Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Numbers Are In

Well, Thanksgiving is over and now the mad dash toward Christmas now before us.   Black Friday and Cyber Monday seem to have coughed up some good numbers for the retailers. I'm not sure exactly what that tells us about the coming holidays. I can't believe that people are actually buying the story that the economy is on the rise and that things are looking good. I think it is more likely that people are taking advantage of the sales and trying to save money where ever it can be done.

  From the things I have been reading and the folks that I talk to it looks like folks are re-thinking the way they will be celebrating Christmas this year. My guess is that there will be a lot fewer expensive gifts bought with credit cards this year.  There may even be a decrease in those who put Christmas on the credit cards. Of course that would require some forethought and some control on the part of those folks so I guess I'm not going to hold my breath. 

I do know that many folks are thinking of cutting wayyy back on their spending this year though.  There are going to be a whole lot fewer gifts under the tree this year in a lot of homes. You know, I don't see that being a problem really. So many have forgotten what the season is about anyway.  Maybe this year we will focus more on "The Reason For The Season".
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  1. What they DON'T tell you is what people were buying this past weekend. I bet a whole lot of the people were just taking advantage of the great sales on more practical things. A radio station I catch here was saying stores like Home Depot and Lowes reported some of the best numbers ...hmmm ...versus toy stores? Yes, I think people are waking up.

    I agree we, as a country, could stand to focus more on the Reason for the Season. Let's hope ...

  2. I'm with WHRWH in thinking people are buying more practical everyday items as gifts. Of course there are ALWAYS the few who buy big electronics and junk and of course charge it all on a CC. I think people are going to just have to become very outspoken when these sort of folks begin whining when the bills roll in in Jan. 2011. I know I tell it like it is to these sort of people and also add in " Going/ gone are the days where others are going to pick and pay your debt, you are are responsible, so deal with it!"

    It's our prayer that we see more people moving back toward God and the true reason for this celebration in the first place. Retailers have been like vultures for years, hoovering overhead of every holiday there is and it's about time to ground them all!

    Take care and thanks for your honest blogging!

  3. Great Post. We did something different this year. The kids get to pick out 2 needs and 1 want. The price has to be around 25-30. No more than that. We have been taking advantage of sales for things that we need. Got a grain grinder and stocking up on baking supplies. Doing more as a family instead of worrying about the gifts.

  4. I had a regular credit card once, but because I very seldom used it and would always pay it off every month, the cancelled it. For many years now, the only card I use is an American Express Business card, since it has to be paid off every month, it is perfect.

    And yes, let us put the real reasons back into the holidays.