go look at.  Due to a shortage of funds at the moment we aren't able to go and look at it just yet.  Well, to my surprise and delight MapDude and his wonderful wife CntryJewell volunteered to make a drive and go look at the property for us!  They took tons of pictures and looked over the land as if they were the ones interested in it... Asked all sorts of questions of the realtor and gave us honest opinions on what they had seen.  Now let me ask you this.... Just how many people do you know that would do that for someone they had never even met?
And then there is my buddy Wolfe.  He's a computer whiz and a wonderful web designer.  This man has been volunteering his time and knowledge helping me start a website out of the goodness of his heart. I haven't been working on it lately but I know that when I am ready to move forward with it he will be there for me and will do what he can to help me be successful.  We will probably never meet in person as he and his lovely wife InnerRain live in Canada but I am proud to call them friends.

I have made real friends in this virtual world and feel blessed to have done so. There are so many that to name them all would be difficult.  I have learned much in the time I have been online and continue to meet wonderful unselfish people.  There are some who don't even know how much I admire and respect them and the things they share with us all on their blogs.  And so to all my "virtual" friends and acquaintances...  I just want to say.... Thank you for being there as well as here in my heart. I am truly lucky to know you all.


  1. They are great aren't they? I wouldn't trade any of them or you for anything in the world.
    When I tell y'all that you're more like family than friends, I mean it.

    Sci, you are an amazing person, you and Mars will find your special place in the sun, I just know it. :)

    I need to go fix my mascara now before I go to work. ;)

    Hugs to you, my friend

  2. Well I have to say I almost choked up. I love talking with ya in the chat room and am so blessed to have found you and many others. Anyone that can put up with all my questions whether I truly know the answers or not has my deepest respect. You have taken away some of my fears about the future and the knowledge you pass on is priceless. We will all meet up someday, if not in this life, maybe the next. You will get your land and a little piece of the pie.

  3. Awww you didnt have to say all those nice things about me. Uh oh... wrong blog..oops never mind :)

  4. The right online community is a wonderful thing. I too, have had my faith in people restored by the friends I have met. The worst thing about possibly having now electric in the future is not hearing from all of these friends and knowing they are alright.
    You'll have your own little place,when the time is right, I have faith in that.

  5. {{{ SciFiChick }}} You are more than welcome! =) MapDude and I have been where you are...trying to find a home and not being anywhere close to being able to go see properties on our own. Out of state property hunting sucks! So if we are any kind of help at all in getting you guys settled in then it's worth it! =)

  6. That is how I feel too! I love my new friends that I have made on here. Like you, I also feel like a big family. You are one of my many sisters. And, I'm glad to call you that.

  7. I've met some of my best and dearest friends online, hell I even met my wife online 12 years ago. Today I am actually heading to Kentucky to meet some people from Backwoods Home (and her blog) and stay the weekend. We aren't leaving here till around 6am but I've been up since 4 lol.