Monday, August 30, 2010

Love and Life and Other Stuff

I would like to give a big hello to all of my new readers.  I hope you enjoy what you read here and please feel free to read back through the archives.  I tend to reference things from the past sometimes without even thinking that some of you might be wondering "What the Heck is she talking about!"  In case you haven't figured it  out yet, I am what some folks are now referring  to as a prepper.  Which really just means that I am trying to learn to be as self-sufficient as possible and to try and be ready for any major (or minor) disaster that might come our way.  I am really involved in food storage. I'm learning how to do alot of things the way my grandparents did them.  Being cheap...errr I mean frugal... Is a part of who I am.  I love thrift stores and garage sales.  I actually LIKE canning and I am a hands down fool for dehydrating!  I'm  learning to knit and how to make soap.  I haven't bought more than 4 loaves of store bought bread in the last couple of years.  I have a new found love for baking.  My husband and I hope one day in the near future to buy a couple of acres of land out away from the hustle and bustle of the city and raise a big garden, a few chickens, some rabbits and maybe a goat or two. In the mean time I tend to rattle on about whatever happens to cross my mind on any given day...  So there ya have it!  I hope you enjoy your visit and that you will come back often to see what's going on around here!

For some reason I have been in "Ice Cream" mode now for the last couple of weeks.  Serious cravings!  It just so happens that the local grocery has been having a sale on their ice cream for the past two weeks.  Last week it was advertised as 4 for 5 bucks so I picked some up.  Not a bad deal.  Between the two of us we wiped it all out in just a few days.  Well this ad-week they had it on sale for $1.25 a carton.  Yeah, I know.  It's the same price!  Grocery stores are tricky like that.  So I ran down to the store to pick up a carton or two and danged if they weren't out.  I'm not talking about just out of my favorite flavor either.  I'm talking about OUT of ALL of it.Every single carton.   Well, I still had an ice cream withdrawal in progress and so grabbed another brand to ease the pain.  (gotta feed the need right?)  The good thing that came out of all this is that I was smart enough to ask for a rain check!  I'll stop by again today and see if they have anymore in but in all honesty I hope they don't!  I want another rain check!  This way I have an additional 30 days to use the sale price.  Oh, here's a tip you may or may not know.  If you are redeeming a raincheck say in a week or two and they are out of said product, you can get ANOTHER  raincheck !  So even if you loose you win!  LOL

I had a dream last night.  One of those dreams you wish would go on for just awhile longer. The kind that you try, once awake, to get back to if even for just a few more minutes.  I dreamed about my mother. Actually she was my step-mother but I never could tell the difference.  We were in some house I had never been in before.   My dad was out somewhere and so it was just the two of us laughing and talking and drinking ice tea. It seemed like we sat for a couple of hours just comfortably chatting.  And then I woke up.  That was it. The whole dream.  Nothing earth shattering, no cryptic messages, just a sense of peace and of love.  Tomorrow also marks two years since my best friend passed away.  I think Mom just wanted me to know that everything is alright and that she will always be close by watching over me.  Silly?  Some might say yes but I firmly believe that our loved ones are always with us.  And that love, once given, can never truly disappear.

                                ~~Hey...I'm Just Sayin...~~


  1. Hi, I am still learning to be a complete prepper & food storage but it seems at the moment I need to restock some of my 5 gallon buckets & your right about the Rain Checks if they are out of that sale item make sure you don't forget the Rain Check, the store down the road usually give me another one at the end of the 30 days if the item still hasn't come in just got to love that. I love being cheap & Frugal but you already know that. lol.

  2. great post, Sci :)

    Ok, I will admit, the last paragraph got me. It made me cry. I think that's only the second time your blog has done that to me. :)

    I agree with you though; I too think they are always with us. Not only in dreams, but everywhere.

    When B's was doing marching band, for the competitions, I'd have to have the dogs out early about 4:15-4:30 in the morning. When I'd go walking, I swear I could smell my Grandpa's cologne and gum. Which is odd in itself because he passed about 2 years after Cat and I got married, long before we moved to the town we are in now. But what is weird is that is what time he used to go out walking around the mobile park where he and my Grandma lived.

    I'll stop now, for someone suffering writers block, I can sure rattle on and on. LOL!


  3. You have struck a chord.....

    I lost a friend of 30 years to cancer yesterday, she is with me today and I hope her family, though they may not ne able to hear/see her yet because of grief. I do not mean I can "see" her but I know that her spirit is there. My words are crude but the sentiment is huge and I cannot explain properly. A waking dream.

    aka inquisitive1ady on various blogs

  4. Great post! All my immediate family of my youth is gone, mother, grandmas, aunts and uncles. I was very close to my Dad and my Grandma and I feel them with me all the time. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. You know there is an old saying around this part of the woods.That if you dream of someone who has died, there will be a birth. So the question that I have is.....are you pregnant? I mean, you are hitting the ice cream awful hard. lol

  6. Try making your own icecream it is very yummy. I would love to be self sufficent but sticking with the sewing and cooking at the moment.

  7. Icecream, Yummmm. My favorite is Blue Bell's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I think Blew Bell makes the best icecream in the U.S.

  8. Ice cream on sale always makes me want ice cream. I do use rain checks to my best advantage. I buy once during the sale, and then I go back right at the end to get more. If there is no more of the product, I use the rain check to extend my sale opportunities.