Saturday, April 17, 2010

More This and That

Gotta love the irony of life... water for half a day and watch it rain!

We are still sharing a computer here and it's driving me NUTS!!   Still trying to figure out exactly what the heck it is.  You watch's going to be one unchecked box somewhere.  Something simple that we are both missing.  (Like me and my computer time..hehe) The thing to remember is that out here we don't have TV.  Well we have a TV we just don't have any access to any channels.  So you kind of have to factor that in to the whole sharing thing.  I've not been able to keep up with my regular reading or my blogging for that matter.

OK.  Some of you might remember last year that I found a bread machine at the thrift store.  Brand new with the book.  It was marked down to 4 bucks.  Loving a good bargain I took it home and decided to try my hand at making bread in it.  From that point on I never looked back.  I decided that I wouldn't be buying anymore bread from the store if at all possible.  Now I know there are those of you who would say that using the bread machine isn't "really" making bread.   Here are my thought's on that.  First off, I really can make bread by hand if I need to but I figure as long as I have electricity there's no harm in taking the easy way out. It gives me time to do other things that need getting done around here.  Secondly  I am making bread and not relying  on the store bought "stuff" anymore. The difference in taste cannot be compared.  In the past year or so I have probably bought bread 5-6 times.  Most of those were due to moving and packing and such. I'm not apologizing either!!  As a matter of fact I have even been making my own tortilla's here lately.  I'm getting much better at it which is good since we are both some tortilla eating fools. Breakfast, lunch and dinner alot of times. If you can wrap it in a tortilla its fair game!   I can no longer justify spending a buck fifty for a pack of twenty when I can do the same amount with probably half that.  Of course I haven't figured the math but....the tortilla's are good!
We took a trip to Durant yesterday. Another Little Big Town! They even had a real grocery besides the WallyWorld.  The chick in the convience store didn't find my excitement about that at all funny. Guess shes a "city" girl.   I don't know why I got so excited over a freakin' grocery ad!  LOL
Anyway, I had a doctor's appointment and Mars was worried about me making the trip by myself.  He didn't want me breaking down 70 miles from home with no way to get back. Sweet huh? 
Honestly I have to wonder though if the safety of his tools sitting in that  toolbox ever crossed his mind.  Hey... I'm just sayin....
Anyway, the trip went off without a hitch and we saw some interesting stuff along the way.  There were two or three Show Pig farms along the way and several bee keepers. An onion packing plant and a few produce stands. Several cattle ranches and some interesting homes.  Some cool looking thrift store/garage sale places.  A furniture place which was actually a guy's home where he built log hewn beds and such.  A shop that manufactures dulcimers.  Very interesting.  Now here's where I feel bad about this journey... I didn't take my camera AND we didn't stop anywhere.  Don't ask me why.... I have no clue! We are usually quite the "sightseers" and take the chances we are given to explore.  We talked about it after we got back to the house. And agreed, No more missed opportunities. We only have one life to live and we really ought to be enjoying it.  Who knows in these crazy times if we will ever be granted the opportunity again!  So until next time..

Live, laugh and love like there is no tomorrow.

P.S Mars made Snickerdoodles tonight!  Don't they look yummy?  


  1. Did you ever have one thought and could not think anything else?? Well snickerdoodles...HELLO? I want a snickerdoodle....and am so glad to see a photo to encourage me to bake them!!

    Have a great day sci

  2. Since you are listed as one who follows me I thought I would come visit and say hello. My daughter loves to bake bread also but not with a bread maker. She's gotten really good at it. Hope you get the computer gliches fixed soon.

  3. Care to share your Snickerdoodle recipe?

  4. Welcome to our world, Sci ...we have not had TV for almost six months now. It does tend to make you reconfigure your surfing habits somewhat, assume more personal responsibility for keeping yourself in the know. Netflix is our entire entertainment budget. We have the basic membership (under $10/month including tax) and average 2-3 movies per week from them. Sometimes the 'movie' is a season or partial season of a television series we selected.

    Snickerdoodles are a favorite around here too. Got milk?

    : )

  5. I love bread so much that if I had a breadmaker I would die with my head in the machine.

  6. HumbleWife... gotcha! You know you want them bad.

    Momlady thanks for stopping in. I am a faithful reader of your daughters blog... I wish I were as talented as she is!

    Laura, You got me to thinking....I suppose if I am going to talk about the good stuff I really outta share it! Snickerdoodle recipe will be up soon. Thanks for the mind jiggle!! LOL

    HB thanks for stopping in... you just can't beat a cold glass of milk with homemade cookies!

    LMAO @ you Suzy...You could call it your latest fashion statement!

  7. Ok...I am thoroughly convinced that I must be the only person on the planet that does not like Snickerdoodles.

    Mars did an amazing job with them though, they look like the ones we have at the bakery.

    Sorry about the computer probs :( if you have any ?'s ya know who to call...NO! not Ghostbusters ;) LOL!


  8. I want to make snickerdoodles now! Those look yummy!

  9. I understand about the bread maker. I can make bread by hand, but, like you, a bread maker would just be easier for me now. Plus, there would not be any "junk" in the bread. I want your snickerdoodle recipe too!

  10. Fel... if this puter thing goes on much longer I might have to call out of a need for sanity! You don't like Snickerdoodles? OMG Want an yummy oatmeal one?

    LOL char-char... it looks like I started a Snickerdoodle Revoulition! Cookie lovers Unite!

    small farm girl... I'm glad you see my point. I catch so much "smack talk" bout my bread machine but its homemade and I know whats in it! Recipe to follow soon.

  11. I hate to admit it but I had to look up "snickerdoodles". I guess I'm gonna have to try 'em out now, they sound good...