Monday, April 5, 2010

Obama's Home Country... Michelle's own words

I ran across this video this morning and just wanted to share it with you all.  What do ya think?


  1. Looked like a Homer Simpson moment to me, but then almost everything politic kind of grabs me like that.

    The first liar never has a chance.

  2. First and formost I did not vote for Obama. When and where was this speech done. The reason why I am asking is my home town is Miami Florida..I live in Iowa...She is speaking the truth, his home town is Kenya...I am a conservative..The whole thing is we take every little thing out of context as conservatives and that is why so many are so against us. The conservatives brought all this up when he was running and it went on death ear...what won't go on death ear is when we all start paying the taxes that we will have to because of President Obama maybe they will wake up.. I have 3 in college and they tell me they see what is happening and they didn't vote for Obama...but alot of their friends did and they can't wait to boot the demos out come November...they know they will be working for taxes when they get out of college and they won't be working the American dream like they want...Americans are smarter than Obama gives us created for...The Tea Party is making Washington scared...Lisa

  3. The part that really, really scares me .... our country was in great shape 2 years ago. The economy was booming, people were happy, jobs could be found .. and then there was sudden talk about the housing industry. An industry that was set up and governed by federal rules and regulations. Those rules gave anyone the "right" to purchase a home.

    What if this was done on purpose, just so a few people would vote for change.

    Lives have been destroyed. Was it just so a certain party could gain back control?

    I don't want to think people like that are out there but I'm not sure anymore, and that scares me.

  4. Please read "Hoodwinked" by John Perkins.

  5. It's comical to me that people blame Obama for the problems that the legislative branch of the government has created! You have to remember one thing he is part of the Administrative branch.Now if you want to do something constructive get on both sides of the isle an clean house .I'm sorry I stopped by not my intentions to stur it up will not happen again.