Friday, November 5, 2010

I Dunno...

I'm not exactly sure what is up with Blogger... The last post I did looked nothing at all like the way it was supposed to when I wrote it.  The thing looks like one huge run on sentence or something. Almost like I forgot to breathe.  All my individual paragraphs aren't. Aren't what?  Well they aren't paragraphs!   I previewed it before publishing and it looked fine at the time.  And something weird is going on with my picture files as well.  Usually, when I open the files I can actually SEE the pictures.  But now?  Nope... nada.  What am I supposed to do?  Guess which ones they are?  I think they are once again messing around with the dang program.  But then I could be wrong.  I mean, I've been wrong before.  Once.  Ok, ok maybe twice but.......
  Anyone else have this sort of thing happen to them before or am I just loosing my mind?  Maybe I was abducted by aliens and just don't remember? Which would be a bummer because I've always wondered what aliens actually DO when they decide to abduct someone.  I've always thought maybe they were just bored and wanted to have a little fun.  Ya know, like "Hey Arnold... watch this!"  Oh well, if this is all that I have to worry about then I say.... Bring it on!!

                                       ~~Hey... I'm Just Sayin' ...~~


  1. I have had trouble before with no space showing up between paragraphs. So I just went into the html and added the
    before and after. That seemed to work.

  2. Hey, my before and after html symbols didn't show up on my comment. They are br and /br surrounded by arrow head brackets. <>