Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Stuff

I haven't posted in a few days due to computer issues. I don't know exactly what happened but whatever it was sure was bad.  I sure am glad that Mars knows his way around computers because I don't know enough about them to be of much use. I can't "speak" the geek"!   He had to reinstall the Operating System (ouch!!) which means I have also been spending time re-installing all sorts of things.
 At least this time I was able to save pictures and files and things like that.  I can't tell you how badly it SUCKED when I had the crash a couple of years ago and lost EVERYTHING.  Lesson learned, back up your stuff!  Don't be like me and lose things like pictures that can never be replaced. It can be heartbreaking. I love digital cameras.  They have really changed the way people take pictures. Not having to buy film is great and you can take tons of pictures with minimal cost.  The drawback is that if you don't back up your computer or burn them to a disk its really easy to loose them. 

The garden has been hand turned and Mars has tried to get the largest part of the Bermuda grass out. That should help some but the Bermuda grass war will continue to rage I am sure. With some amendments to the soil will be ready to "winterize" soon.  We took a soil sample down to the county extension agency and should have the results back in a few days. Then we can go from there as to amending the soil.  Just out of curiosity I want to know what the aluminum levels are. I won't go into the whys for that but I AM curious. That is one of the reasons I have been seriously considering starting another blog. There are things going on around us these days that don't really "fit" in this blog.  Anyway....

The first seed catalog came in the mail this week. I just love flipping through the pages and dreaming about all the cool things that we could grow. They make excellent reading material in the bathroom too!   Does anyone else have a weakness for seed catalogs?  Mushroom told Mars to feel free to plant where ever he could find a place to grow something.  With the cost of food rising at an alarming rate, growing your own food just makes sense.  Besides that, there aren't many things more satisfying than eating something that you grew with your own hands.

Mars and Bud are replacing one of the living room windows this weekend. It's a job that has really been needing to be done for awhile now. They had to special order the window and it finally came in.  I am sure it will help make the house warmer!

Thanksgiving is almost here.  I know, time flies right?  The holidays are one of the best times of the year for catching really good sales on all sorts of things, especially baking products like sugar and flour and such.  I try to take advantage of these sales to stock up my pantry and "grow" my food storage.  Gotta love cheaper... errr  frugal ways to shop and to prep. 
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  1. I learned the backup lesson the hard way too. Those are the lessons that stick ...the ones we learn the hard way. I used to back up to 5-1/4 disks, then 3-1/2 disks, the CD/DVD's. Now I use an external hard drive because each of those storage medias eventually became obsolete. Well, CD/DVD's are not obsolete yet ...but for how long?

    We need to winterize the garden too, but we played today instead. Sometimes, you just gotta play for a day.

    : )

  2. Welcome back Sci! I learned my back up lesson when I had to send one of my work computers back to the manufacturer to fix an issue with the cooling fan. Yeah - computer came back with a fresh hard drive, with no courtesy back up by the manufacturer and none by me. Assholes! =) Luckily it was before digital cameras were affordable to the lowly public like me. My life is now kept on external hard drives now. =)