Monday, March 8, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

Its raining.
I am going to have to start taking my camera with me when I head out.  This morning, on my way to get a Post Office Box, I saw two wild turkeys just hanging out on the side of the road.
And last week, on my way back to la casa, I was witness to an interesting situation.  Interesting for me anyway as its not every day I wander up on a guy on horseback and another guy on foot trying to catch his horse.  I missed how he lost him in the first place!  Anyway as I came over the hill and started slowing down I realized I was spooking the horse.  So I just sat there for a few minutes till all was well and there were two guys on horseback again.  Ok, so I'm easily amused! But pictures would have been better.

I made my second batch of tortillas.  They came out alot better than the first ones.  I took you guys advice and let it sit and rest for a bit before rolling them out.  I also added a bit more lard.  They came out "bendable" which really helps if your trying to make a breakfast taco!  They also actually came out looking like tortillas too instead of Rosarch blobs.   Still needs just a bit of tweaking.Third times a charm I hope!

MMPaints over at Self Sustained Living sent J&C from Pioneer Living some of her wonderful homemade cheese.  They invited us over for a little cheese tasting.  We tried the Farmers Cheddar, Colby and an exceptional Caraway Cheddar.  They were all wonderful. If you ever wanted to try some cheese right off the farm stop by and see her.  She doesn't sell it but does accept donations.  She also has cheese giveaways on a fairly regular basis. 

Mars got the septic installed yesterday!  Thanks for the help John!  The first thing we did was to heat water and take hot baths!  Heavenly! Its the little things  that we should all appreciate in life.  And a hot bath is just the ticket.


  1. It sounds like you are enjoying it all. Wait, I think I would enjoy it too. lol

  2. it's always the little things's always the little thing!

    it sounds like you all are having a blast together!!! i am soooo happy for you!