Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good News!  The judge made a ruling on the fate of the Mama Bunny.  Which means rabbit stew is going to have to wait a bit.  If you remember, there was a moratorium going on.  She's not been a great mom in the past and so she was on trial with this last bunch-0-bunnies.  She lost three the very first night. The babies looked like they had been nursing when apparently she had to have a break.  I guess they were hanging on to her as she hopped out to do her bunny poo thing or whatever she did.  The next morning when I went out to feed there was another one outside the nest.  So that made four.  I didn't want to go poking around in the nest to see how many were left but I could make out three more in there.

And now fast forward to this evening.  While I was out feeding them "The Judge" snuck up behind me.  I was told a couple of weeks ago sneaking up behind someone while they were busy wasn't cool.  Paybacks are hell I tell ya!  LOL  Anyway, we were chatting bout just "stuff" after I regained my composure. ( and no- sneaking up behind someone while they are distracted is NOT COOL)  Talking bout the mama and the baby bunnies while we were watching the nest.  I told him I thought there were three left... two white ones and a grey one.  He was like... no there's a black one in there. To cut to the chase here -  we were both right.  Five babies! Two white ones, two black ones and a grey one.  So it was the order of the court today that Mama Bunny gets a stay of execution... for now!  Yeah!!!  Rabbit stew will have to wait. 

We were blessed with a gift of some venison a few weeks ago. Yesterday I thawed some out and set it to marinating.  Last night I cooked some chicken fried venison and the fixings. Yummy!  The package had enough meat left for another complete meal and so tonight we feasted on Venison Fajita's ( can't take the Texas out of me that easily) complete with home made tortillas and one killer pot of beans and ham hocks.  I love meals like that.  What I mean is.... one meal grows into another one and then another one from that.  The venison made two full meals plus enough in the morning for fajita meat for either breakfast tacos or lunch taco's (insert tortilla's into at least three of these) The beans will be good for at least two more meals and the tortillas....well we will just have to see.  They will be blended into a few more meals.  Is that what you call food storage layering?  :) 

The world is getting crazier and crazier folks.   I hope everyone is stocking up on essentials  cause we might just need it sooner than any of us want.  And prices are bound to go up even more so as Janis Joplin sang... Get It While You Can.   I don't talk about that stuff here much anymore but it still weighs heavy in my heart and on my mind and is never forgotten.  Be ready... be aware ...and be prepared!


  1. I am glad you post about stocking up and being prepared. I just hope people listen

  2. I am one of those crazy people and I think I am getting more krazy by the minute!! FK