Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well I have missed a few days of work due to this awful cold. I just haven't felt like doing much of anything. I'm so glad to be feeling better. :) It's back to work tomorrow. Missing 5 days work is gonna put us back a bit but we will be fine.

The new Alex Jones movie has been released. " The Obama Deception" It is eye-opening and down right scary. I think this is one of the most MUST SEE movie out there right now.

Then we have the HR 875 legislation whose broad language could actually make gardening or raising chickens or rabbits or whatever illegal. I have so much to say on that I don't know where to begin for today....I won't.

I have been doing alot of reading during my time off. Maybe too much. I am overwhelmed with all the things going on in our country and around the world. It seems that things are moving faster and faster and the direction doesn't look good.

So here's what I think I'm gonna do. I'm going to continue to prep. That's it. We have been given the opportunity of seeing into the future and it's not looking good.


  1. Feel getter SiFi. There's a lot of it around.

    Oh my, where to begin. There is so much coming against us. I think the main thing to keep in mind is a much removal from reliance on the system as possible. You're on the right course. Stay it!

  2. I undestand that it's about hours till the movie will have the subtitle(in english - first)!

  3. Sorry about that.... the page has moved Anon... I will post another. Thanks for the info