Thursday, April 2, 2009

Make An Offer On Mason Jars

I saw an ad today on Craigslist today.

Make offer on Mason and Kerr canning jars. Too many to count. Three different sizes available. Email or call Teri for more details at ...

Nice old couple who live in what used to be the country. (Progress you know) They have a really nice place.

Anyway, back to the acquisition of said jars. I called and spoke for a few minutes with the lady. She used to can for a one acre garden so she had tons of them.
She didn't really know how many she had or what to ask for them. I told her the going prices around here for new ones with rings and lids. Which is 7.44 for wide mouth pints and $9.88 for quarts. I could prolly have fudged about it...but...ya know.... I'm just sayin...

Anyway we agreed on 5 bucks a case on both sizes. So I drive out there ( bout 20 miles away ) Such a nice old couple. They have been living there for over 40 years. 30 acres of black dirt land.
She was out by the barn with her DH sorting and boxing up the jars. She told me that she hadn't realized how dirty they were and so since I would have to wash them she would take 4 bucks a case. LOL Like I don't have to wash them anyway!!

I am happy to report that I now am the proud owner of 10 cases of canning jars.

So for $40.00 we now have another 3-4 cases of pint jars and the rest are quarts. I wish I had had more cash on me. I swear I probably only bought about 1/3 of what she had. She did tell me if I wanted more just stop by and get them. Her daughter listed them on Craigslist today... I'm pretty sure they won't be there by tomorrow night. Such is life.

To top the day off the DH and I sat out by the garden and admired God's handiwork. Everything is starting to come in. Lot's of little rows of new life. How cool is it to see all those lil seeds take root and push up towards the sunlight.


  1. What an incredible deal you got SFC!!! Woohoo for you! I am so happy! Hey - I got my email from the online canning course today - did you get yours yet?

    And hey - did you see Rubies awesome post on Queen Anne's Lace over at the Nova Scotia Preppers Network? She did an awesome job!

  2. hey there ,what a great buy you got wish we could find some solar pannels cheap.
    nice post

  3. Thanks for stoppin' in soldierman. I will put you on my "wish list" as it were.

    Kymer thanks and YES!!
    I am about half way thru the class. I've been working all week...but I'm off for the next two days. I will be trying to get as much done as I can.

  4. OMG you lucky thing! I have just purchased some, they cost an arm and a leg here and then add freight lol.

    Can't wait to see what you fill them with!