Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can I KeepThis Weather Forever?? Please???

Yet again I have let days flow past with no thoughts at all of blogging.  The weather has been just gorgeous and I am truly enjoying this Fall season.  It is all new to me, this distinctly different season that folks in places other than Texas call Fall.  I am loving it!  The leaves are changing their colors but haven't begun to drop yet.  The rabbits are putting on their winter fur and gaining a bit of weight now.  I think they are as happy as I am that it has cooled down.  I was starting to worry that I might loose them in the heat this summer.  It is about time to see if we can "hatch" us some baby bunnies before it gets too cold.  It would be nice to have a few rabbits in the freezer this winter. 

The few things that I have growing in the garden seem to be doing well.  We've had some rain over the past couple of weeks that has really given it a push too.  I know that I haven't really been as involved in the garden as I could have been this summer/ fall but I really haven't had the time (or the weather) to devote too much time to it. I think the main thing I wanted to do was to just see how things are going to grow here in this dirt I now call my own!  Come spring we will get serious about the garden, but for now it's just kind of been an experiment and I really didn't have my hopes set to high on getting a lot out of it.  The soil needs some work but the "bones" of it are good.  It's a bit sandy here and so we will be working in some organic materials to help with holding the moisture in a bit better.  For now though, I have okra coming in (finally), turnip's growing nicely, radishes, chard and kohlrabi.  I also planted some late bush beans that are just now starting to flower.  I'm not giving much hope on getting many beans from them but they can only improve the nitrogen in the soil! 

I am elated to tell you that the roof is on the barn!  We couldn't work on it this past weekend because of the wind, but it died down on Monday and now we have ROOF!!  I'm overjoyed, and now I can start to get some things that have been on the back burner all summer done. All things happen in their own time I suppose.  I'm hoping to have some pictures up soon but I have to get that done on Mars' computer since I'm still missing the cord to my camera.  My guess is that it is in one of the boxes that need to be moved out to the barn.  I'm still looking....
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  1. i am glad that you are enjoying the cool, fall weather - it sounds like you will enjoy having 4 distinct seasons! and great news about the bunnies and THE ROOF - woohoo!

    as for the garden - we were in a very similar situation this year. scrambling to get moved in, scrambling to insulate, fix leaks, plumbing, electrical - you name it. plus we scramble to put in a full garden and shouldn't have - we put way too much time and effort into building huge raised beds and trying to work with our soil and after the lousy spring and early summer - nothing really took off. but we have learned what this dirt needs and we have learned that too much rain is as bad as not enough! but we have learned. and we will rest this winter in our new crap-ass cottage (teehee), but we will rest, reflect on what needs to be done and hit the ground like you in the spring.

    i am glad that you sound so happy!

    your friend,

  2. This is just such a happy post and I am thrilled for you! And a ROOF! WOOT! That will put so many things in place now. Good for you.

  3. "Oh suns and skies and clouds of June and flowers of June together;
    Ye cannot rival for one hour Octobers bright blue weather!"
    October is my favorite month, too. Besides the fact that I was born on Oct. 28th, it is always a *relief* month...relief from the heat, relief from bugs, relief from ran (in many places). Not too hot and not too cold yet...I love October!

  4. Congratulations on that roof! I know THAT must be a relief!!! :)