Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Garden and HR875

Well it's official! Spring is here!! There's nothing like waving good bye to winter. Joe got the water plumbed to the garden today so we are another step closer to getting stuff in the ground. We went to the nursery ( we support our local organic nurseries) and picked up our goodies for the garden.

I about fell out when he asked me if we wanted more tomato's this year. As in "Do you want to put in more?" Last year was my first time to can tomato's. We had 6 Celebrity plants last year. I canned till I was glad I ran out of jars. (I just didn't go buy more lol) We also gave tomato's to friends and family until they quit saying yes when I asked if they wanted to take some home! So this year we will be doing 6 again.

We have decided on the following veggies. Tomato's, jalepeno's, serrano peppers, corn (just a little),yellow squash, okra, radish's, purple hull peas, pinto's, speckled beans, cantaloupe, spinach, and carrots. I'm going to have my work cut out for me this summer as I will be learning to can veggies, but I am oh so excited at learning. I have had people from the APN forums tell me about planting borage around the tomato's. They say it keeps those nasty lill green catapilars off the tomato's and it also is a bee attracter. I want to check into that. Heck I didn't know what borage was till yesterday.
I still don't have a canner. One of my neighbors said she might know someone who might be interested in selling hers. She's an older woman who no longer cans. So I will be looking into that.

Let me tell you what happened while we were at the nursery yesterday. We were at the register checking out and Joe asked the guy if he had heard of HR 875. I was shocked when he said he hadn't. I began to tell him just the basics ( as it pertains to the home gardener) and the look of growing shock on his face was almost priceless. It was as if a light went off in his head. I saw a sheeple become "enlightened". I want to do that again!

I thought ok - Let me try this again. I work with and around sheeple every day. So I went to work today and was telling one of my co-workers about the legislation. He was dumbfounded. He grew up gardening and it was apparent that this information upset him. He made me promise to bring him the information. He hasn't got a computer so I will be printing up some reading material for him tonite. He told me that if this were true he would be spreading the word to everyine he knows. I have found a way to help spread the news without having people look at me like I have on my foil hat.

And so now I have a new mission. I will spread this information to anyone who will listen. I started yesterday and will not stop until this legislation is stopped. Hopefully before it makes it out of committee.
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  1. Oh my darlin - YOU have a mission! If we all do what we can to spread the word, wake the sheeple, become more self-sufficient and find others like us - i believe we can change AND save the world!
    You go gurl!