Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Again

Well, we made it back all in one piece.  We were able to get everything out of the storage unit and back up here.  Now we just have to find a place for everything.  For now though it is a matter of getting things off the trailer.  Anyway, that's been the game for today. 

I have several thousand sports cards that have been in storage for years now.  Baseball, Basketball, and Football cards.  Many of them are in great shape and some are starting to some wear due to their long stint in storage.  Sometime in the near future I need to go through them all and sell them.  No need to keep lugging them around anymore.  I've lost my interest in them over the last few years.  Trouble is that I don't know much about their value. I just enjoyed collecting them for awhile.  I suppose I need to give myself a lesson or three about the worth of some of them.  Yet another thing I really need to get done.

We had a nice weekend for the most part. Of course it was really really hot.  Camped on the lake and spent two days just chilling out. We stayed hydrated and in the shade except for a dip in the lake occasionally.  One thing about camping when the weather is like this....You get the best camping spot in the park!  The dog was truly in heaven as we were the only people in the  area we camped in.  She had run of the place and took full advantage of it.  She stayed in the water almost as much as she was out of it.  I swear that dog is like a little kid when it comes to swimming and playing in the water!  She DID NOT want to get out!!

I want thank my friend Shelly for doing a guest post while I was gone.  I think she did a wonderful job and I am truly grateful for the help!  She currently writes for the Ohio Prepper's Network   and soon will  be  starting her own blog.  I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to say.  She's a real whiz with food preps and loves a good deal as much as I do.  I'll let everyone know when she gets it up and running.

Stay cool, drink lots of water, and remember that we all need to be doing all we can to prepare for our futures. Times are getting tougher folks and everything you can do today is one less thing you will worry about tomorrow!

                             ~~Hey... I'm Just Sayin...


  1. Glad your back! Also glad you had a nice time. Although Shelly did a wonderful job. You had better watch you back. heheeehe

  2. Oh Sci, I was glad to do a post for your blog. Also thanks for mentioning the Ohio Preppers blog. I'm glad you and Mars were able to get away and it sounds like the dog had a great time. lol