Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Sales

I've been working on preps as I can around here.  I hope you all have too.  This time of year you can pick up some good deals if you just pay attention. And next month most of your baking stuff will be on sale too, take advantage of the seasons. 

I've been drying onions this week since they have been on sale.  We eat onions in most everything and it irks me to no end to 1)  be out of onions  and 2) pay close to a dollar a pound for them.  So when I can find them on sale I will chop them up and dry them.  I'm hoping we will grow some next year but until we do at least I know we won't be out of them.  I've had folks tell me that it was cheaper to just buy them dried but I don't know.  I can get 5 lbs of onions on sale for under two dollars and it will make almost a quart of dried minced onions.  I can't touch that price if buying it already done for me.  Besides, I'm cheap.... errr frugal... and I like to do it so for me it's a winning situation.

I don't know if you have heard it yet but Jiff peanut butter announced this past month that they are raising their prices by 30% real soon. Other companies said they will follow suit.   So if you are a peanut butter lover like we are here, you might want to try and stock up on some.  I got lucky this past weekend and hit a 12 hour sale that had good peanut butter on sale for .99c a jar.  Of course there was a limit of 4 on them but I didn't let that stop me from heading back a couple of times!  The biggest surprise was when I got to the register and the kid asks me if I had a coupon for them.  I asked him if I needed a coupon for them and he told me no, but that he had coupons that he'd been told to give to customers.  Long story short I was able to get those .99c jars for half that!  Two for a dollar with the coupons!  Peanut butter cookies anyone?? 

Another good deal I ran across was on bacon.  I don't know about where you are but around here bacon prices are through the roof.  Getting up to $4.00 a lb.  So when I saw that 10 lb box of nice looking bacon for $15.00 I knew I was going home with it.  LOL!  Now I wish I had been able to afford more of it! 

 Anyway...  the point is that if you get a chance to stock up, now is the time... get it while you can!  Food prices are soaring and will only go higher.  What you stock up on today will be sure to cost more in the coming days.  Get ready for it folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride.
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  1. great advice Sci....get out there and stock up on as much as possible! we have been doing the same. we have much higher prices up here to begin with so when you find a good deal - you spend every extra cent on that!

    haven't broken out the dehydrator yet this year but plan to soon. cuz we are cheap....er...frugal like you!

    your friend,

  2. Stocking up definitely seems to be the best advice by far. And lately there has been a lot of that going around. My hubby works as a department manager for grocery in a big box store and today he came home telling me that peanut butter was wiped out today. The problem for a lot of families today is finding the money to stock up. What can you do other than grow as much as possible.

  3. Nice job on the bacon and peanut butter. I wish we had those kind of sales here, but we don't. Sigh.

  4. I dried 3 pounds of onions, Got 5 pounds of mild cheddar to wax and scored on Beef sirloin $2.29 a pound. I got just over 11 pounds that I'll cut then freeze as steaks and a roast.
    Do you roll your bacon in paper or just roll it up and can it? I've used paper but I've read others that just roll the bacon and then can it.
    Huzzah my celery is growing out of the bulb I planted a couple of weeks ago. I'm so stoked about having fresh celery this winter and it's free!

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  6. Hey Sweetie,

    Thank you! I was wondering if it would be worth making my house smell like onions.. YUP!! Also, pumpkin is on sale right now, you can pressure can chunked winter squash, then when you want pie, just drain, mash and use. Yummy and CHEAP.
    Now if only butter would go on sale.

  7. I've dried celery, onions, peppers and mushrooms with my dehydrator. I'm ready for soup! And I dont have to worry if we happen to loose electricity (used to freeze the onions and peppers) or have them go bad before I can use them all. I want to get a solar oven. Do you have one?

  8. I concur on stocking up on peanut butter! And peanuts, too, if one has a grinder. From reports, there was a dismal peanut harvest this year, and I suspect there won't be much peanut butter in stores next spring.