Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Would You Say?

I'm getting really tired of the sun finally creeping up at almost 8 in the morning.  It just doesn't seem "right" to wake up and realize that the morning is already half over.  Of course there is always the other side of it too.  The sun doesn't set till just after 6 right now.  I always have trouble adjusting to the sun setting an hour earlier.  But even so, I'm always happy to see Daylight Saving Time come to an end.  So next weekend time will go back to normal and I for one will be happy  to set my clock back to  "regular" time.

  The North East got pounded with a freaky snowstorm that has dumped up to two feet of snow and bad weather on millions of people.  This is an unheard of thing to be happening so early in the year.  Millions of folks are out of power and they don't know when they will be back online.  Wow, I sure hope that folks were ready for it.  Those who have prepared for an emergency will be fine, but I can guarantee that most of those millions out of power WEREN'T ready.  THIS is one of the main reasons that folks sould be prepared.  Think about it.  Would you be able to stay warm in your home without electricity?  Would you have some sort of lighting?  Being cold AND dark sounds like it would really SUCK, ya know?  Would you be able to prepare a few meals?  Would you even have meals to prepare?

 I was chatting with a new prepper just last week who is struggling to get her husband to see that prepping is something they needed to be doing.  I know it is a prevelent problem among many preppers.  Those folks who know that they need to be doing something and yet their family (especially the "significant other")  can't or won't listen and just doesn't understand the need.  I always feel blessed that I have never had to deal with that situation.  Mar's has been "awake"  for years and for that I am grateful.  While chatting with this nice lady the other day she said that during hurricane Irene she had actually hoped that they would get hit with some of the weather, be out of power for a bit.  I know that sounds extremely odd to some people but I totally understood what she was saying.  If they were to actually "experience" an emergency situation then maybe she could make him understand how important it is to be prepared for a disaster. 
The reason I bring this up today of course is that monster of a storm that hit the North East last night.  I was thinking about this woman and wondering if they are going to be ok during all this.  I'm pretty sure that the "emergency" that she was hoping for is upon them now. The electric companies are saying that they have no idea when they will get the power back on for the millions of customers sitting in the dark.  And I wonder if that nice lady I was chatting with the other day is going to use this "weather event" to help her husband understand why she wants to be prepared.  And of course I wonder if this will be the "event" that will make him "Come over to the Prepper side". 

Another problem she said she was having was that if she bought something for "putting away" that the kids and the husband would eat it all up. I was joking with her and told her to start with basic bulk stuff like beans, rice, oats, sugar, flour...etc.  That way they are going to have to learn to cook if they want into the preps!  Maybe once they get used to seeing those bulk items in the pantry, an extra can of tuna or ham might just make it.  Having no experience with a partner who isn't into prepping I sometimes find myself at a loss as to what to tell them. 

I try so hard to make new preppers feel welcome in the chat rooms I go to.  Most all of us do.  The more who are prepared the fewer we will have to worry about later on.   I know she was new to prepping.  She had all the "earmarks" of a new prepper. The problem I have (and this is just me I'm sure) is that I never know exactly where to start.  Everyone is at a different "level" of understanding and I don't want to come off like a smart azz or a know it all. (Or like know nothing AT all) I feel like I have a responsibility to help if I can though.  I've seen people who come off like they know all the answers and actually scare off people who are interested or just beginning to prepare.  It makes me want to reach out and just smack them upside the head.  Folks who are just starting out are usually nervous, vulnerable and looking for a place to begin.  Personally, I think that I have a responsibility to help when I can, not "show off" and talk down to folks who are looking for answers. 
 I have a question for the folks out there that are already prepping.  How do you treat a new prepper?  Do you feel the need to kind of take them under your wing? Or do you just wish them the best and move on? 

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  1. I agree that we preppers have a responsibility to teach others. I won't be able to help them AFTER tshtf, so I'll do it now.
    We got 18" of snow in that storm and folks all around are without power and they say it may be a week before it's back on. I sit here, warm, lighted, content and don't have to worry about a thing because we PREPARED. What does it take for folks to wake up?

  2. My prep is my motor-home. I keep it filled with gas and water. There is canned and dry food in it and frozen and cold stuff in the refrigerator. Keep some cloths in it, too. That way, if something happens, we can stay in it or bug out in it, which ever is neccessary. Another good reason to be an RVer.

