Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Slightest Ripple

We have been working on a deal to buy a diesel truck capable of pulling our 5th wheel. The old man that owns it is ready to move back to Montana to be with his family. He also had his RV up for sale. He wanted 3k for the truck and 5 k for the 5th wheel. Hubby made a deal with him as the old man has no clue as to how he is going to sell the RV. Anything over the 5k we split. So I listed it on Craigslist. Multiple postings every week....the old mans phone starts ringing. I am happy to say that yesterday he sold the RV for $9000. Which with the money we have already given him makes the truck OURS!!!! Granted it still needs some work and we still have to tag it, register it, and get the insurance. But hey? That's not a big deal. We can now pull the trailer outta here if necessary!! And that was the plan!! We plan to sell my old van for a few hundred bucks and use that money to get the truck on the road.

DH and I have been talking alot lately about the state of unrest so many of us are feeling these days. We have made a decision to plant alot more than just the new garden space this year.

I have always been a nut for flowers and a pretty yard. My profile pic here is a picture from last summer. By that time the big flower bed had been confiscated for tomato's. This year due to the ever increasing gloom and doom , I told him that if he wanted he could plow it all under and plant veggies. I ment it. Of course we won't go to that extreme but I have decided to use every plant container we own to grow something in this year.

I have signed up for an online canning class ( just waiting for an email confirmation ) and will become a canning fool this summer. I am also going to learn to can meat and learn to dehydrate foods. As they say in Texas Holdem.... I'm all in!

I've come to realize over the years that plans are fluid. They can change at the slightest ripple of wind. Not so much most of the time to even notice the change. A re-arrangement of sorts. A stretching and bending , expanding and constricting with the flow of life, restructure of the old if you will.

I feel the winds of change coming. I can almost touch it. I feel it that strongly at times. At times like these I find it a good time to re-examine where everything stands in my personal life. To recognize the nuances and adjust plans to the liquidity of life's ever evolving, everchanging plan.


  1. Cool deal! I'm all for bigger gardens too. Do you have a pressure canner yet?

  2. This is a beautiful post SciFiChick! I like the idea that plans are fluid and I also like the idea of instead of getting freaked out by the winds of change - we must learn to bend and stretch! Also I am so glad that your neighbour was able to sell his RV for such a good price - and glad that he can get back home to his family! Also glad that you and hubby helped him out! And terrifically happy that you got a truck pretty much for free - woohoo for you both!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words Kymber! It is truly a blessing for all three of us here.

    HP I am planning on buying the canner soon. I've been saving change for over a year now and have almost 3 coffee cans full. I plan to take them down to the bank and cash it in. Any thing over the cost of the canner will be going into jars and lids.

  4. Right On!
    Nice score on the truck!

    As fer plans, as someone famous said one time, all the plans in the world go out the window at the first contact with the enemy, paraphrased.

    Go with the flow and do what ya can. Congrats.


  5. Thanks Busted! How true!

    HP My canner should be here any day...16 quart cost including tax...$53.59
    I'm doing a happy dance!