Monday, March 23, 2009

The Garden is In

It's official! The garden is in. Still need my banana peppers and the bell's. No big deal. We put alot of seeds in so we have to make sure to keep the ground moist enough for germination. With the severe drought we have been in this is going to take alot of a attention. We do have well water so it won't be so hard on us waterwise. Thing is .... the wind has been blowing hard for the last two days. Gusts up to 40 mph comming from the south southeast.
So the trick now is to keep the ground moist enough so as not to have the seeds uncovered. As an example, spinach is planted at 1/4". In dry soil that would have been blow away yesterday. We are going to have to really watch the moisture level so as not to under or overwater. But watch it we will! It's only a little bump at the first of spring...There will be garden drama all summer long. It's to be expected. Stay Tuned!

Oh say hello to my poker dog! She was a pound puppy. Catahula Cur and a smart sweet-tempered baby. Her name is B.B. cause the little card on the cage said black and blue. You can't see it here but shes got a bit of a mereled coat. Most people don't know what breed she is. They look at her head shape and think pit bull. I assure you she is not. I gave the kittys a pic so I thought I outta give her a staring role too!!

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  1. So glad that you got your garden in! and will keep my fingers crossed that your seeds don't get uncovered! B.B. is gorgeous!!!!