Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Adventures and a Sunbeam Mixer

Well if you can believe it Mars actually went into Little Big Town with me today!  I think he's been off the Pioneer Living Homestead two times now since we have been here.  He's quite comfortable not dealing with the stores and the people and the traffic and such.  Like there is any traffic here!

I was once again reminded how different our lives are now.  I can with all honesty say that I don't miss Big Town one bit.  The hustle and bustle, all the crowded stores, the traffic that even during mid day is oppressive to say the least. The chemtrails that lace the skies daily there are more uncommon here.  Oh they are still here- but not every single day with layers upon layers raining down whatever poison they are spewing. We both are breathing better here as well.

We stopped in a Little Little town on the way to L.B.T. and had lunch at a little cafe.  Special of the day... Chili Dog (homemade chili with cheese and onions) with Fries and a drink.  $3.49 Not bad huh?  This is the first time we have been  "out" to eat since we came back up here from Texas. While we were sitting there watching the locals and enjoying a meal neither of us had a hand in cooking, we ran out of tea.

Oh and I don't know about where you are but where I'm from they don't ask if you want sweet tea or unsweet. It's unsweet and you add your own sugar. Here they actually asked!  I thought it was "interesting".  Anyway, I digress (again) .  The cafe started picking up while we were sitting there.  We ran out of tea and the waitress was busy.  I walked up to the counter with our glasses to see about getting a couple of refills, holding both glasses in one hand.  And NO not by the tops - by the bottoms.  Well out of the blue the lady at the counter asked me if I might be looking for some part time work. I guess I must have looked at her a little oddly because she said  "I see the way you carry glasses.... we could use a waitress who had some experience".  Apparently there is a shortage of "seasoned" waitress's in Little Little Town.  But then again there seemed to be a lack of customers as well!!  First time I've ever been offered a job I wasn't looking for.  And all because I can carry a couple of glasses!  Yet another reason to love small town living.  Oh and least I forget... I was wearing one of my customary Texas Longhorn tee shirts on top of it all!  These Okies are pretty cool.
We got into Little Big Town just after noon and drove over to the other side of town  (insert snicker here-took all of five minutes) to have one of our propane tanks filled. Between heating water on the stove and all the baking I have been doing lately we cruised right through that bottle in just under 3 months. The only reason I mention it is that in Big Town that same bottle would have lasted all summer.  Anyway,  we pull up and wouldn't you know it... they closed at noon!  We had missed it by about 15 minutes.  No worries though.  I told Mars I would just have to get it the next time I went to town.  About that time a guy walks up to see if he can help us.  I guess he works for the guy that owns the place.  No problem he says. "If you have the exact $$ I can fill it for you but the cash drawer is closed".  Amazing! And I'm still wearing my UT tee shirt too...

The only other thing on our to do list was to check out the thrift store for some books for Mars.  He's already gone through the last 5. Well as luck would have it I spied a garage sale, hit the brakes and went to check it out.  End result - Box of Books $3.00. Oh and that really cool old Sunbeam mixer in the picture?  $2.00 and it works great!  I just couldn't help myself.  I have always wanted one and so now there is one more appliance to find a place for in this tiny RV!

So for some this may have been just another trip to town, but for us it was a great adventure day!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time. From the picture of that mixer, it looks like an older model which is good, they were made much better with little or no plastic, not like the models out there now. Cudos to you my friend.

  2. that is what I call a perfect day!! I love the mixer too

  3. I like this post for a few reasons. first of all , the mixer is cool! I bet it sucks the electricity though. Second of all , it was really funny when you said that about the tea. I was just at a so called Texas BBq place here Temecula and the ribs was good and real Texas style. but I asked them for tea and as she walked away I said " umm u do serve sweet tea dont you?" HA, she said" we dont have any sweet tea." I said do you got sugar? and we figured out how to make it between the both of us. Now if your in the south especially anywhere east of east Texas. Tea is sweet tea and you have to ask for it unsweetend if you are diabetic. So funny how little things are standards even in our mix of a country.

  4. Sounds like an awesome day. :) Good deal on the books and mixer.

    I wanna know, did you take the job? :D


  5. I'm with Felinae...did you take the job? =) (PS Mapdude wants to know too)

  6. I love sweet tea off the menu. It reminds me of my grandmother's tea. You know the kind... a little tea with your sugar? Mom had a Sunbeam mixer like that one. What a deal you made! It was an important part in my learning how to bake. I hope you guys are recovering from the recent bad weather. Eat a chili dog for me and please, please drink some sugar-sweetened tea, too. I can have none of it for a while. No worries. Take care, woman!
    P.S. Isn't it nice to be wanted?

  7. Two bucks for that mixer?!!
    I'll give ya five and pay for the shipping.

    I have always wanted one of those too.

    Smokin' deal, new, they are over two fifty large.

  8. Helluva $5 score-- and all in a U.T. t-shirt! VERY nice trip, I'd say! HA!

  9. LOL....I know the feeling. It took me four hours to re-arrange my entire kitchen in my trailer to fit a small toaster oven in last year.
    Good job on the deals :)

  10. Sharon its definitely old one. And yes its one of the old metal made ones!

    Peggy your right... It was a great day. Sometimes I suppose we all just need to slow down and be happy with what we are given that day.

    OGT my friend I am not at all surprised you saw the nuances in the sweet tea!

    Fel and Jewels (and Map) the offer was declined with an option for another chance later on. (wink)

    Ginger I so know what you mean about the memories of that old Sunbeam. I have so many... the best one of course is getting to lick the beater...:D

    Busted....tell ya what we could talk a trade... I seem to recall some pyrex you recently brought back into your life. :)

    Cygnus, Sir, I thought that you above many who visit here would understand the importance of that shirt... being a fellow Texan in a strange land. Hehe

    Tango... there is never enough room and always something that has to be "moved to fit" isn't there? Gotta love RV living!

    Thank you one and all for stopping in and taking the time to chat a bit. You guys make my day!

  11. Sounds like a great day! And you guys made out like bandits at the yardsale. lol