  3. I have better luck with the saving money angle rather than prepping. Almost everyone sees food prices rising almost weekly. So if you buy extra food on sale now you will be saving on food well into the future.
    I also use a $100.00 basics shopping list that can be done $20.00 at a time.

  4. Who in the world got 2 feet? I know there were many reports of 7-10 inches in New England [where they are better prepared for snow emergencies] but at no time did I see or read two feet on the East Coast. Wow.

    We received about 4 inches, which is unheard of in October, but the sun came out and all is melted.

    You make very good points about being prepared, but I would never wish a natural disaster on my family just to prove a point and "be right." [as your friend wished.] Then again, that's just me.

  5. I was taught through the 12 Step Program that when the hand reaches out that I am responsible. For me that means when someone needs help to help themselves and reaches out it is up to me to reach back. Both ends are blessed as a result.

    I am still very new to prepping mostly. I feel the best way to start is just plain and simply to start. Who cares where? Sure there are things that are more important than other. I feel eventually if you continue prepping you will get around to them all.

    I have friends on the east coast that are out of power. I pray they all were prepared to handle the situations before them. Two years ago we lost power down here in Texas. Our house is all electric and we don't have any other way of heating. Thank God I had a Swedish alcohol camp stove and we layered up. It got a bit cold but we made it through. Lessons learned for the future.

  6. I AM a new-ish prepper...and from this side, it's daunting. I say "new-ish" because I have done something akin to prepping ever since I started buying my own groceries - I have always tried to have a few weeks to a month's worth of food on hand, if only because my employment has always been patchy at best and I never knew when I wouldn't have grocery money.

    I've been asked exactly once about prepping, and I responded by explaining that I'm a beginner, so I don't know if I'm doing it right, but I'm trying to buy two of whatever we use/eat the most and putting one in the preps closet, and stocking up on dry good in bulk (rice is so much cheaper in a 20 pound bag!!) when I can. I look for BOGO sales, too. I was recently reminded that non-food items are important, too.

    I suppose it depends on what one is prepping for - a storm, or the end of the world? - and how much room one has. I'd like a room and some sturdy shelving, but the closet will do for now.

    It just makes sense to me to at least have something on hand for a few days of weather-related mayhem.

    There's my two cents, anyway.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  7. I don't know how successful I've ever been, but I try to let the one asking the questions determine the depth and scope of the answers. Some people just want to announce 'I'M a PREPPER' like it's a membership in a club or something ...they don't really want feedback or exchange of information. Others (my favorites) have a million questions and the simplest answer just leads to more questions. Those people are primed and ready and eager to learn. But I think that whether you've been prepping for two years or twenty, the best approach when talking to a newbie is along the lines of what Kyddryn said... 'I don't know if I'm doing it right, but...' followed by whatever advice you have on the topic at hand. What's RIGHT for me wouldn't necessarily be RIGHT for anyone else. All of our situations differ, all of our resources differ, even our temperaments and skill sets differ. So logical steps for ME and Yeoldfurt might make no sense at all for someone else.

    But I also like what Genevieve said, 'the best way to start is just plain and simply to start.' It's so simple, it's profound.

    : )

  8. HP, 18" is ALOT of snow! I know you guys are snug as a bug up there though. I've noticed more and more folks who are new to prepping around lately. With all that is in front of us I think some are finally starting to understand. We can hope, right?

    Dizzy you guys are ready, set, go... RV'ing has some serious advantages these days. I'm afraid ours has seen its last road trip though. Thanks for stopping by!

    ASR Good Point! These days money talks... (you know the rest) If you can get people to understand that they can actually save money it just might be easier for them to take the initative.

    Skippy, Girl where have you been?? It's been all over the radio here in the warm and sunny south! What a heck of a storm huh... Some folks are goring to be without power for a week or so is what we are hearing down this way. As to the girl I was chatting with I too thought it was a bit extreme. I actually told her that was one heck of a hard way to have to learn something, but it takes all kinds.

    Gena, I think you are so right. It doesn't really matter "where" you start, the thing is that you have know that you have to start somewhere. Take the first step and the second will follow.

    Kyddryn please don't let it overwhelm you. You've been a prepper for years, you just didn't know that's what it was called! It's all about being able to take care of yourself and your family if (when) things get tough. We just never know when the tough times are coming... so we try to get ready for them. You just keep doing what you are doing and know that if you need anything just holler, ok?

