Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hand Knit Wool Socks, Bisrolls, and No Bake Cookies oh my...

  Well, around that time I went through a "down" period.  You know the ones right?  I was having a case of the blues that I couldn't seem to shake.  And so this dear sweet lady decided that she would make those socks for me to lift my spirits a little. Is that not one of the nicest things you ever heard? I have not met Mushroom in person yet but I am looking forward to spending some time with her someday soon.  I am happy to have met her and even happier to call her my friend.  Thanks for brightening my day and more importantly for brightening my life Mushroom.

  Some of you know that I cheat when I make bread.  I have a bread machine and I use it all the time.  I have caught alot of static about my machine but  decided awhile back that I don't care!  I have been using it for a year now and if my memory serves me correctly I have bought store bought bread only twice. Both of those were purchased while in the middle of moving. Well yesterday I had a loaf in the machine and then...tragedy struck!  A power surge caused the dang machine to stop and then it wouldn't reset. Now I know I could have dumped it out and finished the bread by hand but it was already past its second rise when it decided to "reset" itself to start again.  Anyway, not to be discouraged, and not wanting to have the oven fired up for the 40-45 minutes it would have taken to bake a loaf, I improvised. They turned out kind of like a cross between biscuits and rolls.  They tasted fine but didn't "rise" to the occasion.  I think I will call them Bisrolls!

  In keeping with the theme of not wanting to heat up the trailer I made some No Bake Cookies as well.  Its the first time I have made them and I was pleased with the outcome.  Even without having wax paper they turned out pretty good.  Another recipe for my rotation!
If anyone has any No Bake "sweet" recipes they would like to share they would be appreciated this summer! It's officially to hot to bake.


  1. What an angel to send you those pretty purple socks.
    I love the no bake cookies. We make them each year at Christmas.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. my family adores "no bake" cookies. I have tossed in a handfull of coconut or raisins and people went nuts over them....they are good and quick. I make about 50 dozen or more at holiday time.

  3. Ohhh, no bake cookies. I LOVE those things far too much and had forgotten they existed after having forced myself to stop eating them ages ago. Now look what you've done! Ha!

    How wonderful for a fellow knitter to lift your spirits in the most knitterly way! Thanks for sharing your story--even as my hips expand just *thinking* about luscious no bake cookies.

  4. Forgot to say: I use my bread machine all the time! I wore one out and have a second, identical one going about every third day. We NEVER buy bread any more. There's no way bread will rise for me EXCEPT in the bread machine because my house is too cold or something.

  5. OK I have no idea where the first paragraph of this post disappeared to... I feel foolish (nice way of saying wth) But No Bake Cookies Rock!! lollllllll