Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Can Feel Spring In The Air

This is the first project Joe worked on today~

Well it's been a long but quite satisfying day. Work flew by ( which is always good!) and before I knew it I was clocking out! Stopped at the grocery store and bought another package of $3.99 lb T-Bones. I mean really..... It's a heck of a deal. And I am ALL about a good deal!

We are trying to help our elderly neighbor sell his RV. He doesnt have internet so I have listed his trailer for him on Craig's List. I didn't realize how you have to keep on top of that.
Joe volunteered to go give it a good wash. It looks wayyy better. I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow so I can post them on another ad.

Here's the best part of the day~~ We broke ground on the new garden site. Joe did the tilling and I played the rock hound. He will bringing in some good composted dirt tomorrow from down at the old barn. I'm SO EXCITED!!! There's a great pleasure in getting your hands in the dirt. Feeling spring yelling......I'M ALMOST HERE!

I hadn't thought about it much until today. I realized that the garden also gives me my flowerbeds back. How cool is that! That makes me one happy chick! No more tomato's n peppers where my flowers ought to be. LOL
I'm doing a happy dance. Live is good!

I sometimes have to remind myself of that. I get all caught up in the stuff going on in the world. We all do. It's good to step back from it all and just count the blessings that are in your life. I can moan and groan about how bad things are ....Or .... I can sit back , watch the sunset over that garden plot, and envision all those veggies.


  1. Oh i am envious.We wont be able to do any planting until after the 21st of May, thats when the last frost will hit. But i did start some Mesculin Mix in the house just so i can have something green :)

  2. good on you both for helping your neighbour!
    and i sooo hear you on getting your hands in the dirt - i must admit i am tad jealous as my gardens are still covered with snow! but soon soon soon i will be out there all day, getting my hands in dirt and watching delicious food grow!
    i got a bunch of seeds already started (using the ziploc method that MMPaints taught me) and gonna do a bunch more the rest of the weekend!