Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bacon And Eggs

The garden is in. Now comes the wait and see part. All we can do now is to watch nature's progress and help it out where we can.

The sky's have blessed us with sweet spring rain. Something we have not seen nearly of for the couple of years. Texas is in one of the worst droughts in recorded history. And so each and every time it rains it is a blessing.

I have set myself on a course this year to learn all I can about canning and all things related. I don't know how far I will get, or how good I will be at it , but that's not really the point is it?
I will be fine. There are too many people and too many places to turn to for help if I find myself overwhelmed. One thing I am not afraid of is to ask for help. Oh, and I signed up for a free online canning class. More to come on that when I know more.

I have made revisions to my food prepping agenda. I think it is the right choice.

I have decided to back down off my" prepared food" prepping for a couple of months ( unless of course there is the DEAL I just can't pass up! ) and focus on finding a canner and collecting jars and lids. Wait... what was I thinking! It's not backing off the food prepping....its going head on full steam ahead.
The canner and the jars will be with us for years, and as long as HR 875 doesn't put us out of buisness then these things are solid investments and will provide years of service to our food storage needs. Bacon and Eggs folks! How complicated can you make it?
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  1. Did you sign up for the one that Bullseye posted on the APN Public Forum??? I will get my butt over and sign up for it too!

  2. Yes Kymber I did. I was all it. A free canning class!!

  3. LOL! Get the foodshortageusa DVD's - they turned hubster into the canning KING! He freakin cans everything now!! I do the dehydrator and he cans - we r a crazy-ass couple!

  4. lmao excellent ... I will check that one out. I told the hubster that he was to be in charge of the fire part of all this....I'm a bit nervous about the canner.