Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writer's Block?

Sitting here this morning with my coffee, I watch the rain fall gently as I enjoy the fall colors out my window.  I love mornings like thisIt's quiet and just a little cool out but I am armed with coffee and my fuzzy slippers.  I tend to put the day on hold for just a bit longer on mornings like this.  

I've been avoiding talking about what all is going on in the world around us lately.  Not exactly like me to keep my mouth shut but things have escalated to such a ridiculous level that even if you only listen to your TV and radio you can't deny that things are a mess. A quick glance at the headlines would (and should) tell you that things are spiraling out of control.  I'm done with the preaching.  Tired of trying to tell folks they need to be preparing to take care of their families.  If you cannot now see what is in our future I am not convinced that I could make a difference anyway.  
So....  I find myself at a crossroad.  I have been struggling with the thought of shutting down this blog.  There are tons and tons of prepper sites out there these days with more information than I can give here. There are great homesteading blogs that can teach people more than I have the knowledge to do. It seems all I can do is repeat what I have said in the past. The good news is that there has been a real awakening around the country in the past couple of years.  It gives me a bit of hope that somehow folks ARE beginning to see where we are headed. As a matter of fact I was really happy to see an article on  the Drudge Report yesterday that there has been a huge rise in the number of folks who are beginning to become preppers.  

So the question is.... do I really want to quit blogging?  The answer is obviously no or I would have done so already.  From the number of posts I've made in the last 2-3 months it is obvious that my "passion" for writing has changed.  There have most certainly been other things that I have had to concentrate on around here.  Getting ready to "do winter" in an RV in NE Oklahoma is the focus right now.  And of course the homestead calls for daily attention.  Heaven knows there is always something that needs to be done around here.  Believe me, I am NOT complaining.  I think I am happier here than I've ever been.  It is a dream come true for me.  It just doesn't leave as much time for writing at the moment. As someone said in a comment recently winter is on the way and that will certainly leave more time for blogging. 

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  1. (((Sci)))

    Don't stop blogging, please! I'd miss you something terrible, you know I read you whenever you post. I don't always comment, because well you know me, I'm the quiet one in the corner with the cookies. ;)

    Winter is just around the corner and we all know the blogs pick up during that time. Take long breaks and take notes on what's going on around the farm, life, projects etc. Then when you come off break you'll have stuff to write about. Me? I can't do that, my life is boring as hell. I wonder if that is a good example, boring as hell? with some of the folks down there it might be kinda exciting.j/k LOL

    I enjoy your writing no matter the topic, so post what you want to when you want to. You could always turn your blog into a nice fluffy, blue blog with bunnies as a background. Just a thought. Hehehe :D

    I love ya, Sci, take care and tell Mars I said Hey.


  2. Awwwww (((Fel)))) I think I'm just "regrouping" right now. I can't imagine totally shutting this thing down even though I sometimes feel like I have nothing left to offer. Winter will be here soon and as you and others have said, things pick up. It's the time of year when the earth and her people take time to rest up from the past year and prepare for the coming one. Besides the weathers nasty and folks get bored! LOL
    You crack me up with the fluffy blue bunny blog! Can you see it? Uhmm..... LOL
    Oh and btw.... wait.. did you say cookies????
    Love ya Girl!

  3. Oh No! Don't quit blogging. I love reading on your site. I don't comment much, but love watching the progress you're making and so tickled your dreams have come true. Gives me motivation for when we make the big move. I miss you all in chat, but being timed-out all the time, I just gave up. I have learned so much from you and the gang and the great advice and the how to's for the poor preppers are price-less. Some people don't have money for the fancy preps and the frugal way you and Mars do things gives hope to me and others like us. I will keep checking and hope you'll be posting more in the winter. Like Fel, I'll be in the corner, only stealing a couple of her cookies (Chocolate chip I hope). Blessings to you both.

  4. I think a lot of us who blog or do a lot of posting go through this. It's especially hard when our focus is on one area of life like prepping. I'm feeling many times can you make the same information sound interesting? Am I really helping people?
    I think a break, or break-lite is in order...relax, post a few tidbits like recipes or grumbles and come back refreshed in the spring when you are ready to plant and grow the homestead. We LOVE your blog posts, so don't quit!

  5. You're just in a temporary blog funk, Sci will pass. How many people do you imagine are still at the 'dream stage' of living on their own homestead? Your dream come true gives them hope can't stop chronicling your adventures now! (no pressure)

    : )

  6. Shelly, I miss you in the chat room too. I've been having the same problems recently with it too. It warms my heart that anyone can take what is here and use it. Thanks for your kind words.

    HP, I'm sure it's just a "thing". You are so right! Sometimes you have to wonder just how many ways can you say something? Alot of prepping is repetitive. Heck most of it is. It's good (?) to know that I'm not alone on that! I'm so glad you are here to help keep me grounded and focused!