  9. Reports are 31" of snow in northern East Coast, so yes- it's a lot of snow. One of those interviewed actualy said, "We don't have any food in the house." If we get a real SHTF situation, this man and his family will be toast on someone's BBQ spit. I really don't feel a bit sorry for this person, or those like him. Seriously: it isn't as though they've never heard of preparing for disaster. Even the MSM have had numerous articles about being ready for bad episodes, and FEMA (damn them) even have 'prep' ideas on their sites.
    How to bring new people aboard is a conundrum simply because those who will, already are. Those who never will, never will. I've given up trying to convince people to be ready. They've seen the same signs I have and I will have no pity on any with whom I've spoken. Others will get a very slight nod of disaproval and sent on their merry hungry way.
    As to the season change... my body is totally screwed up during Daylight Savings Time. Until Standard time, my body does not function normally.
    On the previous "Why Do I Bother?' post... I've spent the summer rethinking the direction of my posts/blog, wondering about keeping it going or keeping on whining? Really: encouraging others to prep is trying to hold back eventuality. So, my thinking is as a journal or just something to sort thoughts on.
    Shy III

  10. All it takes sometimes to swing a person over to the "full pantry" side of to let the things like TP run out!

    Food is one thing, but creature comforts like people paper really drive home the point! Some folks catch on real quick in a situation like that!

  11. HB, I think so too...

    Shy, you bring up some good points. When the MSM is telling folks they need to prepare is when we should all have realized that things are getting wayyy out of control and the need is greater now than ever.

  12. LOL Jim I haven't ever even thought of that... You are right, folks running out of TP just might push some over the "edge"! LOL Have a great day!

  13. Sci - great post. and it always a good thing to remember that we all started out as newbies. for myself - when i first got started - i learned everything that i could from the people, like Herbalpagan, who felt it was their responsibility to teach. and to teach in a manner that didn't make me feel stupid, or like i wanted to run away.

    when i meet new preppers - i try to feel them out for what particular things the are in interested in regards to prepping. and then i focus on those things. and once you establish a real relationship - then you can introduce other things that they may not have thought about.

    that's how it worked for me. HumbleWife, Herbalpagan, yourself, mmpaints, and several others always answered my stupid questions no matter how stupid they seemed. and that's how i got to where i am today. because people like you, and the above-people named - made me feel comfortable enough to say that i didn't have a clue what i was doing and could they please help. and they all did.

    so with new preppers, i do my best to emulate the models that came before me. and i hope that i can do an even half-assed job as them - cus if i do, maybe i can help some people the way that i was helped.

    i hope that this makes sense. Herbalpagan said it - it is our RESPONSIBILITY to get everyone as prepared as possible. i truly believe that.

    and i thank all of the mentors that i had. i truly thank them.

    this was an awesome post Sci. awesome!

    your friend,

  14. Heck I doing all my stuff for unadulterated self-interest. I want you to be able to to tell FEMA to go blow themselves and you "got this". I don't want you in a FEMA trailer 5 years after a disaster like Katrina. I want you to say to Obama and DC that self-reliance is good and we don't need the Feds help. I want you to have the basics and a way to get them for minimal costs. I want you independent not dependent. I'll offer a hand up, but not a hand out.

  15. Kymnber, you do me great honor in placing my name among those wonderful preppers. Girl, you and I pretty much started our "journey" together. And look what we have done so far!! Both on our own hunk of land and working harder than either of us probably thought we would back then! LOL!
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you know how much it means to me...

    ASR LOL You crack me up!"Unadulterated self-interest" I know what you are saying though and if we were to all be honest, I think we would all probably agree that the more of us that are ready for "disasters" the less there will be looking for a hand out.

  16. Sci - i am still laughing from the barn post - really - i got tears in my eyes. but what Mars did with THAT barn is so impressive - please tell him that!

    you are right. we did start our journey together. it is amazing how far we have come. and neither of us knew what we were getting ourselves into, eh?

    as for placing your name among those others - it's the truth. i will thank those amazing women for the rest of my life and am sorry that i didn't include Phelan as she was great support and a font of knowledge. but your name is there for a reason. because you are one of those amazing women!

    your friend,