Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How's your Garden Coming?

I thought I was only going to take the weekend off from blogging.  The best laid intentions and all that though..... we are having computer issues here again.  We had finally got Mar's PC connected to my laptop so we would both have our computers up.  It's been working fine for a month.  Until for some reason we had to reset the wireless router.We are back at square one and can't get it all hooked back up.  Anyway, until we do, it looks like we are sharing a computer again.  ( Sigh )  I lost a dear reader over the weekend.  I hope it wasn't because of my lack of posting.  I hate that!

We have new bunnies on the Pioneer Living Homestead. The jury is still out on the mama though. She had seven bunnies.  Three were found outside the nesting box the very first morning.  They looked like they had been nursing and just held on tight when mama went out for a break.  The next morning one more was found outside.  So now there are only 3.  Mama just may end up Stewed Rabbit.  If so I have a great slow cooker recipe just for her!! :)

 Today I'd like to highlight just a few of my favorite blogs.  If you have the time...stop by and say hello! 
Feliane over at Tales from The Scratching Post always makes me smile.  She also does a Food Friday post and shares some wonderful recipes.  Interested in off-grid living?  Check out Wretha's Adventures Living Off Grid .  Humble wife over at Double Nickel Farm is having a great giveaway... stop by and leave a comment for some cool prizes!   If you are interested in urban homesteading check out Wendy over at Surviving the Suburbs.
Like a bit of humor mixed with your homesteading blogs?  There is Small Farm Girl.  A wonderful writer and a great homesteading blog can be found at A Homesteading Neophyte. Another great one is my friend mmpaints at  Self Sustained Living
If you are interested in the 2nd amendment and all related to it,  Checkout Old Lighting.  He's always got great information and will answer any questions you might have!
And for the not so faint of heart I have two suggestions for you.  Ornery Bastard will keep you up on the events going on around the country with his own take on things.  Another one along the same lines is my buddy Mayberry over at Keep It Simple Survival.  Be forewarned that both of these guys have a "way" with the English language.  Adults only is my suggestion. 
I wish I could name them all here but if you will check out my blog roll there is plenty to keep you busy for quite some time.

The garden is coming up like gangbusters.  Almost everything planted is now peaking out and reaching for the sunlight.  A beautiful sight to be sure. I got a little bit of a sunburn on my face this morning while out watering the "regular" garden.  I really need to find a hat.  I'm still looking for stuff that was packed during the move. It's here.... somewhere....
The only things not coming up are my herbs.  I won't say anything other than.... I am going to try again and this time I will get them started myself.  I think they just got planted in the ground a bit soon.   So how is everyone's garden coming?  I'd love to hear from you guys.


  1. Oh Sci! I understand the computer issues, although a bit different, I have been trying to watch the video link you have up- but my satellite internet only allows so much download...which is a bummer for the five of us, as the kids usurp my time!!

    Thanks for the link, I love linky post as I find new places to visit!

  2. Sorry to hear the bunny momma isn't doing her job 100%. Too bad for her...but be sure to share that recipe if you end up using it!
    All those blogs listed were new to me except Small Farm Girl. I've enjoyed getting to know her through our blogs. I'll have to check out those others too. Have to say, I'm enjoying yours very much! Whoever quit reading it is goign to miss out!

  3. Rabbits can be very difficult sometimes. Garden sound good. My stuff is coming up. FK

  4. don't worry about the herbs, they usually take longer to come up. My seeds are all up, just waiting under the lights for another 6 weeks.

  5. Sometimes there are good mommas, and sometimes there are bad mommas. Just like in the human world. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I'll check out the others too.

  6. This morning, I went outside and looked at the peas and ... yay! ... I actually have some sprouts. The lettuce is starting to sprout, and the broccoli is undercover and starting to sprout, too. Very exciting stuff!

    Sorry to hear about your mama bunny. We've had several does over the past few years and have had the best luck with the "mutt" rabbits. Our current doe is some mix, and so far (this is her second litter) she's doing well.

    But about that recipe ....

    Thanks for the shout-out ;).

  7. Hi Sci!!

    Thanks for the shout-out my dear friend. :D

    Sorry about the bunny, sometimes even in the animal kingdom some just aren't cut out to be Mama's. :(

    On a brighter note, the garden is doing good. One of my yellow squash blossoms opened up :D I've got some beans showing and Catman has finished another two planter boxes. WooHoo!


  8. Howdy,
    Our first patch of ground just melted out of the snow yesterday! So weird to see dirt. Off to pick up our Ameraucana chicks. The garden there looks amazing. Sometimes all a computer needs is a couple of good whacks with a sledge hammer (ala Office Space) to fix it. goota run. -Jeremy

  9. HumbleWife I'm sorry about the video link. Sometimes I forget that some folks can't watch them easily. As to the computer.... we both just got very very used to having our own.... (sighs)

    Sarah, thanks for stopping in! I like finding new and interesting blogs and I love that others get to check out some of my daily reading. I'm glad you are enjoying this blog... Yours ain't so bad either!!!

    FatKat- I'm still waiting on that catfish dinner! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

    small farm girl I like the way you put that! I hadn't really thought of it in those terms before.

    HerbalPagen - guess what! I went out this morning and saw a baby basil plant started. And one litle cilantro is making its appearance. Looks like your right again!! :)

    Wendy wooo hooo on your new plants coming up! And as for that recipe... stop back by... I think I might as well give up the recipe.

    Fel!! You should take a picture of your pretty yellow flower! Congrats on the progress in your garden.

    Jeremy I had to LOL @ So weird to see dirt. I can only imagine after a season of snow. I've been tempted in the past to take a sledge hammer to a puter but not this time! Thanks for stopping in.

  10. Hiya SciFi!
    Thanks fer the link love dear!