    HB, I LOVE YOU! I can always count on you for snapping me back to reality! lol@ no pressure

  7. Please don't quit blogging! People like me trying learn all this stuff need people like you to keep repeating it to keep us in the groove instead of falling back into that government run haze that envelops people telling us everything is ok. By the way did you hear what some BoFA exec. said the other day about the U.S. ratings more than likely being cut again by the end of November because the super committee probably won't get their act together by then. Everything coming from DC just stinks. There may be a lot of prepper blogs out there but I only follow a few with yours being one. :) Hang in there.

  8. Dear SciFi - the only thing that i can add to these comments is that i enjoy reading WHATEVER topic you choose to write about. the mere fact that you are now "homesteading" from an RV is of great interest to many of us. the mere fact that this is your first winter there - i am sure that alone will make up for some funny "SciFi Antics" posts.

    as the others have said, take a break if you need one. but my one piece of advice - i am no longer writing for an audience. i used to feel so pressured about writing for an audience and making sure that the subject matter was pertinent - now, on our blog, we just write what we want! and we get comments or not. i love comments - don't get me wrong - but i am not writing for comments. me and jam are just writing what we are doing and what we are interested in.

    and i still think that there is so much that you can help others with...and teach others. don't beat yourself up if you don't feel like writing for a few days or a week or a month. we all have you on our blogrolls - we'll know when a new post goes up. and we'll all check in.

    your friend,



  10. Didn't we just have this conversation? Just because you don't feel like you have anything to contribute anymore, every day is a learning experience, for us all. I can almost guarantee you do have a lot to give.

    You have to decide WHY you write your blog and if it isn't fulfilling that need, then don't do it. Simple. Well, it sounds simple...Just don't do something because you feel obligated too. Do it because you want to.

    I, for one, will miss you when you leave. Your stories, triumphs and failures are a great read and learning experience.

    Take care. I hope you stay warm and safe this weekend.

  11. Please stick with blogging! I enjoy your posts and find them very helpful, even though I seldom comment. I, too know what writers block is. Just look forward and see the people that enjoy your experiences.

  12. It doesn't take long to just jot down a couple of lines to let everyone know you OK. I like to hear what is going on at the homestead.

  13. I think you are living what most folks dream about and heck you've only been there less than a year. I bet this spring you will be busting out all over with what happens when dream meets reality.
    Prepping and survival are finally starting to go Mainstream. If you feel like you are repeating yourself on the daily blog link back to the old stuff and how youare taking on new challenges.
    Take some time off if you need it. I know it really helped me and now I'm going to try and do a post every other day. I know I started my blog to help folks out then I did it for me to rant and rave and now I hope to combine both ideas. I'm not noble, I did my blog to keep myself on track and focused. Plus you know these blogs will become a treasure trove in the future for historians.

  14. It doesn't matter that there are many people out there prepping with the same information if not better. What matters is you may be the only prepper anyone sees and learns from. It might all seem like repeat information and that is ok. I know when I repeat something I learn a little more each time.

    I didn't read the above comments. I don't like them to subconsciously influence what I want to write. I just found your blog and not only am I eager to read it but to get to know you a little through it. Blogging is personal to me. It is not just about the information but also the people behind it.

    Yes, things are escalating. I hope more start prepping. It will be that many less people that I won't have to be worried about that want my stuff. Hopefully that is. Then again I am a beginner with this.

    Hilltop Homestead

  15. All of us have a case of writers block from time to time, my friend!

    I always think of you as one of the strongt ones. Fun to read, supportive of others, and an example to us all!

    Only you can decide what's best, but for selfish reasons...I want to see you stay with us!

  16. Coley, It looks like we are going to be in for some truly interesting days in the near future doesn't it?

    Kymber I am SO glad you are back "in circulation" again! I've missed you and your eternal optimistic outlook so much. Thank you my friend for your kind words.

    LOL Sharon! OK!

    Aww Skippy... Dang it I know I'm repeating myself, it's just that I've been struggling with this and you know that I can't help but spill my guts here! :P Have a super weekend and I hope ya get to wear sweaters for the whole time!!

    LOL Dizzy! That's so funny.... sounded like my Dad there for a minute! " How long does it take to just let me know you are ok?" Thanks for stopping by...

    ASR you make some really good points.And who would have thought we would end up being "mainstream" a couple of years ago! LOL Go figure, right?

    Genevieve, I'm really glad you found my little neck of the woods.You know I hadn't thought about something you said, about maybe being one of the few blogs like this that some may see. Gives a different "slant" on things doesn't it? Tnank you!

  17. Don't make me come out there and deal with you. Weather is getting bad and when you are trapped inside for awhile you will need something to do. You don't always write what I like or agree with but I still read it. I am going to be watching so get busy girl! FK