Friday, August 27, 2010

Pork Ribs and Onion Rolls

   I got a big surprise a couple of days ago, and it wasn't the good kind either.  Apparently my email account was hacked.   I received a couple of emails from friends who had questions about an email from my address.  It had nothing at all in the subject line and when it was opened it was spam from some viagra company.  One friend was kind enough to inform me that the site in the email was no longer a "live" site.  Thank goodness for that.   Then another problem pops up.  I can't access my email account.  Someone had jacked my password apparently.  After spending the last couple of days running every program I can think of to try and find the culprit  I still can't find anything infected on my computer.  Every single scan I have run comes up with no problems. I have run several different scans with several different programs and they all come up with zip!  I have changed the password and created a "saftey seal" for the account.  We'll see how things go. 
    It just burns my butt that this happened. Especially to my friends who received the mail.  I had one person tell me they would no longer read my emails if there were no subject line in it.  The thing is... I NEVER send emails with no subject line so I hope everything will work out and that I have solved the problem.  I guess only time will tell. I do apologize to all those who received that email. I feel terrible about it.

   Today I'm trying my hand at making fig jam.  It's the first time I've tried it so we will have to just wait and see how it comes out.  With any luck at all it will turn out as well as the figs Mushroom and I put up a couple or so weeks ago.  I was going to try fig preserves but they had been in the ice box for awhile so I ended up crushing them and trying jam instead.   I have them slow cooking right now so I should have some pictures tomorrow of the finished product!

   On another note,  we picked up some pork ribs at the store the other day. ( While I was freaking out over the cost of sugar!)   They had a good sale on them so you know we just HAD to!  It is so nice to be BBQ'ing again. (Where I come from if you are smoking, grilling, etc.. it's called barbecuing even though technically there is no sauce!)  We went through a spell during the spring where the only thing we had to fire  up  was the little travel pit in the first picture.  I thought it was just a tad ironic that our "host" didn't do any outdoor cooking but that's another story.  Anyway...  Now don't get me wrong, I love that little  pit.  It is great for just the two of us most of the time.  The problem is that it isn't big enough to cook a brisket or ribs or even a whole chicken.  Thank goodness that Mushroom and Bud have a nice size one that fits the bill perfectly. 
   I  walked out the door yesterday evening and was knocked over by the  smell of woodsmoke and pork ribs. What a glorious smell!  I have seriously missed that aroma these past few months.  Not to be outdone,  Mushroom made some awesome onion rolls. The aroma wafting around the place had to have had the neighbors drooling.  I know I sure was!                   

                            We feasted on smoked pork ribs, 

                                cheesy potato pancakes, 
    baked beans,(sorry I didn't get a picture of the beans) 
                              re-hydrated peas & carrots. 
 And those mouthwatering onion rolls dripping with real butter. 
  I ate till I was as full a a tick.  Absolutely spectacular meal!                      
       I wonder what the rich folks had for dinner last night!!

                             ~~Hey...I'm Just Sayin...~~


  1. I had the same thing happen to my email account. Lucky who ever is doing it is sending out thousands of email in China and not to my friends. Hubby went on line and got something called "registry booster" and upgraded our McAfee and that seems to have worked, along with what you did.
    I would love the recipe for those onion rolls!

  2. Dinner sounds yummy. I'm ready to go home and cook something.
    I've been lucky so far with my online experiences. I used to pay for products that protect me, but after finding out that some of the freebies are actually better, I haven't paid for anything since. Right now I'm running Malwarebytes, Avast!, Secunia PSI, and CCleaner

  3. Between you and the Flying Tortoise showing all that goooood food on your blogs, I am getting fat.

  4. Ya, guess I'm gonna have to cook a real meal now after seeing all this...YUM!