Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weather Alert-Beautiful Days Forecast!

It's a beautiful day!  It looks like we have finally turned the corner on the miserable heat here in this neck of the woods.  I always love it when the weatherman finally says... "I don't think we will be seeing those 100+ days anymore."  It is like an affirmation that things are finally going to be bearable again.  Having lived in Texas all my life (until recently) this time of year is undoubtedly one of the best. 

I apologize for not posting yesterday.  I wasn't feeling all that great and honestly didn't even have the energy to TRY and find a video or some such thing for your entertainment.  It seems like I have just been so tired lately.  And it's not like I've been really doing much either.  I guess I needed some rest because I slept almost all day and then went to bed early too.  Thank goodness I'm feeling a whole lot better now.  I hate feeling yucky!!  But then, don't we all.

I've been reading all the gloom and doom about our economy and all the injustices being done to our country by our own government.  It seems that things just keep getting worse and worse.  I won't go off on a rant today because I'm actually in a good mood due to the weather being so nice.  I'm not ignoring things,  I am just going to spare you the disgust that I am feeling towards the whole mess.   Just a couple of the things going on right now....

Here's one of the things I've run across just in the last few days. Another   here   and another and another.  You get the idea...  This is just a very small sampling of things going on around us.  I didn't even have to search for any of these, which is a sad statement  about the world we are living in now.

Let me just say this.  Folks, things are going to hell in a handbasket.  Pay attention, stay on guard, and prepare today as if you will not have the chance to do it tomorrow.  I know I've said it over and over.  It's better to have it than to wish you did! 

 Here's an example of why working on your food storage today is better than waiting until "when I can afford it".  What you buy today will surely be cheaper than it will later on.   I was in the grocery store this week to pick up a few things.  I'm trying to replenish some things that I have used over the last few months. Due to our circumstances, we have been using our stores for the last several months without the benefit of being  able to restock.  Anyway....

Will someone tell me when the heck sugar took a MAJOR price hike?  They wanted $3.88 for a 5lb bag of sugar.  The last time I bought any it was right about  $2.29 for the same 5 lbs.  I was shocked.  Needless to say I bought a bag and put it on my list of things to stock back up on.  Right now I am down to one 5 gallon bucket + that 5 lbs.  All the talk about wheat prices and Russia stopping their exports of all goods should be another sign that things are bound to get worse in the near future.  So far the flour prices in this neck of the woods hasn't seen an increase but I am sure it is only a matter of time.  Therefore that is another thing I have on my re-supply list.  I'm down to only 2 buckets right now.  I like to have at least three times that much in my stores since baking bread definitely takes its fair share of flour.  Since I  don't have a grain mill (yet) I haven't got to the point where I store whole wheat yet.  It is definitely on my list of things I want to do. 

I have seriously GOT to get out and take some more pictures.  I lost so many when I had the big crash last year.  It just about broke my heart as there were many of our dear friend who passed away a couple of years ago. Things that just can't be replaced.  It taught me a good  but costly lesson about backing up my computer.  In case you didn't know,  99% of the pictures here on this blog are those I took myself. One good thing about posting them here is that Blogger uses Picassa (sp) and any pictures I have posted here are stored on their site.   I've been seriously slacking here lately though.  I guess I need to get out more! 

                                                 ~~Hey... I'm Just Sayin...~~


  1. I have been to your site before but don't believe that I have ever left a comment before. Since part of your name is "SciFi", why isn't science fiction listed as one of things that you like? My favorite SciFi on TV was the old original "Star-Gate SG-1" with Richard Dean Anderson.

    If you have looked back at some of my old blogs, you will see that I put pictures on some and others I do not. Keep up the good work, and don't worry about sugar, it ain't good for you anyway.

  2. I always think with the joke of the interest rate they give you at the bank you are so much better off to buy groceries and stock Arizona we have fairly good prices because there is still a lot of competition so if you buy on sale can do pretty good. I'm anxiously waiting for the fall sales...that is when sugar etc should go on sale...though I do buy that at Costco. I was surprised the other day..thought flour was going up at Costco but I do believe it was cheaper than last time....stuck another 25lb bag in the freezer.

  3. I was so excited when I saw 1 comment on my blog this afternoon. I am new to the world of blogging. How did you find me. A spoodle is a poodle crossed with a cocker spanel. Very cute. I will post a photo of her soon. Pop over soon and share my happiness. Just focus on the things you love.

  4. Hi Dizzy-D, Funny you should mention Stargate. It is one of the few Sci-Fi shows I really love. My sign name actually has a story behind it that has nothing to do with Science Fiction. I get asked that question alot though. I really ought to write about it one day. I can always use an idea for a new post so thanks for giving me one!! Thanks for stopping by. As for the sugar, I know its bad for ya but there's only one problem... I love cookies! :)

    AFCG- I totally agree. Food is a tangible asset! As for sales, I have a deep affection for them. LOL

    Charmaine- Thanks for the info on the dog! As for how I found you... I can't rightly say. I blog hop ALOT. Thanks for stopping by today, I will be looking for pictures of that critter of yours!

  5. Sci, I'm starting to stock up again too.