Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I know it must seem I have faded off into the sunset lately, but I really am still here.  I've been kind of regrouping and getting over the heat of the summer while taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather.  We have been working on things around here and trying as best we can to get ready for winter. I've also been considering the path that this blog has taken and the path that I myself am on. Blogging had to take a backseat for awhile. To be honest I haven't quite known what to even write about anymore.  Burnout?  Maybe.

   Since the beginning of this blog my focus has mostly been on prepping for the uncertain future.  Lately I've had to do some serious thinking about the way things have changed for us.  Why? Because now my focus has turned in a bit of a different direction.  I haven't tossed in the "prepper towel" but am now having to do some serious adjustments.  Funny, I never even thought about the changes that would naturally have to take place once we finally got to our "destination".   I've been so focused on "getting there" I needed to take a little time to get it through my head that things will be forever different now.  A dream has been realized and a new stage of life has begun.  I know it sounds silly but .... there is a big difference in planning it and actually doing it.  Now, don't read anything more into that than there is.  I'm ecstatic to be on our land.  The prepping focus has naturally had to change a bit.  Heck my whole life has taken a "bit of a change"!! 

Some of you are probably thinking "Wow, It sure has taken her awhile to get used to the idea" but you have to realize how long it has taken to finally get here.  And once here all the things that had to be done so we could actually live here comfortably.  Without Mars it would have been impossible.  His being a "jack of all trades" has saved our butts tons of money we didn't have.  From fixing a well that had a pump stuck down about 80 feet and hooking up the water, digging ditches for the waterlines and installing them, wiring up the breaker box for the electricity and hardwiring to the house, locating the "lost septic tank" and getting the lines dug and hooked up, clearing land and tilling up garden spaces, and working on turning an old falling down structure into a real barn.
Things are settling down into a sort of a routine now that all that has been done.  Of course there are still at least a million other things to do, but I don't mind. We are finally on our own land and that is the most wonderful feeling in the world.
I guess what this post is really about is apologizing to you guys for not having posted more lately.  Sorry for the rambling ......

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  1. I have missed you a lot, because you are such an inspiration! But you don't have to be prepping to be an inspiration ! Knowing you have achieved your dream helps me have hope for mine.

  2. (((Sci)))
    Sittin' in the same boat you are, my friend. Prepping has been moved to the back burner and I haven't had much to say on my blog for quite some time now. :)

    I am happy that your dream became a reality, you sure deserved it that's for sure.

    Love and Hugs to you and Mars.

  3. SciFi - i couldn't be happier for you! and i can completely relate as we up and changed our lives only 10 months ago too! it has taken a while for me to believe that we are really here - it takes a while for that to sit in - especially when you are digging out wells and finding septic tanks and re-wiring - we have been through all of that too!

    don't feel pressured by the blog. i used to feel pressured about the networks and the forum and it is not a fun feeling. now on our home blog - i just have fun.

    oh and find that damn camera line thingy - i want pictures!!!

    oh and Felinae - if you come back and see this - i sent you an email and haven't heard back. am going over to your blog right now to leave a comment. i sure have missed you girl!

    Sci - i am just super thrilled for you and Mars. and you are a lucky duck to have such an awesome man!

    your friend,

  4. Hey, Sweet Lady, it's called life, and now you have a very busy one. We understand. Enjoy.

  5. It's funny that I just went through the same thing. I started my blog as a homesteading blog and soon it became a prepping one. Now I have redirected it back to what is was when I started. I think is has a lot to do with the time of year. During the winter we look for something to write about and really something to do so prepping is what take center stage. When good weather comes, we all get outside and start working on our homesteads and then that becomes center stage, plus we are burnt out on the prepping side of life.
    I am just now starting more projects that the summer heat kept me from doing. Prepping and surviving is no longer the main issue. I stayed depressed most of the time when prepping because it is a monster of a job and I always felt like I was not getting anywhere.
    So I say good for you to get out of that mind set and start homesteading.
    I look forward in reading more about y'all projects.

  6. Kris, thank you so much for your kind words. I just know you will do all you want to do.

    Fel, I can always count on you to just "know" what it is that I sometimes struggle to say. I'm not sure that I've exactly put prepping on the back burner, but am heading towards trying to use what I have learned now. It does feel funny though! Thank you for coming by today, my friend. You always make me smile!

    Kymber I am so glad that you are "back". I have missed you and your support. What a wonderful thing to find that you have reached your dream spot and are "putting it all to use". Boy, you are so right about getting things done. As for the blog, You are right. It IS supposed to be fun! And I'm still looking for the camera cord, I'm guessing its still in a box somewhere in all the chaos!!

    Steven, thank you so much for your kind words. Made me feel like I just got a wonderful hug from a friend!!

    MDR, Boy do you hit the nail on the head. There is much to be done and a lot depends on the weather. Summer, this year was brutal for sure. Now that it has turned the corner there is SO much to do! I can understand about prepping sometimes getting us down. It's not much fun when we let prepping become depressing. It's not supposed to be. I am still prepping, just prepping the homestead now. Thank you so much for stopping by today. What you say makes alot of sense to me.

  7. Now instead of prepping you are becoming self sufficient. Going from good to better. . .

  8. Oh SFC - you will stay on my blogroll whether your a prepper or a homesteader or if you blog once a week or once a month or once a year [Well, don't do the last one because then I would just worry.] We're all so happy for you that you realized your goal and love to hear all about it.

    Take care and we'll see ya' on the flipside.

  9. Hey Sci, don't think of it like you have stopped prepping, think of it as you are doing what you have been prepping for. LIFE!

  10. Dizzy, it is cool isn't it!!!

    Skippy, you always make me feel better bout "stuff". Thanks!

    SFG Amen Girl!!

    Thanks Chef, its good to be back!